– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. (verbal trumpet tooting) First thing’s first. It is my new cookbook
release date, right, today. In fact, if you are
watching this video today. I’m going live on Facebook
at seven o’clock tonight, do a cook-along from a recipe in here. So if you have pre-ordered it, thank you, and if you haven’t and you wanna, there’s a link in the description below. Today we are doing a chocolate salami. I’ve done this video recipe
a good few years ago, but unfortunately my
camera was pants back then. You couldn’t really see it,
so it justifies doing it again because when I went to Portugal recently, I showed you guys an
actual chocolate salami and you were like, oh my
gosh, you need to make it. So that’s why I’m
bringing it back to life. I even found, Mrs. Barry got me one, seems there’s some supermarkets in the UK are starting to sell it too. So it basically looks like salami, the icing sugar on the back there gives it like, a bit of an effect there, with nuts and chocolate. And it’s just like a
kind of truffley thing. So when I was in Portugal,
they had two types. They had an alcoholic
version with amaretto in it, which I don’t really like that much and also a non-alcoholic
version, which we’re gonna do, which we simply omit it
and I’m just gonna put some extract in it. If you’re not on
myvirginkitchen.com already, if you go to the website, the full method, write up, and ingredients,
everything you need is right there but let’s get going. Alright, first thing we need
is a pan of simmering water. Now, this is my camera lens. Now, if you don’t really wanna know this, I actually dropped this whole
lens on my foot this morning and I made the sound of a small penguin or other small animal. (Barry yelping) Moral of the story, don’t
drop a lens on your foot. So this pan of water is gonna
help us melt some chocolate. So we’ll just get that on a medium flame. Bring it up to a simmer but make sure that the water does not
touch the bottom of the bowl, which has got some dark chocolate in it. So all we’re doing is
melting bain-marie style. You could also do it in
the microwave if you wish. I don’t know why I
haven’t done that method, be much, much quicker. I think I get more
control like this, though. That’s my excuse, anyway. So just while that’s melting to one side, we have got ourselves some
room temperature butter here, which I’ve given a little
blast in the microwave, just to help it feel a
bit more room temperaturey and then this is some caster sugar. So 100 grammes of that,
150 grammes of butter, and all we’re gonna do
is just bond it together. We’re gonna cream it, okay? So just make sure we beat
out all the lumps like so and we just leave this to one side. So far, so good, right? Pretty easy steps. Let’s keep going. (biscuits crunching) It’s now time to do some bashing. This is a bag amaretti biscuits, okay? So we’re still gonna get that sort of amaretto vibe in there. They’re kind of like, round, domey ones. We’re just gonna bash them,
kind of just to break them up. They break up really easy. In fact, they kind of like, disintegrate. I mean, look at that already. That’s crazy. Don’t go too stress relief on that one. Leave that to one side. You need to go out on this one, though. This is a very colourful
bowl of pistachios, pecans, and chopped hazelnuts, okay? We’re gonna put those
into another ziplock bag. Be sure to get any air out of it, boom, ’cause you don’t want
it banging everywhere, and then just, you need, to
really smack these pecans. Amazing. It kinda looks like bird food now, but you’ve got a really cool contrast between the brown pecans,
the green pistachios, and the already chopped hazelnuts. Loving it. The chocolate is all nice and melted now, so we’ll take that off the heat. Try not to burn my arm. Can you smell singed hair? On the last video, the fondue burger, loads of you were like, oh,
it’s really weird and stuff. I’ve been to much crazier restaurants that do worse burgers than that. Plus it wasn’t my idea. It was actually one of the top things I’ve ever made on the channel. I really hope you try it. There’s a lot of burger hate out there, like whoa, holy burger. Alright, so I’ve now
put the other lens on, the one that dropped on my foot, so we’ve sort of kissed and made up. The chocolate is now nice and smooth. I’m absolutely loving that. I just, I wanna swim in it. The pan of simmering water, we’ll leave that there
for the minute, okay? So what we’ll do, is
take some cocoa powder, this is two tablespoons of that. Boom, in it goes. Chocolate on chocolate. That a little mix around. Oh yeah. Be sure to use a spatula,
so you can scrape down all the sides of it, get it
all incorporated together. This’ll actually help
thicken up a little bit, which is quite important
for the salami’s texture. That’s where you’d add
in the amaretto too, if you’re using it, but
instead we’re just gonna add in like a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You’d get away without
using that to be honest, but just wanna add a little bit of vanilla vibe in there, really. So we’re now pushing our butter, sugar mixture from before. It might not look it, but
that chocolate mixture really needs this right now. That is a lot thicker than it looks. And obviously, it’s still
gonna be slightly warm, so the chocolate will
wanna firm up even more, so we need this to sort
of loosen up our salami. Mix it round. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Oh yeah, look at that marbles. Marbley effect. So really scrape down the bottom, to make sure you’re
getting every little bit, there’s not like a little hidden layer of the butter and sugar
right at the bottom. See that, aah. Loving the shine. Now we’ll go back to the pan that had our simmering water in it. So the water’s still in it, back on our low flames, it won’t take long to
come back up to heat. Another bowl. Again, you could do this
step in the microwave, but it just seemed to make sense, ’cause we were gonna
simmer the water once. That’s a little blob of butter and this is two tablespoons of corns syrup or golden syrup. Corn syrup is the
alternative you could use. Get my syrups confused, man! Now I’ve just realised,
you probably didn’t see hardly any of that,
’cause it’s steamed up. Amazing. That is much better, so we’ve got the knob of butter in there and the syrup, with that heat just starting to build, which is gonna thin out the syrup and melt the butter. You can start to see it going a little bit at the bottom there. We want it into one big,
buttery, syrup mixture. So we can just use a spoon
to help it a little bit, or just alternatively,
just push it around, ’cause it’s fun. (laughter) You can see the butter, all
these little trails there. It’s coming together. There we go. Those last little blobs of
butter have dissolved in there, so we’ve got a nice
smooth, thin mixture there. Let’s take off the heat. All right, so let’s pour the
butter, syrup mixture in there. Oh yeah. We’ll stir around. Again, just scraping the sides, getting it all incorporated. I can feel that thickening up, actually, but speaking of thickening up, it’s time to chuck pretty
much everything in this bowl. So in go those amaretti, bashed crumbs. Still in quite good chunks, though. I love that colour, wow. I’ve said this recently the
other day and it surprised you, I don’t colour correct my videos, alright. So this is probably not looking
as good as it does to me, but to me on the camera
right now, that looks good. The bashed nuts. (satisfied chortling) Yes! I love this effect, that’s so cool. And last, but not least,
these are some cherries. These are glace cherries, you
can get in the baking aisle, that I’ve just sort of
chopped up into a quarter. Look at that, and obviously, underneath that mountainous layer, we’ve got that lovely melted chocolate. So all we do is, I think
we’re gonna do is carefully. (laughter) We’re just gonna lift it up, otherwise it’ll wanna jump out the bowl. Get that coated in the chocolate mixture. Let it grip together,
let it mingle and bind, but first of all, let’s just get it, just an initial layer on there, then we can start to randomise it. Just trying to get every bit
covered in the chocolate. (satisfied chortling) I am loving that. For the time being, I’m gonna
stick this in the fridge for 10 minutes, just to start
to firm it up a little bit, get that chocolate working
and gripping it all and then it’ll be a little
bit more manoeuvrable. So in the fridge it goes. Fridge. Pow pow. Alright, so this is a sheet of cling film. You guys know how rubbish
I am with cling film, it’s taken me about 10 minutes
just to get this sheet out, so let’s get our mixture from the fridge. So this mixture has
cooled down considerably and it is a lot heavier, bizarrely. You’re just getting that,
hopefully you can see, you’re kind of getting
it into a longish shape. That’s the technical term, longish. But what I’m gonna try and do, I’ll start on the sides first, is just push it together so we can start to form the basis of like, a firm centre. And hopefully roll it up into a log. So what I’ll do is take one side, and then just start to, you know, sort of shape it like that, using the cling film to help me. Keep that side out as well. We’ll do that side as well. Do you know what I mean? You can see that sort
of curve on it there. Push down and push down,
both sides together, so I’ve got both the cling
film bits at the top here, loose, okay, I’m trying to be clean here, but you know, you should
embrace the messiness. That would be a lot easier. You can just do that, but
I’m trying to show you that we can do it by keeping
our hands relatively clean. So now we’ve got it completely
covered in the cling film, we can start to get that
log shape a bit more. Just getting another sheet of cling film and the seam side down,
I’m gonna turn it over, like that and then this one can just sort of like, be a security
layer, if that makes sense. So we can really now, like, grip it, knowing that, actually if
we spin it at the ends. Don’t have to do that
until the end, really, but you can do that just to, you know, stop it sort of escaping. So really bunch it together. Get a nice consistent, even shape, and just start to, to just roll it out. There we go. So that is our salami mixture all done. I’ve tied knots in the end. That’s optional. It’s still quite warm in this room, so it’s not making it firm up completely. I’m gonna put it in the
fridge for about 15 minutes and then roll out again, to try and maintain
that shape a little bit. So for the moment, fridge it goes. Alright, just taken the
dogs out for a walk. That’s been a good hour in the fridge. Just before I left, wah, wah,
gave it another little roll to try and keep that shape there. So let’s get it out. One thing I’m worried about, is that it is insanely hot day today, so it could get very clammy
and melty quite quick. We’ll see how we go. But here it is, boom. (laughter) Look at the size of it! Amazing. So I’ll take off the outer layer. I’ve got a bag of icing sugar here. Peel off one side. Hoh hoh hoh hoh. I’m gonna stick it right there. Icing sugar on the top. This should hopefully dry it
out a little bit on the surface and just rub that in, to give
that effect of the salami. You see that? It’s like chalking it up. Like we’re about to do the
Olympic rings or something. Make sure we get a good coating on there, on all sides, there we go. The salami is done. Let’s slice into it
and see what it’s like. Alright, here we go. (laughter) Oh no, my battery’s about to go. Sorry about that, but
when the battery goes, the battery goes. So a nice sharp knife. Let’s slice right into this. Oh! Are you ready? (verbal trumpet tooting) (laughter) Chocolate salami, and
that’s why they call it it, look, it looks just like a salami, with the bits of fat in it, which isn’t actually fat, it’s biscuits, which is actually fat, so yeah, yeah. This is a thing. What we can do is, you
know, in the supermarkets they sort of sold it in portions like this and it’s foil-wrapped individually. So, you know you probably wouldn’t want any more than that,
that’s a big old portion. So this will serve a lot of people. I know this is gonna be
naughty, but I’m excited. Oh my gosh. Remember you can put alcohol
in it if you wish, but, oh my gosh, heaven. It’s unbelievably good. It just melts in your mouth,
but also holds its shape too. It’s just really intriguing and the only way you’re gonna find out, is by making it for yourself. So if you do try it,
don’t forget to tag me in your attempts @myvirginkitchen, on pretty much most social media. Don’t forget to subscribe for regular recipes and food fun. Homer and I are gonna probably
scoff the rest of these, and if you’re interested in Homer recipes, there’s a Homer Simpson style
donut recipe in the new book. So thank you so much if
you have pre-ordered it, ordered it, leave a review if you have and I’ll see you again next time. I’m not gonna any more of it, alright? (Barry grunting)