hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today it is Saturday and we are going to be having Owen’s birthday
party tonight so I am spending the day getting the house cleaned up prepping
food decorating so I thought it’d be fun to just film a little clean and decorate
with me video today for you guys so this video is just going to be real life I’m
not looking so great this morning I was up until 1:00 a.m. last night getting
the video ready to go live this morning for you guys and then I also had to get
up early this morning so I didn’t get much sleep last night
it’s been a rough past couple of days so yeah I’m not looking so great but it’s
okay it’s real life we’re still gonna film this video today so I’ve been
spending the morning prepping the food I’m just doing easy food I’ve got the
cake in the oven right now I still need to decorate that and we still need to
decorate the table and stuff and I also need to do some cleaning so we’re
probably gonna start off by getting the kitchen cleaned up so that I have some
clean at countertop space to make some more food so we’ve got the cake baking
in the oven there it is almost done I’ve got flour all over my oven but after all
that food prep and stuff my kitchen counters are a mess I have no room to do
anything else so I need to get these cleaned off so that I can make the icing okay so I’m making sloppy joes for the
party and my recipe is very simple it’s just ketchup apple cider vinegar mustard
and brown sugar we’re just going to put all that in there there’s no exact
measurements for this recipe you just sort of guess at it and taste test and
just add more of something if you want it okay so this is definitely not the best
cake that I’ve ever done it kind of turned out to be a flop because I was
trying to make like waves along the bottom of the cake and then trying to
make it look like that the boat was in the water on top and it just didn’t
quite turn out how I envisioned but it’s okay it’s just a cake it’s not a big
deal this little Noah’s Ark topper is
actually from Amazon I’ll put a link for it down below so now we are going to get
started with the decorating and before we get started with that I wanted to let
you guys know that today’s video is sponsored by coterie and they are
sponsoring this video and they also sent all of the supplies for Owens birthday
party so coterie will help you to make your next party easier they have a ton
of party sets for you to pick from on their website for Owens birthday party I
picked the maked rainbow birthday set because his theme for his birthday party
is Noah’s Ark if you haven’t already guessed that it was so nice to be able
to get just everything in one set in the mail I didn’t have to go around to a
bunch of different stores trying to find the different things that I needed I
just ordered it and it showed up at my door and I had everything that I needed
to decorate for his birthday party so in this first box we’ve got all of the cups
plates straws we’ve got the smaller dessert plates and the larger ones for
the meal two packets of these multicolored straws and they did send
candles as well I showed those earlier when I was decorating the cake in this
box we’ve got some rainbow paper towel runners for the table some gold colored
plastic cutlery two packages of this gold and white confetti this gold happy
birthday balloon banner rainbow colored napkins and then lastly two boxes of
rainbow balloon bunches and that is everything that they sent so we are
going to get started decorating I’m gonna hang up those balloons on the wall
and we’re going to get this table decorated okay so here is how the sloppy joes are
looking they taste really yummy they’re always the best when you cook them in
the crock-pot at least in my opinion anyway and now I’m gonna plate up some
cheese to put on the table we always like to put a slice of cheese on our
sloppy joes okay so now I need to get some stuff
done outside I need to water these plants and then I need to blow off the
carport it’s been so dusty lately and windy and every time we get a ton of
wind my rug does this let me know down in the comments what could I do about
that is there something that I can put underneath of it so it isn’t constantly
moving everywhere okay so here is how the table turned out
I made this little rainbow arch with the balloons up here and put the happy
birthday up on the wall here’s a peek at the table we got the sloppy joes the
cheese and the bun whip together a little dip for the fruit it’s just cream
cheese and marshmallow whip and then I made this fruit rainbow and I got this
idea off of Pinterest I did not come up with this on my own and actually turned
out really cute here we’ve got stuffed eggs and then I put some of his Noah’s
Ark books back here and his little toy Noah’s Ark and I stuck sets of little
animals here and there on the table over here we’ve got the snacks and the chips
we’ve got animal crackers goldfish Cheetos akh he details and then we’ve
got some of these long pretzel sticks back here and I labeled those as gopher
wood and back here is the cake that I made that I showed you earlier and so
yeah that’s how the whole table turned out and Jalen was in charge of filling
up the water containers and he labeled them as rain water and flood water
hey everyone so I was just sitting here editing this video and I realized that I
never ended it so I just wanted to pop on here and say thank you so much for
watching we had a great little birthday party for
Owen he had so much fun I cannot believe that he’s 2 years old already time is
flying by way too fast that kids are growing up too fast so yeah I will see
you guys in a few days with a new video bye