Hi there everybody so today I’m here with
my good friend Connie Hi
And today we’re gonna be talking about Christmas! *gasp*
In the UK vs the US. Lets go Okay, wait hold on hold on I got you, a christmas
card oh
yes *giggles* I didn’t-
wheres mine? I didn’t, I didn’t get you a christmas card
Its, appropriate for you Ha pea christmas
Cos its a bad pun! Thanks Connie. Speaking of happy christmas,
its merry christmas What?
Not Happy christmas No we have happy christmas! and a happy new
year Its MERRY christmas, and a happy new year.
haven’t you heard the song? *together* we wish you a merry christmas-
not happy christmas No I definitely always said happy christmas
yeah but, we wish you a happy christmas- it doesn’t
oh yeah that like hurts my soul Thats what some americans freak out about
when they come to Harry Potter. Cos they say happy christmas in films and it- a, what?
who does that?  I have only once, popped a christmas cracker.
Can you explain what a christmas cracker is? with some props?
I have some! I have some The first time I ever found out what a christmas
cracker was, was runescape. Every christmas they used to give out these lil, christmas
crackers. And then your game character would pop them. Your game character would pop them, but I
didn’t know what that meant. Cracker for me is a digestible treat. 
No, Christmas crackers. Wait! Hold on, no, there’s a way you do it. 
Alright.  So you have to cross your arms over… Like
this and everyone sits on the table everyone does it and if you win both of these I’ll
be so mad. Okay, ready? *laugh* *laugh* I lost both of them! Okay so you lose
the Christmas crackers… Yes. 
If the other person gets both sides, But… It’s like a wishbone. 
Yes.  We have this in America, but with the wish
bones.  We have wishbones. 
Oh, ok.  But I think we stole that from America. And
because it’s Christmas, you’re supposed to give one to the other person, the loser. So
you can have the… Ooh! There’s something in it. “What’s green,
covered in tinsel, and goes ‘ribbit, ribbit’?” I don’t know. 
“Mistletoad”.  *gasp* *laugh* That one’s really good. “Who
hides in the bakery at Christmas?” Rudoughlf…
*laughing* No.  … The red-nosed bread deer? Chrismince?
No, what does that have to do with hiding? Father Christmince?
It’s a “Mince Spy”.  Both: Oh… What is a pantomime?
Because that’s talked about all the time over here
Oh No he didn’t! And I know that there’s like miming but..
There’s like no miming in a pantomime. Okay it’s like a play but it’s interactive.
And you’ll have like the evil person will be like walking behind try to get the good
guy. And everyone will shout ‘He’s behind you!’
So it’s the Dora the explorer.. *Laughs* Yes
In the play That’s so good
That actually would be a really fun date idea for me
Once we’re done watching it you can come back to mine and I can take off your pant-onmime?
That didn’t work *Both laughing* That was one of the worst
ones ever. What actually happens on boxing day because
in America we have that one our calendars and when I was a kid I thought it was a boxing
match. Literally I thought it was some big Christmas boxing match
You eat a ham. The Boxing day ham And you guys have sales, I know that
Yes we have boxing day sales So like black Friday but not as good
But it’s just not like no one wants to leave because you’re all full and So there- Do you guys like- Maybe you rebox
gifts? No
oh Do you guys have all those amazing like Christmas
movies? I’ve heard you guys don’t watch them
Like Die Hard? No! Or Home Alone. They’re  like really
poorly animated puppet Christmases like Oh we don’t have those
Like they’re every single day in America. It’s called the Year Without Santa Claus,
and it always freaks me out, and there’s like the Snow Miser, who wanted the world
to be like cold, and there was the Heat Miser I find stop motion really creepy so I wouldn’t
like that And the guy, they taught you how to walk in
it What?
Put one foot in front of the other, soon you’ll be walking out the door
That’s my favorite song We have Die Hard, which shows like nonstop,
it’s on repeat, It’s the only Are you kidding me?
It’s the only thing they show on Christmas Not Home Alone?
They show Home Alone, That’s my go-to
Now, I feel Like Enchanted has become one of these Christmas films now as well
Is let it go gonna be? Let it Go is not the name of the film
Frozen! Let it Go the film Do you guys actually say Father Christmas
versus Santa Claus? Yeah. Father Christmas
Cause I’ve never actually heard someone say Father Christmas before in my life Oh! Yeah no it’s Father Christmas… yeah
no.  Do you not say Santa Clause? 
You shouldn’t. Really?!
You shouldn’t do that. That that that alone freaks me out cause I
never once heard someone say Father Christmas  It’s Father Christmas.
Santa Clause is the one that everyone says. Papa Christmas. Daddy Christmas. 
Daddy AF Christmas.  *giggles*
Daddy Christmas Daddy-o Christmas 
That’s not… I don’t feel appropriate talking to Santa way.
OH do you you guys in America leave food out for Santa?
Yes we leave little cookies ’n milk We do call him… we do call him Santa.
Ahh! But we don’t call him Santa Clause. It’s
always either Santa or Father Christmas. Well yeah, it’s not like the Santa is subject.
He’s the Santa clause.  mhmm. yeah.
Most of my friends, they remember leaving out like expensive food.. like… mince pies
and things and brandy or some kind of expensive alcohol. And…
I’ve heard about this. And you know it’s your dad who wants you
do to it. I just can’t believe that as a father your
like, “Yeah you know he’s just flying around the world. Give him some alcohol.”
Yeah! That’s what he want.s Everyone else is doing it. Yeah it’s … ahh
Rudolph. He’ll just crash. My dad made a very persuasive argument. He’s
like that’s what Santa wants. He wants some like expensive alcohol. Good job dad. When dioes your family get ready for Christmas?
Your supposed to start when the Coca-Cola advert airs. 
That’s not like that… wait really? I’m serious! Most people start getting festive
and start getting their Christmas decorations when the Coca-Cola advert first airs on tv.
It’s not a thing.  (singing) holidays are coming, holidays are
coming.  Not John Lewis.
(singing) Tis the season it’s always the real thing.
I’ve never seen this ad Oh my gosh! You’ve got literally everyone
will agree with me. You see the Coca-Cola Christmas advert with Santa on the side of
the Lorry and he like takes a sip of coke.  (whispers) Coke
And it’s like it’s officially Christmas.  Alright. I’ve never heard of that in my
life, but that’s interesting.  This is. This is fact. 
British culture, they really like Coca-Cola adverts here. 
It’s just a really great advert and it’s got a little jingle. 
Have you guys got that whole competition over adverts? Like oh did John Lewis win or did
Adli win?  yeah.
We don’t really have that in America.  John Lewis always wins.
I like the.. um… was it the Aldi one that made fun of the John Lewis one?
yeah It was good. I like that one a lot. That made me laugh
quite a lot. Aldi one that made fun of the John Lewis one?
I liked that one a lot. That made me laugh quite a lot. Do you put a star or an angel
on top of your tree? An angel. Are you religious? It’s a religious thing, isn’t it? No. Really?
No. No. Christmas is like not a religious thing here. We’ve put angels on our tree.
We’ve also put stars on the tree. I liked to go back and forth ’cause for me it’s just
about, does it fit the aesthetic -yes- of my Christmas this year? The star, too glittery
for this one. Actually I think this is about the same. Is it true that you guys go to the
pub on Christmas? Yeah. A lot of people- uh, yeah, a Christmas walk. This is like a thing
loads of families do. Like about an hour after– do you just get drunk with your mates? With
your family– mmm with your family, about an hour after Christmas dinner when you’re
like digested a bit, everyone just goes for a walk. I never go cause I’m lazy. I was alone
last Christmas so I walked all the way to Westminster to take a picture of Big Ben and
it turns out that the pubs were all open and I was like why are the pubs open? Its Christmas
Day. Why did that make me so sad? Your story of being alone on Christmas. That’s why I’m going to Bali this year
so I’ll have fun. Will you be alone?
I’ll still be alone You’ll still be alone
I’ll be with my camera I’m from a suburb of New Jersey and we just
cover the streets in Christmas lights so houses would compete with the amount of Christmas
lights you could have on and different Santas and different reindeers… It was amazing.
See when I was a kid, Christmas lights were like mmm kind of. Some people had Christmas
lights. Now it’s like fully a competition. Okay good
I drive by houses and they’ll have these glowing reindeers and they’re all pretty
and like giant inflatable Santas Why? They’re so expensive! They’re like
200 bucks. and we had this house on our street who every
year, would get a new inflatable one. Every year, someone would pop it and we didn’t
know who it was It was you.
It was me. He sees you when you’re sleeping [the tune
of santa claus is coming to town] That’s a bit creepy.
I love that song. No like it’s just that line. It’s slightly
fifty shades of Christmas. Fifty shades of daddy Santa. It’s Daddy
Christmas. You’ve never had eggnog.
No! Ahhh you’ve seen Friends like that’s such
a big thing right? …big thing right?
Yeah! I have seen the Simpsons, they have a lot
of Eggnog! Ah! Eggnog is such a yummy – it’s alcoholic,
eggy and it’s creamy and it’s delicious! Is it…has it got eggs in it?
I think e(gg)xtratct or something. You’re not like *bleurgh* yolk drippin’ out your
mouth! Is it alcoholic?
Yes. Ah, okay
You can have non-alcoholic Eggnog! As soon as December rolls around…
What colour is it? It’s like yellow.
I was kid of imagining yellow! It’s this colour.
Get out of my hair.’ [spoken in weird accent Do you have mince pies?
No. Okay.
I hate mince pies! I’m not doing this collab with you anymore!
No, they don’t taste good! I tried to love them.
Okay.. ..I tried very hard! What is the mince?! What
is that?! It’s not really mince.
No it’s…what is it?! It’s like bad fruit! it’s like raisin and…
uh, who likes raisins?! NO ONE! People…!
No! …like raisins.
Ew, they look like rabbit poop! Christmas number one. We don’t have that.
Oh, we have this one song, which is so bad! Do you have like Band-Aid “feed the world…”?
That’s a British thing! …let them know it’s…
What’s the other one? “I feel it in my fingers…I feel it in my toes. Feel it in my toes!
One year it was a competition between Eminem and Bob
the Builder, who was gonna be Christmas number 1.
I would’ve seen that rap battle! Guess who won!
Bob the Builder. Damn right. How was that a Christmas number 1? It’s
not Christmas related. It doesn’t have to be Christmas related,
it’s just all about which song is number 1 over Christmas.
It’s the Christmas number 1. What is the traditional Christmas dinner for
you guys? Turkey and stuffing, pigs in a Blanket… The lil’ hotdogs with dough wrapped around
them? With- not dough, bacon. 😉 Hoho, pigs in a pig blanket! They’re tiny little wienies. Tiny wienies… Tiny wienies with bacon Devils on horseback What? (laughs)
Right… (laughs) Okay, okay, they are like-
Satanic rituals. This is Christmas. This is British Satanic Christmas. (laughs)
Maybe this is just my evil family. Anyway… Devils on horseback… No, no, they are really good. The rider of the apocalypse comes visit us
on Christmas. Happy Christmas!
They’re like… prunes. Ew. They’re like prunes wrapped in bacon.
So they’re like pigs in a blanket, but not as nice. And that’s why they’re devils on horseback.
I don’t know many people that have turkey just because just for us turkey is exclusively
for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah you guys must get so full. Yeah, but
for Christmas for the most time, I remember I made it one year. I made the Christmas ham.
I did honey-basted ham. I looked up a recipe. We usually have the ham on boxing day. We’ll
have like a boxing day ham. That’s like a thing people do.
There’s not like so much food that you have to eat the leftovers?
We’re just greedy. Oh right. Wait so Thanksgiving is like the big one?
And then Christmas is like the little one. Thanksgiving? Your whole family from all parts
of family come around. Christmas your individual families. We have Christmas pudding which is like a
half-circle. Don’t you guys like baste it in alcohol
or something. Yes, this is very important. You cover it
in alcohol. And you set fire to it. And it like flames up into blue flames.
I’ve never had one of these for real. and that’s like the most exciting bit because
the dessert actually tastes horrible. oh
nobody like Christmas pudding but can you get drunk off of the Christmas pudding?
you can’t, but, but you have brandy butter. oh my gosh you guys don’t have brandy butter?
no I don’t oh my gosh you guys don’t have brandy butter,
okay this is like a really important tradition, you have, it’s like sugary butter with brandy
in it and everyone has to have a go of stirring it and that like brings you good luck
stirring butter everyone stirs
like an Amish Christmas thing yeah everyone stirs the butter
I did not know about this oh and there’s usually a prize in it!
sometimes there’s a prize in the christ- a prize in the butter?
no, in the Christmas pudding, there’ll be like little prizes wrapped in paper, like
a 2p why?
because the Christmas pudding tastes horrible, you need to like spice it up somehow
so you have to make the food interesting? yes
by lighting it on fire and hiding presents in it
this is what I believe, this is what I believe advent calendars
*big gasp* the most important thing ever! I … don’t think it’s that important
wait yes because I tweeted that I didn’t have one yet and everyone was like ‘what’s an advent
calendar?’ People are like “What’s a chocolate calendar?”
because we call them chocolate calendars here because they’re usually chocolate.
For us, it’s for advent. It’s a religious thing so I’d always get them at church.
This might surprise some of you. Here they have chocolate in the advent calendars, but
the advent calendars we had at church would be given to you and they’d be empty.
Just pictures? You’d put a quarter in for every day then
you’d donate it to the church. Oh that’s a lot.
So it’s like the opposite of a chocolate. The opposite of chocolate is donating money.
Opens it. I owe money We always had to go to church as well on Christmas
Day. Like right as it turned to Christmas Day.
Some people do that, but… I fell asleep. It’s too late. Even if I
was up playing video games, it’s 11:50. By then, I’d want to go to sleep.
Yeah you don’t want to that, you just want to open your presents. Hey! When do you open your presents?
Some families, which our family did pick up eventually, was you could open one present
at random that you’d get to pick on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, you’d have to wait until
Christmas morning when your family is awake. Daddy Santa is not going to be happy.
Daddy Santa is not happy. Plus, wait a minute, you shouldn’t be able
to open them on Christmas Eve. Because Santa delivers them on Christmas  Yeah Wha- Did- My family told me right That as soon as the clock strikes midnight
animals can talk to you That’s so sweet and also, also it’s true I stayed up very late one night when I was
eight and I was- I went up to my cat Chloe and I was like (whispering) Hey… hey…Chloe
(crying noises) Wouldn’t talk to me, she was dead. She was dead? No (laughing) I wanna know about stockings They were just a place to put little tiny
gifts so like everyone got a stocking and then you got the big gifts under the tree You get- do you get like a tangerine in yours?
A tangerine- No but when I was in Lithuania everyone was
eating tangerines and I was like why is this a thing that’s Christmasy here A very Christmasy thing Tangerines are not a thing in America we know
of them (Not sure about this one here) I’ve never heard of people eating tangerines  Well the thing is you don’t actually know
if it’s a tangerine, a clementine or a satsuma, but it’s one of those  and it’s always in your stocking Make it so that it smells nice? Is that the
reason? Maybe but I mean  there’s a lot of traditions
that we have for English Christmas that just like- No one really knows where they come from  We don’t have like STOCKING stockings  You know how you guys like- you guys like
buy those fake stockings and they’re big Yeah the big ones with my name on it  Ok, we don’t do that at my house You use an actual sock? We have- we have an actual sock Ew
And the whole point was like trolling through my dads sock drawer to find the biggest sock!
Oh you’ll find a different sock in there. For daddy Santa to put the presents in.
Does Santa wrap the presents in your stocking? He does.
Really? We don’t get ours wrapped. Sometimes, some are wrapped some are not.
No, especially because like in my house its already in a sock its like so shoved in there
you cant see what the gift is anyway. But its so much more fun like that because it
makes the sock a weird shape and it’s all like what is this gonna be?
You just ruined dad’s nice sock. Yes.
Yeah there’s no arguing you ruined your dads nice sock.
But no it works really well because obviously I didn’t know this at the time but, my mom
would be like you should use that sock she’d have already prepared the corresponding sock
so she didn’t need to put the presents in she could just switch the socks over and it
was very smart. Oh I see that is pretty smart. You’re not wearing a christmas jumper. christmas
jumpers are really big here. I got mine ho-ho-hoenn. This is so cool.”
Daddy christmas You know what I want? A spanking. Sorry.
We were dreaming about this tonight You’ve been a naughty ho ho ho
SLEIGH You can see inside my sack of goodies
you ruined Christmas for me! I do genuinely feel like I learned a lot from
this conversation. yes.
The oranges thing. The clementine’s nectarine- that freaks me out. It’s still weird? Anyway,
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Merry Christmas.  
*cue catchy whistling outro* *swoosh*
  Hi there everybody so today I’m here with
my good friend Connie and today we’re going to be tal- *laughs*
  Hi there everybody so today I’m here with
my good friend Connie and today- what are you doin? Why don’t you just say hi?
Cause I’m laughing!