do that governor tile see ok yields hot
sir that’s not bad that’s librarian physical science generated by the city
okay honestly I think I might agricultural you know what no no no
we’re gonna go with this I’m gonna get her maxed out and then that’ll help that
will help they’re doing their thing he’s all the way up there doing his thing I
am NOT giving my influence away no how about we get rid of that you get now
refuse the deal then I’m sorry but I’m not giving you my influence five gold
per turn now why are these people wanting my money like seriously why are
they wanting my money so bad I’ll welcome to the world Congress that’s why
they wanted the influence begin voting okay so let’s an outcome for this
resolution a or B producing or purchasing military units using the
chosen currency type is a hundred percent of the cost until the next or
producing or purchasing military units using the chosen currency type is 50
percent of the cost until you know what some I don’t know choose your currency Gold production no no I do I want chips
yeah well Duke gold I guess and then earn double points towards great people
who that’s nice no points earned toward now on the now
earn double points oh shoot what am i what am i earning right now cannot
recruit us I’m not gonna do that one I should do this science it so I can I can
boost my science faster previously recruited yeah science Eureka moments unmet Spain Spain England I’ll get back
to World Congress earned double and then we’re gonna choose great scientist
because that seems to be what I’ve been getting a lot of lately yeah great scientists will do that I’m
not gonna spend a lot of my influence I’m going to keep a lot of it
I am the hot I am the highest influencer Wow I’m gonna save it though I submitted everything has been passed
awesome and I’m still the highest ranking in the influences the four
building blocks of the universe of fire water gravel and vinyl nice ok see I
don’t know if that one is ok so that one has been done choose production we’re gonna go castle
walls now you need in there and we can easily take him out move him there can i attack no I can’t I
can up where I can promote I’d rather hold off on that dog before defy let’s see and then they just moved I can
move them I’ll keep them there for now have him keel up he’s gonna skip his
turn so I can have vision and I think that is it for right now those who in quarrels in suppose must
often wipe my bloody nose okay so we got more military raid
veteran and requests your harrion I can’t say that word for some reason yeah
yeah yeah we’re gonna definitely come over here there’s at sea rice rice hmm
it’s negative 20 if I go right here but either way I gotta get him over there
cheese production plus one citizen slots the arena
amenities were plus one an amenities right now which is fine what’s this
when building a wonder including in the city must be built adjacent to the
capital so it’s got to be adjacent to the capital plus to great work slots
holds tight okay plus what amenities for entertainment for me oh it’s twenty one
though but what if I stop it what if I go oh my god stop it
okay I’m going hard on stop it to click on them
I hate when it does that okay seventeen that might be worth it yeah we’re gonna build that there all
right we’ve taken in the area awesome I just realized he’s uh oops we’ll swap them out he’ll at least play
defense and I can still do a little damage not a lot but it’s some and then
this guy will feel some more damage Oh range you forgot about that then I still want eyes down here so I’m
gonna I’m gonna sleep the target post sleep the unit for a second I’m gonna
make a commercial hub do that there send me in boy over here again select like honestly these city state
people are just gonna love me and what are you doing you’re not moving I’m
gonna take control for him next turn you’re Devas most welcome thank you so
much I appreciate it now look at these city state people if I
go to world with something they might they might assist us BAM didn’t stand a chance
Oh who’s that it’s a little scout okay Sheila promote he’ll see rain seal up we’re going over
there is that a builder it is a builder dude I
don’t have a builder over here awesome don’t have him come down here I’m
spreading I’m spreading and then this is another science person I’ll recruit him okay get good this way the unit needs
assistance Oh who’s this no no what is that yeah transfer to another city can I
not do science stuff over here anymore don’t use it all up what’s going on we’re Adam technology yeah just use it
there we go I thought I’d bring him to the base science base man this honestly
I’m doing not too bad not too bad we got a people down here we can take care of
it a little bit rocks in my path I keep yeah we got our stuffs of boulders now
okay 15 away three three to choose a production gonna go with that so I can
see that might pop up over here if it does I’ll definitely take that into
account alright there’s that scout
he’s dang I want that builder then I have built on
that I went that way I built that do we need
the marble next that guy’s taken care of let’s go back
over here this guy oh that’s why Oh make a deal I cannot do open boat or open
borders but that’s why okay all right I’m gonna fortify this then
dive the city-state’s in between that are like are helping me out that’s
awesome okay mister javelin you can at least Scout her her territory alright that is honestly it for right
now I think let’s get him on board and we’ll do that so they’re they’re stacked
with each other will link them there so they move together cuz we’re gonna start
encroaching on the Spaniard side you delegate is most welcome awesome goodbye you know what what’s
no refuse but who is this guy Spaniard hey go away stop that stop it oh my gosh
I hate when that happens yeah it is the Spaniard alright so maybe
we should gradually he’s only got 22 I mean I could theoretically declare holy
war declare the liberation war nice okay alright move that up get those
city-states on my side loving me alright take him out as much as quickly
as possible no I guess can’t okay and it’s fine
I built that see the cell look at what we have around
us and they got some iron got some barbarians okay now we’re doing pretty good I think but
it’s how much of a dick should I be I wonder if I can send that over into an
enemy’s base and pop it and have my influence echo assumed stems that role
shall stand when the Coliseum Falls Rome shall fall when Rome Falls Sigerson here
we got see if there are other resources which is there any nearby wait is that
my scout no it’s England scalp oh no that’s not
there is right there we’re taking out that barbarian all
right we’re untether where’s a good place the the lake laid new settlement
it’s not really telling me it might be see hmm honestly I feel like doing it
here it would be awesome but at the same time
oops stop it resource-wise we have a bunch of them you know I have
a lot of production that’s that’s one of the issues but I can always build a
industry area we would have rice we would have wine a little bit of forestry so our growth wouldn’t be like the worst
thing if I place it here I’ll get at least this ring which I know it’ll
expand out to that ring if I placed it up here I’d get no value
here honestly it’s kind of a hit or miss I mean we get a couple signs with that
if I place it here I’m not gonna get many resources let’s take him out yeah okay um bring him back in the
builders gone I don’t know where he went oh right there that’s being taken care of that’s being
mined luxury resources horses iron and we can have some Jade down here
when does this expand is it not expanding anymore why can’t why is it
expand it is expanding but expanding that way Dom got some coral reef all
right so I guess it’s housing and puffs close to faith oh
it’s actually one entire house oh wow am i doing anything with faith though
that’s the thing I don’t even think I am IRRI progress trade routes no no worse
where’s my faith I know there’s a currency for it what’s the time I got
here faith religion yes yeah I have no religion whatsoever
all religions Eastern Orthodox Divine looking Hinduism and Islamic okay we
have no religion at all no but we have Eastern Orthodox and pantheon fertile
rights whatever that is okay it wants me to do that I have 211 faith
points so you know what sure we’ll build it let’s see if I can
take that guy out other ones got some more gunpowder down here actually you
know what maybe that would be good idea even though it’s out in the nethers oh I
can always I guess pillage it maybe I choose production stirrups yeah see
gunpowder bank you know with that have the killed civics shoes production machu
picchu still sure why not why not is this a three room it might be you know that’s doing this thing grants
must be completed on a harp it’s got to have a harvard that’s why boom okay I’ll
sleep him for now that’s a bummer and that Scouts bailing on us Oh missionaries that cannot be attacked
a vast tomb lies over me in Halicarnassus of such dimensions of such
exquisite beauty as no other shade can boast and I got another one of those
things Oh weight gains uh military units get
+40 reward at for plundering secret ok great person activated I think I might
have screwed that up oh well too late okay now we have a lot of stuff around
us stick that University going kind a lot of like wasted land like this you
can easily do something here this guy’s gonna pick this guy off where’d that barbarian there is there’s
that worker get over here I think I have to have because I want
the vineyard I want that that’s like the little production that won’t get
although if I do right here I get a lot of production and I can always plant
farms you know what yeah cuz the first
settlement on Columbia nice place right there anyways
let’s build the the monument first choose production I need that money
coming in man I do got two hundred and one I’m not gonna spend it right now
we’re gonna fortify that we’re gonna pour out the brute grows with that now
they can do their thing that University going as well got a bunch of crabs down there now this might be some new land leave my
people to take and have eyes on her see peace be to you and yours it’s
heartening to see another join us as pious as myself he’s like you just don’t
want to get messed up that’s what it is all those nights here as well how good
I’m not too going to defensive stance I think gay fortified human shield I’m
saying their speed military units get for dessert reward for plundering and I want to do with him in all honesty
I’ll just like I guess bring him over there honestly he’s not he doesn’t have a bad
spot I have him on wander again um
we got ourselves some wonders we still have to do some growth got a few things
to deal with not much happened in all honesty so that’s kind of a shame
besides you know expanding to the the next continent but that’s I get think I
think that’s gonna be it for right now go beans all right cool awesome
done fantastic and goodbye