Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making this pretty dessert that has a chocolate glaze and a white chocolate
spiral over the top. And inside, it has chocolate mousse, a caramel
creme brulee, salted caramel and a layer of chocolate cake and we’ll make that cake first. For that you will need flour, cocoa powder,
melted butter, egg yolks, one amount of sugar, egg whites and another small amount of sugar. Pour the sugar into the egg whites and the
larger amount of sugar into the yolks. Then you want to whip the whites together
with that sugar until you get soft peaks. And I’ll put all the recipe quantities on
the howtocookthat.net website for you and I’ll link to that below. Then use the same beaters to whip the egg
yolks and if you keep whipping them they’ll become pale and thick like this. Fold about a third of the whites into the
yolks, and you can be quite rough with that. And then sift the flour and cocoa powder over
the top. Sifting it gets rid of any lumps and it adds
air to the mixture. Fold that through, and we are trying to keep
as much air in as possible because there is no baking powde we are just using the air
that we are adding when we are mixing it. And that will expand when we bake. Add in the rest of the whites and continue
to fold those through. Now tip a small amount of this mixture into
a bowl and add the melted butter and mix that through thoroughly, really well just adding
it in like this will make it easier to combine it with the rest of the mixture. Add it into the rest of it and incorporate
it by just folding it gently through, again we don’t want to whip this up because we don’t
want all the air out of it, we want to keep as much in as possible. And then once you’re sure there are no more
dry bits of flour and cocoa powder. Pour that into a tray and spread it out thinly,
we only just want a small layer of this cake in each of our desserts. Then bake that in a moderate oven. Once it is cooked we need to make a syrup
using water, sugar and a little vanilla. Mix those together and heat that either over
the stove or in the microwave until the sugar is dissolved. Pour that over the cooked cake while it is
still in the tray and just leave that to one side. To make the caramel brulee you’ll need sugar,
egg yolks, milk, cream, a bit more sugar and 2 sheets of gelatin and some water to put
that in. So the first thing we are going to do is put
the gelatin in the water and leave that to soak. Place a pan over high heat and sprinkle in
some of your sugar. Now if you just keep an eye on that, you’ll
see the sugar will start to melt. As it does, sprinkle more sugar over the top. And once you’ve added it all give it a good
stir to make sure you have a nice even brown caramel. Don’t overcook it or it will burn and you’ll
a pungent burnt sugar taste which is not what you’re after. Pour in the milk, being careful of the steam
there. The caramel will harden with the cold milk,
but it is ok just keep stirring as the milk heats up that caramel will dissolve giving
a beautiful caramel flavour to our brulee. Add in the cream and continue to stir. Whip the egg yolk and sugar together and then
whisk in a little of the hot mixture. Whoa, I just steamed up my camera lens there. Then add that back into the pan on the stovetop. And heat this for just a minute until you
start to see it cling to the base of the pan when you tilt it. Squeeze the extra water out of the gelatin
and add that into the pan too. Now I will also put the amounts for powdered
gelatin on the website as well in case you don’t have the sheets. Stir that in and then tip that into a tray
lined with foil to make it easy to get out later and put it in the freezer overnight. For our salted caramel we need cream, sugar,
butter and sea salt. Melt the sugar in the pan, just like we did
before letting one layer melt and putting more over the top and then stirring it once
it’s a nice brown. Then add in the salt, pour in the cream and
stir that until it’s smooth and all that caramel has dissolved into the cream. Then add in the butter and stir it through. We want to continue to heat this to thicken
it up and to test if it’s thick enough you can drop some into some cool water in a glass
and if it goes thick like this, then that’s about the consistency that you want. Pour that into a heatproof container and leave
it to cool. This stuff tastes amazing, you might want
to make a bowl just to eat that by the spoonful. Now for the rich mousse …
you’ll need chocolate, egg yolks, more eggs, water, sugar and cream. Firstly put the yolks and the eggs into the
bowl of an electric mixer and beat it on high speed until they become fluffy and pale. Place the sugar and water into a pan and heat
it up, add a candy thermometer and heat it until it reaches 244F or 118C and then pour
that into the eggs with the mixers running. Keep the mixers going until you can feel the
side of the bowl and it feels cool. Whip the cream to soft peaks. And then fold in your melted chocolate into
the cream. And then add the egg mixture and fold them
all together to make a rich, delicious chocolate mousse. Take the brulee out of the freezer and using
a cookie cutter push down firmly to cut circles and do the same with your cake. So that we end up with little circles of both. Spread a circle of your cake with some of
our yummy salted caramel, and then add on top of that a disc of frozen brulee and push
it down slightly. In a hemisphere mold add some of the mousse
down the base into each one. Then add one of the circles brulee side down
and push it into the mousse. Then neaten up the top using a spatula. Now you want to place those in the freezer
to set firmly so they’re ready for glazing. Now for that shiny glaze that goes over the
top is quite easy to make. All you need is some water, gelatin, cream,
sugar, more water, cocoa powder and glucose syrup. Pour the gelatin into the water and stir that
well and place it to one side. Put the sugar, water and the cream into a
bowl and heat it in the microwave or the stovetop until the sugar is dissolved. Sift in your cocoa powder over the top to
make sure there are no lumps and use a whisk to stir it in really well. Then add your gelatin, that will of absorbed
all the water so you can stir that in and it will melt in the glaze and this is what
makes the glaze set as you pour it over the cold dessert. Then lastly add in your glucose syrup and
this is what gives it that mirror shiny finish. And you want to let that glaze cool down until
it is only slightly warm. If you pour it on your dessert when it is
too hot it will just melt a layer of the dessert and slide off. To make your chocolate spirals, you’re going
to need a cake turntable or a lazy susan, and some baking paper on top of that. You just need to spin it and hold the bag
steady, moving it out slightly as the paper spins. Then you can move your baking paper and while
that one is setting you can make another one. Make sure you are using either compound chocolate
for this or tempered chocolate, so if you’re using real chocolate with cocoa butter in
it then you have to temper it or this decoration won’t set. And I have a whole video called CHOCOLATE
SECRETS that explains how to temper chocolate. Take your frozen dessert out of the hemisphere
mold and rest it on a small cookie cutter or something that lifts it up. Pour the glaze all … over … the … top
and let it slowly drip down… now because the dessert is frozen so it’s cold, the gelatin
sets and a thin layer, leaving that layer of glaze over the dessert. It’s called a mirror glaze because it is so
shiny it’s like a mirror – Hello! Wait until it stops dripping and then transfer
it to a plate. Beautiful! Now add the chocolate spiral over the top
and pop those in the fridge for about an hour for the centre to defrost before you serve
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