(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey, friends. Thank you guys so much for
tuning in to Cook with April, on Tasty Tuesday, with
our taste tester, Justin. – Hey. – So, we are gonna make a delicious chocolate waffle dessert, so stay tuned. (upbeat instrumental music) So let’s get started with this super easy chocolate waffle recipe. So you’re going to start out by sifting the all-purpose flour, the baking powder, salt, granulated white sugar and cocoa powder. And if you don’t have a sifter, you can also use like your fork
to mix everything together, but I feel like sifting it together really combines all the ingredients. Sometimes sifting doesn’t allow the cocoa powder to really mix in, so just use a fork to really
mix in those ingredients. So now you’re ready to
add the wet ingredients, you’re ready to add the one cup of milk. Then the butter. The egg. And the last egg. So you’re gonna wanna
preheat your waffle iron. I set mine to number three and then just spray it
with some cooking spray, so that the waffle doesn’t stick. Now I’m gonna scoop a half
a cup of the waffle batter. And then I’m gonna close it. So I know the waffle’s ready when the light turns green on my waffle maker, but you’ll know for yours and this turned out perfect. It’s not like a perfect circle, but what you can do is remove it and just cut off the extras. And it came off really nice
with that non-stick spray. So you guys can see the parts
that are not perfect circles. You can actually use your fingers. Or if you want, you can use scissors and if you want, you can
eat these little scraps. So this is what the
chocolate waffle looks like. You can just have it like this, but I thought it would be fun to turn it into a chocolate waffle dessert, so I am going to add some ice cream. I chose to add some
Caribbean coconut ice cream, but you guys can add any type of ice cream that you really like. So I’m just gonna do
three little baby scoops. This isn’t even an ice cream scoop, it’s like a cookie scooper (laughing) and then, we’re gonna add some strawberries in the mix, ’cause I love a combo of
strawberries and chocolate, I don’t know about you guys, but that’s like my favorite thing ever. And lastly, you guys gotta
add that chocolate syrup, any kind that you have. (upbeat instrumental music) Alright, you guys, it is ready. – Oh yeah. – And I have some extras here too, in case we wanna freeze
this or keep it for a snack. – I’ve never had chocolate waffles, so I’m very excited. – A chocolate waffle dessert? – Never, even a chocolate waffle at all. Holy moly. That is really, really good.
– [April] Good, huh? – So what I have had before, yeah please, what I have had is chocolate chip waffles. – Oh yeah, for sure. – This is definitely different than that. It’s really good. It’s actually, the waffle
itself is not too sweet, but the added chocolate syrup, really makes it good, ’cause I feel if the chocolate waffle would have been too sweet, I mean, obviously the
extra chocolate sauce, you don’t have to do it
if you don’t want to, but really, really good and, you know, I like the
coconut ice cream too. I think vanilla would have
been good on here too. – Yeah, yeah, I prefer coconut. – You know what? I’m gonna say something else. – Yes? – Caramel sauce would’ve
been good on here too. Wouldn’t that have? With the chocolate waffles. – Oh, yeah, good idea. See, you guys can build it yourself. – Build it, exactly. – I just gave you the base. I just gave you the chocolate waffle base, but I like chocolate on
chocolate with some coconut. So good. Anyhow, thank you friends
so much for watching and give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed and if you guys want, send me pictures on Twitter @aprilathena7, ’cause I wanna see how
your waffle turns out, ’cause everyone’s dessert
waffles is different. We love you friends, bye. (upbeat instrumental music)