[Reporter] Three school square off in a cooking
competition for the first time ever students from Beaufort Jasper Academy for
Career Excellence, Battery Creek and Hilton Head high schools took to the
kitchen showing off their culinary skills. The competition was set up
similar to the Food Network’s hit TV show Chopped. Students had two hours to
prepare an appetizer entrée and dessert. [Shawna Zats] So for an appetizer we made hush
puppies with cheese and bacon which was our secret ingredient and then our
entree we did chicken wrapped bacon with a side of red rice and asparagus and
then dessert we made a cheesecake with a graham cracker frosting cheesecake
filling with a little orange in it and then the cranberry sauce around it. [Christian Fleisig] So
for the appetizer we had crispy toast with bechamel cream sauce for the entree
we did a bacon wrapped chicken that we precooked and then baked and then we did
that along with a spicy risotto and then for dessert we did a cranberry cupcake
with banannas. [Lakasia Hargrove] Our appetizer was a bacon jalapeno cheese ball our entree
was the chicken supreme with rice our dessert was a cranberry crum. [Reporter] The students also had to use three mystery ingredients in their dishes
bacon boneless chicken thighs and dried cranberries. [Lakasia] When I open a bag with the
mystery ingredients I was actually relieved because I thought it was gonna
be some exotic type foods but it was actually something that we could really
work with. [Reporter] The winning school was [Judge] Chopped competition winner by one point Hilton Head. [Reporter] Hilton Head High might
have won the competition but all the contestants say it was a lot of fun
working in the kitchen with kids from other schools. [Christian] Everybody in there was
really helpful even if they weren’t on our team they are always like really
easily like oh this is here if you need this we have it you know here take this. [Lakasia] It was a great experience everybody worked together we all worked as a team
even though we were on three different teams um everybody was helpful nice
respectful and was a helping hand if you needed one. [Reporter] The food was judged on
creativity taste and presentation the judges included representatives from W
SAV the Technical College of the Lowcountry and the University of South
Carolina for Beaufort. At Beaufort Jasper Academy for Career
Excellence Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.