Welcome back to Pastry Maestra! I’m Tereza and today I’m making churros. What is crunchy, hollow on the inside,
heavily ridged on the outside, often … …rolled in cinnamon sugar, and best
when dipped into a chocolate sauce? ¡Es un churro delicioso, sí señor! Churros are traditional Spanish sweet treats,
allegedly invented by Spanish shepherds! I know that this sounds strange, but
the history of sweetness is loaded with… …super strange, even unbelievable, stories
regarding the origin of some desserts! Anyway, allegedly, when shepherds went
up high in the mountains, it was impossible … …to make any baked goods, be it a
bread, or something sweet… …so, they invented this open fire,
pan-fried delight, that they could
easily make anywhere! Who knows — maybe we, professional pastry
chefs, should leave our cozy high-tech … …kitchens, and head for the mountains to
create some genuinely new desserts? Hmm…? Anyway, in Spain, churros are very popular snack
made by Churreros — specialists for making churros. Nowadays, you can enjoy nibbling them in most
Hispanic countries, in the US, and also in … …many European big cities, like Paris,
France, where street vendors sell them
in most fares and tourist spots. It is impossible to ignore the inviting
scent of freshly fried dough, especially
in the winter! Churros are fried until they become crunchy. The distinctive surface of the churro is ridged due
to having been piped from a churrera, a syringe
with a star-shaped nozzle. Churros may be straight, curled
or spirally twisted. So, how can we make delightful
churros at home? Easily! If you already know how to make choux pastry,
you’re good to go, otherwise — check my
post, the link is in the description. Churros are already fantastic if you only
roll them in cinnamon sugar, but if you … …are willing to go the extra mile and
make a homemade chocolate ganache, you
can call yourself a real Churrero! OK, let’s make some extra yummy churros! As usual, the recipe is on my site,
the link is down below. First thing I’m gonna do is put water,
butter, salt and sugar into a saucepan and
cook until it boils. Once my mixture boils, I’m gonna remove it
from the stove, add the flour and stir well to combine. I’m gonna put everything back on the stove and cook,
stirring constantly for a couple of minutes. I will transfer the mixture into a bowl
of a stand mixer and leave it to cool. I’m gonna mix it with paddle attachment
on medium speed. I will add eggs gradually. To make my ganache I’m gonna pour hot
cream over chopped chocolate, and leave… …it for about one minute to allow
hot cream to melt the chocolate.. Then I’m gonna stir well to combine. I’ve filled my pan with oil halfway and I’m
gonna heat it to 170°C (340°F). I’ve filled my piping bag fitted with large
star tip, with churro paste. Now I’m gonna pipe churros directly
into the hot oil and cut them with scissors. I will fry them until golden brown and
then I’ll take them out onto a paper towel to
get rid of the excess oil. I’m gonna roll my churros into cinnamon
sugar while they are still hot. There, my churros are done! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into crispy
dough covered in silky chocolate ganache!
Join me!