Welcome to howtocookthat.net. For a printable
copy of the recipes simply go to www.howtocookthat.net or click on the link below the video. Today we are going to learn how to make a
chocolate pavlova, one of the most indulgent but simple desserts you’ll ever make. First
of all what you need to do is grate some chocolate, and put your cocoa powder through a sieve.
For quantities just go to the website, the link is in the description below. Separate your egg whites, beat them up until
they’re stiff, and then add your sugar. Continue beating the whole time. And then beat it a
little bit longer until you have a stiff but not dry meringue mixture. Next, what you need to do is get your cocoa
powder and grated chocolate. Just dump it all in on top like that. And then slowly just
fold it in. You only want to fold it until it is just done. So, folding is different
to mixing, you scoop underneath and tip it over the top like you’re folding a piece of
paper. Continue to do that until it’s done. Don’t over-mix it, or the mixture will flatten,
and you’ll end up with like a flat biscuit. Once that’s done, tip it onto a baking tray,
and spread it out into a round shape the size of your pavlova. And then bake it in the oven
for an hour on a slow oven, which is about 150 degrees C. Once it’s done it should be
a bit like chocolate mousse in the middle, crisp on the outside. Decorate with strawberries,
chards of tempered chocolate, and cream. For other recipes, click on the links that
you can see. Enjoy!