– Hey guys, welcome back! – And as promised, today we
have a really awesome challenge. – It is the Giant Chocolate Surprise Egg Ice Cream Sundae challenge! (cheering) (rock music) – We picked out our own eggs and let’s see who has
the awesomest sundae! (cheering) – Let’s go! – We need ice cream! (snapping)
(cheering) I did it!
– Ice cream appears magically. (laughing) – Alright, let’s get started, guys. – The kind that I have
is called strawberry. I love strawberry, hee hee hee. – I have chocolate. – I have Neapolitan ice cream. Whoa, I love this challenge! – This was my plan. Get in there. There we go. (laughing) It’s a chocolate kiss. Woah. (kissing) (laughing and yelling) – This is my idea. – It’s the exact same as
mine, I’m pretty sure. Yup, it’s the exact same as
mine, except it’s strawberry. Got all the ice cream in here,
I had to get a second box of it, ’cause it wasn’t full enough. But wait a sec, we
don’t have any toppings. (snapping)
(cheering) That took out a lot of my energy. – Put in whipped cream. – Oh, he’s fancy! – Perfect! – Okay, so I’m gonna
make a little platform for my whipped cream here. – Time for the marshmallows! What the heck! – There we go, there we go. Good one. (chuckling) Yeah, that’s a good idea. – I am adding my gumballs to my sundae. This is gonna be so good. – Chocolate syrup! – There we go. Just load them on there. – Here we go. – My favorite ice cream
topping is gummy worms. What’s yours? Tell us down the in the comments below. I’m adding my whipped cream. There we go. And my whipped cream. – Here, I’m gonna put
my whipped cream on now. It’s good now. Here we go! Oh! – You are loading it on there. I think that’s enough! Oh, and he’s adding more. – I’m trying to make mine
look nice and pretty. There we go. – Make it rain chocolate. – That looks really good. (laughing) – There’s the final touch. – Woah.
– Mine’s leakin’ out the back. It’s probably okay. – That looks really good, Kyle. Good job. – I think mine’s called Sugar Loaded. What’s yours? Sugar Mountain? – Sugar Mountain, yeah. – Mine’s Fancy. – Fancy. Is everyone done making their
Giant Chocolate Surprise Egg Ice Cream Sundaes? – [Boys] Yeah! – This is so good. Let’s dig in. – Okay. – Mmm. Mmm. Yummy. I put some Sour Patch Kids in there too. My goal is for 5,000 likes! – Brain freeze challenge! Let’s see who can eat three
bites in a row the fastest. – Go! Gonna get messy. That’s a marshmallow. Gotta get ice cream. – Gumball. – Gotta get down there to really get it. Mmm. – One more. – I win.
– Brain freeze! – I win! – Aw, man! You won! Aw, this is a really good
Chocolate Surprise Egg Sundae. – Oh, it’s cold. – Neck freeze.
– Mmm, yummy. – It was so fun making
these Giant Surprise Eggs. It was so fun! – Yeah, it really was. – I think this was my favorite one. – Me too. – Out of three days, it’s the best. – Tell us down below what
your favorite ice cream is. We’ve had so much fun making
these Chocolate Surprise Egg videos for you. – And click anywhere in
the screen to subscribe or watch more videos and
we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!