Hey folks it is barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen today we are making some chocolate popping candy samosas they are so good so
easy remember I am self taught so if I can make this you can too, give it a go.
Ok to make these samosas you need 3 main ingredients, the filo pastry you can actually make your
own from scratch if needs be but this ready made stuff is really cool especially if you
keep it cool. Some butter which we are just going to melt up and also the filling of choice
so I am going for some chocolate popping candy for a nice surprise first thing we need to
do is melt up our butter and then start to get our sheets all spread out, samosa mode
on, I am kind of scared not really done this before.
So all I am doing folks is microwaving my butter on 5 second bursts because if you put
it in too long it is going to be a butter explosion so about twenty seconds in total
should do it. Alright so the melted butter is out of the microwave I am putting the filling
and spoon to one side for the moment, so we will get out the filo pastry sheets they are
really delicate I have never used them before so here we go.
Right I have put some of it back in the fridge as I do not want it to dry out, what we have
here is a rectangular sheet, what I will do is grab the butter and spread along just half
of it to act as a glue, so we are getting the butter on one half, it is like making
butter wallpaper, that is the best way I can describe it right now, that is looking good,
I am going to bring that across and use that butter to seal this and straighten it up as
much as I can, ooh got a little bit of a cut in there that is ok it is my first time doing
it and all that stuff. Alrighty so now I am going to get my knife
and make some rectangular incisions with my knife, down goes one, and two, and three and
a little bit so I am going to get rid of that bit. I am not going to eat it but I guess
you could, So I will separate those a little bit, that shows it a little clearer now.
Alright so I will show you on the middle one if you take the bottom corner and fold it
over like so you get a triangle shape like this and we grab our butter, which is just
here and do a little brush on there to help seal it and then it is kind of like playing
with it just bring this across like so and seal it down again. We will do more butter
too, optional but I think we will seal it as best as we can.
Right going over again with that one and what I can see is it has actually formed like a
little pocket in there, to make my filling, you know my filling in the pouch how cool
is that. So I am now going to get my popping candy filling, Phoebe is just about to go
out swimming aren�t you mate. Come here, say hello, hello, what am I making do you
know what it is, um no, you do not, these are called samosas so what we have then guys
is to fill the pocket that gap I am going to try and push this teaspoon in there excuse
fingers this will definitely be my one, oh wow that tastes so good. I am going to bring
this one over again to seal that chocolate in there, and we will give it another, are
you trying to stick your nose in butter! No I smelt it So a little brush down there and
then if we just fold it over so it sits on that crease, fingers crossed there should
be no little gaps and that is our first samosa all done and I may seal that anyway I will
repeat those steps until I have made 800 billion, right mate. Yeah.
Alright then guys I have done a fair few now it is fair to say my skill level is increasing,
I even had time to do a periscope live stream if you do not follow me on periscope @myvirginkitchen
have a try that is it all on the tray like that we are going to put it in the oven now
if you want you could put them in the oven as I say but we are going to oven these babies.
Folks it is time to get them out of the oven oh my gosh I am absolutely loving that I will
just sit them down there hopefully you can see them I was worried about one of them I
did not think I sealed them well enough but that is looking good lets finish it off by
building it with some icing sugar and a little chocolate pot.
Alright then folks so just piling them up like so I have got a little tub of icing sugar
here will give it a dust on there, oh my gosh. I actually saw this in an Indian restaurant
in England and I was like I must make this and I just did a little cloud of icing sugar,
that is optional. And all I am going to do is bring in this
little pot of dark chocolate that is just dark chocolate that I have melted up I will
take a few pictures for my social media and have a gobble.
Alright so that as usual is going to be my actual Instagram picture so if you follow
me on facebook Instagram twitter whatever I will link to it and you can say I saw that
actually happen. Lets have some of these the girls are going
to come back and have some in a bit but may aswell make up for being home alone, oh I
drizzled chocolate all over it. Oh my god, you get that popping candy spank
with the crispness of the pastry. That is so amazing I really hope you give it a go
guys if you do send me a picture @myvirginkitchen I love to see your attempts at any of my recipes
let me know what you want to see next and check out my last 2 videos here and here.