Today I will be making chocolate sandesh. This is a creamy sweet dessert. Delicacy from state of Bengal. This is a simple recipe and made with very few ingredients milk, sugar and chocolate. This recipe will make 18 sandesh. To make chocolate sandesh we will need: 8 cups or 1/2 gallon of milk 1/4 cup of lemon juice I have strained the juice to remove the pulp. 1/2 cup of sugar 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder For garnishing 2 tablespoons of heavy cream 3 tablespoons of unsweetened chocolate And 2 tablespoons of sliced pistachios To make sandesh we need homemade paneer. So first I will make the paneer then knead the paneer till it’s very smooth and creamy. Then add the sugar and cocoa powder. Mix it again really well. After that cook the paneer over low heat for few minutes. After paneer cools off, make the sandesh about golf ball size. Then we are going to make the chocolate sauce and garnish the sandesh with chocolate sauce and pistachios. Milk has come to boil. So now I will add the lemon juice to separate the whey. And just check it. So as you see it has started separating. Going to add rest of the lemon juice. Whey has separated from paneer. Now I will drain the whey water using muslin cloth. Check my website to see the detailed recipe. How to make paneer. This is a fresh paneer, I have made few hours back. As you see it’s very firm. Now I will knead the paneer till it’s very soft and smooth. And kneading part will take about 2-3 minutes. So I will knead the paneer and use your back of your palm to knead the paneer. So keep collecting the paneer and keep kneeing it. And like I said, it should take about 2-3 minutes. So again knead the paneer using your back palm and do apply the pressure. So paneer is looking ready. I have been kneading the paneer for about 2 minutes. To make sure if paneer is good so just take a small piece of paneer and just roll it between your palms and it should be very smooth. So this is done. Now I will add the sugar and cocoa powder. Sugar And cocoa powder. And then mix it. Make sure it mixes it really well. Paneer is ready. As you see, I have mixed the sugar and chocolate really well. And it has taken me about a minute. Now I will cook the paneer over low heat for about 6-7 minutes, stirring continuously. You cannot cook the paneer over higher heat because paneer will become very grainy. Heat is on low. And now I am going to cook this for about 6 minutes. Stir it continuously, press it and fold it. And stir it again. And just keep doing it till everything comes together and it starts leaving the side. It has been about 4 minutes and it’s on low heat. As you see, even if you touch it’s just lukewarm. It should not be very hot. And I need to do for couple of more minutes. Paneer is ready and I have turned off the heat. I have cooked it for about 7 minutes. You cook the paneer just to take out the rawness. If you cook paneer too much it becomes grainy. Now I will refrigerate the paneer for about 1 hour before I make sandesh. I have refrigerated the paneer for about an hour. So it has cooled off and it will be easy to make the balls. So I am going to make them about 18 balls so just 1 spoon of paneer and make it round between your palms. So take about 1 spoon of paneer and put it over your palm and just make it round like a ball. I have already heated the heavy cream. Do not boil but just make it hot. And now pour it over the chocolate. Mix it well. Till it’s all melted and has became a chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce is looking very good. Very smooth and shiny. I am going to pour this in the zip lock bag. So I can pipe it over the sandesh or you can use the icing bag. Push all the chocolate in one corner and make a very very small hole. And just drizzle over. Just go in circles. It’s very easy and it makes it look very nice and very tempting. And like you see it’s very easy. And this is the last one. Now I will garnish them with sliced pistachios. How beautiful it looks. And just go slowly, and it will dry up right with the chocolate. This is the last one and we are done and just see how beautiful they look. Now I am going to refrigerate it and then sandesh will be ready to serve. Chocolate sandesh is looking beautiful, very tempting. You need to refrigerate sandesh 3-4 hours before serving them. So they should be very chilled and chocolate will be nicely set. You can make the sandesh many different ways. Make the sandesh plain without adding the cocoa powder and then garnish them with small pieces of strawberries or mangoes and then drizzle with the fruit syrup. Enjoy. Thank you. Till we meet again, check out more recipes on