– Does it have all
the schmutz on all of them? – We do that on
every single one, yep. – Did you just call his icing schmutz? – Yeah, you know, like it’s– – That’s homemade cream cheese icing,
it’s not schmutz. – It’s a schmear. – All right, there you go. – Switch the Yiddish. I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark, and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re
hitting the road to taste the craziest concoctions
claiming to be pizza. – But are they “Really Dough?”
– But are they “Really Dough?” – All right, let’s hit the road. I’ll pack it up. Get everything ready. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, Scott. You want a slice for the road? – Oh, heck yeah, you know I do.
– Yeah. – What is this? – That’s the Jolly Giant. – This is a perfect pre-breakfast. – Yeah yeah.
– My pre-breakfast. – Mark, you want some pizza for the road? – No, I’m good, Mike, thanks for– – You want a bite?
– You sure? Breakfast!
– No, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. – [Mike] Yo, and by the way, good for you man. Not making pizza. Wow, taking off. That’s amazing. Wow. – All right, later, Mike. – Not working? Well, it’s the weekend, good for you. That’s awesome. Later, guys. – Sure you don’t want a bite? – I’m positive I don’t want a bite. We just gotta get going. – (kiss) Love you. – Can you put the pizza
down while you’re driving? – No. Maybe I’m not–
– But you can’t eat pizza and drive at the same time. – I can eat anything
and drive at the same time. All right, back on the road. Watch. So. – The restaurant was insane last night, I must have got about 15 phone calls. – Yeah but admit it, it was nice. – But, you know, I can’t
detach from it, you know, sometimes it’s hard. – I think being away from the restaurant will make you a stronger person. – I don’t know about that. – How about we’ll
start the day with some pizza. – Great. – And this is
the right pizza to eat. We need breakfast. – You’re taking me for a breakfast pizza? – It’s a pizza that could be construed as a breakfast pizza. – Is there such a thing? – You’ll see. I’ve got this book, it’s a cookbook. It was written in the 16th century. And it’s got a recipe for pizza that basically describes
exactly what we’re gonna eat. Making you hungry, right? – No, you just got my interest. – Place is coming up over here. I think you’re gonna like it. – I’m really hungry. Can’t believe I’m having
pizza at 10:00 in the morning. – Come on, it’s OK, it’s good for you. – Let’s go. Smells like cookies in here. – It does smell like cookies. Really interesting.
– Oh, regular pizza. – Yeah but, we’re
not getting regular pizza. Grab a seat, you can read my book, I’m gonna go find Pietro. – Is this your pizza cookbook? – Yeah. I bookmarked the recipes for you. – This book has no pictures. – Hey uh, Pietro? – Hey, how are you? – Hey, I’m Scott.
– Welcome to Brother Bruno’s. – I came here with my buddy Mark to get him this pizza. I’ve heard so much about the crazy like, junk-food pizzas you make but now I meet you and you are not a large, large man. I thought you were gonna be obese. That’s why they call it the
cheat meal headquarters. So we come for our cheat meal, once a week, twice a week,
we eat those calories. – I came here to get us pizza that you do that’s the cinnamon buns. – Cinnamon buns, one of our top sellers. – Is it really?
– Homemade cinnabuns, and a nice crust, it’s delicious. – Do you eat it for breakfast? Or for dessert, or what? – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. It’s good cold in the morning, it’s good for dessert after dinner. – OK, interesting. ‘Cause my buddy Mark, kind
of like, didn’t sleep so well so I promised him pizza for breakfast. – Just tell him to be ready for something he’s never seen before. – Oh no, this is weirder than I expected. – Probably, yeah. – Oh, you liking that? It’s neat, right? – It was written in Latin. – It’s not written in
Latin, it’s translated. – I only saw the Latin version. How much longer? – Look, he, there’s a lot going on here, you don’t even know. We’ve been here for 12 minutes, maybe 13. So, what do you think is
gonna happen on this pie? What are you hoping to achieve with your hungover– – Dough, sauce and cheese. – Dough, sauce and cheese. – Dough, sauce, cheese. That’s it. A city’s got flavor. You should be able to taste
that when you eat there. Pizza should be eaten with your hands. Never a fork and knife. – This is what I’ll tell ya. It’s not gonna be dough, sauce and cheese. – OK. Where is it? – He’s making the pizza. – You have like no concept of time. I say an hour, you say, “Oh, 10 minutes.” – Time is like, a constraint.
– I’m onto you, Scott. – One, two, three, four! Let’s work these buns. – So we’re gonna start
by making the cinnabuns. It’s the regular pizza dough, we stretch it similar as if
we’re making a regular pizza. – Keep moving! – Spreading the butter right now. Cinnamon brown sugar mix. – [Woman] Now roll it! Now cut it! Now bake it! – We’re gonna make the
rest of the pizza crust. – Work that dough! Great form! – Vanilla icing. The cinnabuns are finished
cooking on the pizza. My cheat day is always on a Sunday. Crazy meals, crazy pizzas, cheeseburgers. I was lying. My cheat day, Saturday. Calories… Is on my cheat day, is on my cheat day… Calories… is on my cheat day… Calories, calories, calories… But, you gotta change with the times, and, I’m gonna switch it to Sunday. My cheat day is Sunday. – OK! – Maybe I’ll get a dessert
pie, maybe a big burger fulfill all my cravings. – Accept yourself! – We actually have a
homemade cream cheese icing that we put on top of each cinnabun. Powdered sugar, if it’s not sweet enough we
make it a little bit sweeter. – Looks are fleeting! – I’ve tried plenty of times to finish a dessert pie by myself, it’s pretty tough though. It’s better to share with
at least one or two people. – Friends are forever! – So that’s it, this
is our cinnabun pizza. I’m gonna bring this
out to Mark and Scott, and see what they think. – Foods rock! – Hello guys.
– Oh, this is Pietro! And this is the pizza! – What… – You want to join us? – I wasn’t expecting this. – So this is our
famous cinnabun pizza. With homemade cinnabuns,
homemade cream cheese icing, and then we got the powdered sugar. – That’s like the most calories ever cooked in 10 minutes. Are you gonna help us eat this? – No, today is not my cheat day, guys. – Cheat day.
– I gotta get back to work. Enjoy guys, please enjoy. – Oh, dude, thanks for– – Thank you,
thank you, thank you. – Thanks for making this. – What is this? – It’s a cinnamon bun pizza. – (laughs) Oh my God. – Now, let’s take a look. Look at this. He’s bisected the cinnamon bun. – I’m gonna eat it now. – OK. – Mm. It’s got crunch. And it’s got texture. It’s got– What? – This is unbelievable. – It’s so good! You love it! Have you ever had anything like this? – Not on pizza. But, I don’t know, is it a pizza? – Why not? What would it be? – This is a cinnabun. – Dude, didn’t you read
the book I gave you? – Not really, it was in Latin. – It’s not in Latin, look. So this is from 1570, OK? The book by Bartolomeo Scappi the private chef for Pope Pius V. Here’s what it says, “Recipe 130, another way to do pizza. Get two pounds of flour
and make up a dough with six ounces of Parmesan
cheese grated in a mortar, moisten it with fat broth,
rose water, and strain it, add sugar, egg yolks, bread crumbs, knead it for half an hour,
brush it with melted butter, roll it into a thin sheet, slice it, and bake into small cakes.” – So, he just gave a
recipe for a cinnamon bun. – Yep. – But he said another way to make pizza. – Well because, at that time the word pizza
referred to more than just dough, sauce, cheese. – Scott, is this a
cinnamon bun, or a pizza? – It depends on what year it is. A 16th-century recipe for pizza describes exactly this.
– This isn’t the 16th century so, you cannot use this
book as an argument. – Where are you taking it?
– Let’s put it over here, – Wait, I…
– and talk about the pizza. – OK, that’s fine.
– All right. – It’s your call. I just think that this is all signs lead to, not conventional, but it is pizza. It’s got everything that you
need in your rules, right? Dough, right? Right there. It’s got cheese, the cream cheese on top. It’s got a sauce. – It’s not red. – Doesn’t need to be red. You know that. You taught me that. I promised you pizza for breakfast. Is it pizza? Or is it– Did you just wave your finger at me? – It’s not a pizza. – OK. – That’s a pizza. – How about this. If Pietro beats you in an
arm-wrestling competition, it is pizza. – No.
– Yes. – He’s got those big biceps. – Yeah, dude. Well, why? I don’t understand. – It’s amazing… – It’s amazing. – Yes, it’s amazing. – You’re gonna eat another slice. – Yes, I am. – OK. – And take this half home with me. – OK. – Have it tomorrow. I gotta put this place in my GPS. – Yeah. I told you I wouldn’t let you down. Just one more before we go home, OK? – I need a coffee. I gotta get back in time for the service. – I got you, I told you. You’re such a worrier. I promise, it’s the last one of the day. – And then back to Brooklyn. – And then back to Brooklyn. In fact, I can get us there even faster if we cut through these woods. – Are you sure
this road’s even open? – My dad taught me the shortcut. Trust me, it works. I wanted you to see more of New Jersey, now that you’re out of Brooklyn. Wood is beautiful, isn’t it? – This is why they
call it the Garden State. Did you ever go to camp
when you were a kid? – I actually
used to go to this camp, that’s how I know the shortcut. – Scott, this is a girl scout camp. – What? Wait, what’s that? – Two grown men driving through
a girl scout camp, great. Way to go. – It is pretty, right? – This is like some “Friday the 13th” shit. – Wait, can you check the phone? Did I miss the exit? – I gotta get my glasses. Scott, where’s my bag? – It’s in the back. – It’s not. – Yeah, it’s in the back. – It’s gone, my bag’s not back here. – It’s in the car. – Pull over here. – Pull over where? – Right here.
– Here? – Let me out. – It’s gotta be back there. You see it? – No, you got your pizza bag back here. – Well yeah, that’s important, be careful. – It’s not there. – All right, let’s get outta here, let’s retrace our steps. – What are you doing, you’re like doing a 16-point K-turn. – We gotta get out of here. Tell me if anything’s
coming from the right? – Nothing’s… We’re in the woods! – Do you see it? – No, I don’t see it. – Is that your bag? – No, that’s not my bag.
– Oh, no. – Scott, we cannot stop,
I have to get back to work. – Did we leave it at a pizzeria yesterday? – I don’t know, I told
you this road wasn’t open. – That’s just for the kids.
– I can’t believe you– (coughs) What the fuck, I swallowed a bug! Just drive. – Are you OK?
– Drive! – I’m driving. – Small problem, somebody left Mark’s bag
somewhere on the road. If you know where it is, you can like or comment
the location down below. And if you need to catch up on the season, check out our mustard pizza episode, when we went to New Jersey. Right Mark? That was fun. – Come on. We got a bag to find. – There’s puddles everywhere. Mark…
(car horn honks) – Come on. – Can, can you help? (car horn honks) I got so much stuff on my feet. I never knew the woods were so dirty. OK.
– You ready? – Where’s the key?