I’m going to show you how
to frost beautifully America’s favorite treat, cupcakes. I’m going to show you three
different frosting bag tips. First one is a flat tip. Now, this is a round tip
swirl, even pressure. When I pull that piping
tip off, I finish the movement of that rotation. The second piping tip is a large
star piping tip, eight points. Notice I’m not
turning the cupcake. I am making the
motion with my wrist. And make sure you have
a nice even pressure. The third piping tip is a
much smaller star piping tip. I’m just going to make
sweet little florets. I start at the center. And this one, I’m turning
the cupcake as I go. It’s all about even
pressure and pulling away the piping bag every single
time, filling it every last bit here. So that is how you frost a
cupcake like a MasterChef.