Fried chicken. Fried chicken. Fried chicken. Fried chicken. Fried chicken. This is not what you call fried chicken! Can I open my eyes? Mmmm. Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! I don’t know what that
is and I don’t wanna know. I kind of see like, like little spikes. It looks like there’s eyes in here. It feels like shrimp, and I love shrimp. Yum! Won’t get poked. Hey, it’s not alive, Justin. But those eyes are looking at me. Is that shrimp? (breathing determinedly) Yes. Okay, nope, it’s greasy, okay. I’ve seen my mom peel
the shrimp a lots of times, so I’m gonna see if I can
remember how to do it, so, okay, do that, then I give up. To celebrate the birth of Jesus. Is this meat or something? It tastes like it’s meat. Yuuuum! (gasping excitedly) Sweet mama! Water please! This is Christmas, still? Japan? I hope I’m right for this one. The donkeys and the elephants. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump’s the elephant, and Hillary Clinton’s the donkey. You can take this away now. No! ‘Cause I don’t like it. Yes! Yes! This is happening! This is happening! Is this KFC chicken?! Santa Claus! I’m not gonna eat the Santa Claus. Sorry, Santa. My tummy’s pretty big. No it’s not, look! Yum! This is happening! Yes! (sniffs bucket) This is happening! This is happening! This is happening! This is my favorite piece. I wish my dad. Okay! I think… (sniffs bucket) This is a brilliant country
that eats chicken for Christmas. A brilliant country! (crunchy chewing) They have to go to the other half of the world to just get this? (inhaling)
(chewing) – I’m gonna get really hyper after this. Inside the cake there’s more strawberry. – I think that’s a smart idea. Japan rocks! Every time you say Japan
rocks I scoot it away from you.