Bananas, oats, corn, and whipped cream Three, two, one, go! How do you even unpeel this Yea let’s talk more, guys Otherwise Jane’s gonna edit everything out I’m mashing my bananas to make some batter I am making pancakes YUM breakfast for dinner Yea I’m making banana pancakes, healthy pancakes The only time you’ll ever see me make healthy food is on this episode Oh no this isn’t gonna work When I saw that it was a disaster Honey I’m not your honey Don’t reject my love! Saranghae Eopseo Sarang eopseo #kenglish Wait so Andrew, what are you making? Uh hold on I’m like stressed right now I’m cutting cold butter into my oat flour mixture I am going to press it to the bottom of the pan to make a Health — no not healthy Who am I tryna fool Pat: Uh, me Jane: To make a oat crust And then I’m gonna top it off with bananas and some banana flavored cream to make a cream pie except I don’t know how this is gonna turn out bc I’m not measuring anything and I don’t know any measurements I am trying to make a banana muffin I’m gonna try to make like a sandwich kinda thing like a muffin then cut it in half and then put the cream inside with a strawberry sauce and then caramelized banana bah-nah-nahz??? In case we have like a fire Yea a fire that burns down all the crops I will escape this room at first sight Bye guys It was nice knowing you This house is gonna burn I just put cayenne pepper in my chocolate That’s really gross guys Andrew’s gonna kill everyone Is that corn and brown sugar and butter We literally did the same thing Except I added banana there We’re geniuses Promise and I are frickin geniuses Dude my whole thing like covered my thing On the table God it all spilled out but whatever Ok we are done We have chocolate balls which are just oats covered in chocolate and inside the chocolate I added blueberries, strawberries, and corn and I sprinkled them with cayenne pepper for extra kick and here we have a parfait of pretty much the same ingredients
but now we have whipped cream at the top and a bit of lemon zest. here we have a banana
cream tart at the bottom which you can’t see because of this, there is a oat and
flaky butter crust on top is a layer of melted chocolate and then a layer of
fresh bananas and fresh corn topped with whipped cream and garnished with a
little bit of chocolate and desiccated coconut oh there’s
also cream underneath of it it’s like a banana infused cream with corn in it so it’s supposed to be a pancake a banana pancake which I used glutinous flour so
the texture would be kind of like mochi and there’s blueberries and chocolate
chip and oats in the pancake and I put whipped cream and caramelized corn
on top you can’t really see what’s going on here but I made a moist
chocolate chip banana bread with oats inside and then I also did a strawberry
compote and a caramelized banana and corn and then I put cream in the thing
so this is supposed to be like a cream sandwich like a Boston cream pie kind of
thing except the cream just kind of all melted but yeah hopefully it tastes good Guys don’t expect me to give good reviews to everyone because I don’t like bananas I’ll do my best I was hoping that the crust would be warm and the chocolate would be still melted while the cream is cool yeah it’s sorta there it is still melted everybody I really like the cream I like the crust a lot I really like the crust. It’s really nice A very chewy dessert that we make our like like a long long
yes connection is with it if it is like that oh yeah it’s like don’t lose yeah
it’s not something like awesome yeah you think I promise I can break this break
across town like a mechanic cream should I be like a couple but it works well
with that pressed into the bread a really good I like that like the
abundance of chocolate in there is great I think this is the first time I make
something close to be like you did want a cake I don’t make the hope this is
possible I really like how the trial resumes and break them like bananas
cream chocolate everything is like startin rich but strawberries like take
a little bit of not right so lemon are tidally strong in here just good okay
well maybe I just got chopped up here I’ll take this tongue it is not bad it’s
like interesting it’s like a hobby Oh cookie that I mean excite me don’t you
shit I see you and we don’t even ask listen button of
arpeggio just because I’m pleased to announce more people that use this color
I like this because everyone houses flower but you do it yeah a little bit
of lady no it’s more like because like everyone was like really heavy in
creating this one Sam you’re gonna actually very soon it’s fresh I like
them all the different textures I feel like it would not happen so like why
would you even think of that and whoops screams dropped like records or sugar corn for my local exhume ha Adrian what
are you try to change your dream should do a special shout-out to Adrian
Jane for you again Adrian before your five two and Judaism take all
ingredients that is a key like yeah I’m done done it what are we doing another
one oh well you never know stay tuned for the next episode of top
dun dun dun Sun ha ha give up the gold your frickin hands and that’s oh my god
here look at this look at the right now after I understand why don’t
watch don’t watch me go and ER and we go read you just did that