Nomoskar! Greetings! Welcome all to Poligrill! Today I’m gonna make Choco Vanilla Dessert First I put 1 cup grain sugar in pan for caramel I made the caramel Now I put broken cashew and peanut in this caramel Grease a tray with butter and pour in the caramelized nuts on it To make a chunk of it spread well put few ice cubes in a bowl place the cream jar on it, to keep the temperature of cream, cooler while whisking Now whisk the cream thoroughly I took 400 gm fresh milk cream whisk the cream well, all around Keep mixing powdered sugar little by little and whisk thoroughly. Now your cream get fluffy Whisking of cream has done Now I add vanilla essence with it Since I’m making it Chocolate Vanilla so I add dark chocolate sauce with it Now place it inside an air tight container for freezing Look how nice creamy! My Chocolate Vanilla dessert is ready! Now I put the caramelized nuts all over it by little pieces, before putting in freezer Here is my Choco Vanilla Dessert! Now I place it inside freezer! I keep it inside for 6-8 hours. Then I will get my frozen chilled CHOCO VANILLA DESSERT Yesterday I did put my CHOCO VANILLA DESSERT in freezer. Now let me check it! Here is my frozen dessert! Wow! So beautiful! Very nicely frozen! Now I fill it in a dessert cone. You may eat it in ice cream bowls too! Now I pour little Chocolate syrup over it, before serving! It’s here! My ready-to-serve CHOCO VANILLA DESSERT Now I serve it Let me taste it now! Umm…. Uhh…. perfect! If you like my recipe, I do hope you like, Please don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel See you again! Bye!