hey guys welcome back to my Channel
today I’m taking on the challenge of making a Cinderella’s carriage desert
table again so many you guys might not know this but I tried making this
carriage a few months ago and it was the total total fail check it out yep that
really happened I’m laughing now but it wasn’t funny
then as I said before I actually posted this on my social media when it happened
and some of you guys were like oh yeah how was hurt but that actually happened
because I brought the wrong pikes trying to be cheap it’s kind of like that all
saying in Spanish and that is so supernova haveli which means lazy people
work twice as hard well I wasn’t being lazy it was being
cheap so maybe there’s this fan for cheap people maybe something like cheap
people paid twice as much I’m sure there’s none out there if you
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decor alright let’s get started here we go I’m going to start this project by
painting anything that requires painting so you can try while I make the rest of
the cart here I have four square dolls and these are going to serve as legs for
the cart and they are one in 3/4 by 36 inches which is three feet okay
and I’m going to be painting them in white and this is a semi-gloss finish
I’m also going to be painting these two smaller square dolls
these are 3/4 by 36 inches and they’re actually going to serve as support for
the top of the cart it will make sense a little later and I’m also going to be
cutting it down a little bit more but I will get to that later
for now I’m going to go ahead and just paint them also painted 30-inch wagon
wheels with the same gloss white and I will have the information to this wheel
in the description box below for my front and back panels I am going to use
a white panel board which was originally quarter inch by eight feet but it is not
cut in half so it is now four feet alright guys so here is the back of the
panel and I usually use by text tube to draw my circles but someone suggested I
use the string and pencil and pen method so I’m going to do it I’ve seen it many
times but I have never done it so this is going to be my first time so let’s
see how I go all right so definitely a much cleaner
circle not bad at all now I’m going to start putting the cart
together and I’m going to start from the bottom to the top I don’t think there’s
another way to start and I’m gonna start by drilling holes in the middle of my
four legs and I’m going to use a drill bit that is smaller than my screw okay
these are going to be on the screws that I’m going to use our three inch flat
head wood screws alright and the bit it’s a bit smaller I think the size is
down here let’s see so yeah this is a 1/8 drill bit make sure not to drill the
hole too deep you want the screw to have something to grip from next I’m going to
attach the back and front panels to the legs and I’m going to screw them
together with half an inch flathead wood screws for the table type of the carts I like
to use white melamine would also not as shelving would and I like to use it
because he already comes paint it which is one less thing for me to do and
number two because it’s laminated which means that it is easy to wipe off in
case you spilled anything so perfect for this project and this already comes cut
in a four by two four feet by two feet all right let’s move on to the next step
now I’m going to mark this spot where I’m going to be drilling the holes on
the tabletop and as you can see I have a couple of quarters sitting on top and
that’s because I need to drill in the shape of the pipe okay this is apex tube
it is quarter inch by ten feet okay and quarter quarter okay so I’m going to be
drilling a quarter hole on both sides actually on all four corners okay the
other hoes are going to be the holes that I’m going to drill for the legs and
that’s going to go directly behind the quarter size holes okay and as far as
spacing let me run that by you the table top is 48 inches and the panel’s with
the legs are 42 inches all four sides are going to be three inches in and you
are going to Center quarter size right in the middle and as far as the spacing
from the edge to the quarter size hole is half an inch and this base from the
quarter to be hole for the legs is one inch I’m going to drill my quarter size
hole with a quarter size pipe it all right guys so I ended up stretching
this hole a bit I use the same 3/4 bit to open it up a little Mike it doesn’t
have a 7/8 bit he goes from 3/4 to 1 so one is way too
big and I need the pipe to be snug so if you can find a bit this 7/8 it will be
perfect but since I don’t have it I kind of stretched it out a little bit I’m
gonna have to touch this up with paint later but make sure it is a 7/8 okay alright guys so I placed the frontal
panel off camera because I wanted to make sure that it was really solid and
secure so here’s what I did I’m also gonna do one on camera but I just wanted
to show you first I use a three inch wood screw for the legs and then I
secured it with two braces corner braces or brackets however you want to call
them or L brackets they’re also called and I used a half an inch screw for the
table top side and for the leg side I use a 1 inch screw alright so everything
is propped up the way issue work for me to get this together
this project will definitely be easier with two people as much as I complain
about my husband when he tries to tell me what to do in my videos I could have
really really used some today and there we have the lower part of the
carriage now I’m going to add the pecs tubes make sure to bend them to make
them as brown as possible now I’m going to place the panels that
are going to go on the left and right of the tabletop this is also going to serve
as support for the upper part of the cart this was once eight feet and I’m
going to be cutting it to size these sides of the cart this piece of wood is
a prime MDF for and it was very affordable only five dollars and sixty
eight cents and he came in a quarter inch by eight feet and I’m going to be
cutting it right now so I went ahead and spare you from watching me cut the two
pieces from these sides and what I did basically was just measure with my
measuring tape the inner areas here and right here and I cut so now I’m going to
screw them to the pipes also use the same board as side panels
for the lower part of the cart now I am going to measure in between pecks pipes
so I can cut my smaller square dowels so I can secure the top all right since I’m thinking I’m not
going to add a back panel I cut two pieces of hex pipes and I’m going to
actually bring it down from where these sticks are the dolls down down here so
we can look more like a pumpkin like a carriage right now it looks like a buggy
but I want it to be more rounded so I’m gonna go ahead and drill two more holes
right here at the back on the tabletop so I can place my pic spikes now that my hole is drilled I’m going to
place it right in there but it is still too long so I’m going to cut it with my
PVC cutters and I’m going to then screw it to the top all right now it looks like a carriage
that one needs a little more bending but I’ll take care of that later I’m going
to be adding these edging band that I’m going to iron on but I’m going to be
doing this off-camera because it’s going to take a little time and this is going
to be the longest video ever if I do this on camera and all the instructions
are there I’m also going to attach a video of me doing this on another video
and you can follow the instructions there it’s very easy next I’m going to
add my 30-inch wagon wheels unfortunately the other two has not made
it here I’m hoping that it’ll get here before the final reveal and what’s going
to hold it together is my L bracket or my corner brace however you want to call
it in one inch screws alright guys there it is it is massive and beautiful I am
glad I decided to add the other two pipes which I fixed by the way if you
haven’t noticed I’m also going to have to touch up on the writing that’s on the
tubes so I’m either gonna find something where I can erase it or I’m just gonna
touch it up with the same white pain that I’m being using for everything else
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