Today we’re eating
invisible pie and nearly drowning ourselves. Let’s talk about that. Good mythical morning. Thank you for making us
a part of your
daily routine. Mythical beasts,
we are just getting going on this new expanded
version of the show. – Very exciting time for us.
– Yeah. Very exciting time for all
of mythical beasts everywhere. We wanna say thank you
for all the feedback that we have already gotten. We have been reading that, uh, the comments,
just like we always do. – Mm-hmm.
– Making adjustments. We’re seeing some
of the same things
that you’re seeing, – Yeah.
– making those adjustments
accordingly. Yeah, that’s the beauty
of internet-tainment, is that it’s
a conversation between us. And as, uh, we seek
to experiment and expand, to give you more
of mythical morning, it’s, uh–
and make it good. We want to still
make it good. – Yeah, were all on
the same page.
– Or even great. We all want the same thing. Right, it’s just
figuring that out, so all of that’s
part of it. Now, um, I want to
“claricify”– clarify, – or “claricly.”
– You can “claricly” it. Yeah, in terms of
knowing where to start
each day to watch an episode of
“Good Mythical Morning,” just click the thumbnail
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GMG on GMM. I’m trying to come up
with something catchy, – Real catchy, Link.
– So I can remember where
to start. So, if you click there,
theoretically, everything
should play in order so you won’t be confused
about where to click
every day. Also know that if
you stick around for
“Good Mythical More” today, we’re actually
going to address
some specific comments, just some things that
we’ve seen, some threads that we’ve
seen in the comments, so we’ll just have
a more candid conversation
about those things. “Good Mythical More” today,
stick around for that. Okay, for now,
let’s get into it. – Now, um…
– Yes. Um, technically February
is called National Pie Month, amongst many other
things that February is, but for me,
I don’t quite
understand that because the sweet spot
for pie time is now. – Mm-hmm.
– November is when I get
my pie on, and there is a pie
that is going viral. – Have you heard about it?
– I have, uh, it– I don’t know what
to think about it. It might be a great creation. It might be an abomination.
I don’t know. – Yes.
– But it’s clear
pumpkin pie. – Uh-huh.
– You saw this thing. Everybody was talking
about it. This is what it looks like. Just as you would expect. It’s absolutely clear. – Now this thing is–
– And absolutely pie? Developed by
Executive Chef Mike Bagale. I don’t know if
I’m saying that right. Sorry, Mike. And Chef de Cuisine
Simon Davies of the experimental haute–
how do you say that? – Haute.
– Haute? – That means high in French.
– Haute? Haute cuisine
restaurant Alinea, which I also don’t know
if I’m pronouncing correctly. Listen, we’re not gonna
let some snooty Chicago
restaurant be the sole purveyors
of this food invention. – Oh, yeah.
– We’re gonna get
right there with ’em. It’s time for… – …edition.
– Yes. I’m gonna say “edition”
just because. Yes, we have figured out–
well, we didn’t it figure out. Tess figured out how to
make translucent pie, and here it is. Bring it in.
Now, a few qualifiers, I mean, hey,
the thing is clear. The thing
that you’re seeing is, you’re seeing
the reflection of the crust, but I can see
right through it. Can I–
I’m gonna try to
gingerly… get this thing off the– Please don’t break it, Link. Ours doesn’t look
quite as clear. Ours is a little cloudy. But let me explain
why that might be the case. Okay, so, the one that
they did at this restaurant, first of all,
it costs $700, – because you to pay
– What? $700 just to get
the tasting menu– well, okay,
it’s $395 per person. Which you would know
you would want to
bring a date, – Yeah…
– impress them with
that clear pie. You ain’t gonna go have
a $395 dinner by yourself. – That would be sad.
– I mean, maybe you’re
that kind of person. Hopefully you’re taking
somebody with you. So you’re paying $700, and that’s just to get
the tasting menu that then has this
pumpkin pie at the end, and their piece
is really small. It’s kind of hard
to tell by the picture. but theirs is very,
very small. – Ours is actually
pumpkin pie size.
– Mm-hmm. But they also have
this machine that can cost as much
as 100,000 dollars that actually somehow
distills the flavor from
pumpkin pie, and makes this
flavor concentrate, and then they put it
back into the clear gelatin. That is a rotary evaporator. Right. Ours costs like,
not $700, but 70 cents. Here’s what we did. Uh, we used gelatin, sugar,
colorless flavoring, and local grocery store
pre-made crust, and basically put some
pumpkin flavoring into
all of that. – Can I please try it?
– Yeah, please try it, Link. You know what?
You wanna try it first? I kinda want a fork.
Can you grab me a fork? I don’t wanna just eat pie
like a caveman. Although, cavemen probably
didn’t eat pie. Now, I’m not gonna add
any of that white stuff. What’s that called? Whipped cream? That’s not the haute
term for it. La crème de whip. You don’t want to
adulterate it,
I understand. Right, so we’re just
gonna go for this.
Dink it. – Aw. Hey!
– Seriously? Dink it, catch it,
and sink it. Little trick. Kinda tastes like
a Yankee candle. ( muffled )
Really great. It tastes like I was
in desperate times and there was
a Yankee candle around and I just popped
the string and popped it in my mouth. Yeah, it’s very, um… I think it might need
some of that – It’s very aromatic.
– crème de whip. Now, I will say,
if I was paying 700 bucks and I had a whole
tasting menu previous
to this, I might think this
is amazing. It’s not that I can’t
keep eating it. It’s just that it’s
pumpkin flavored Jell-O
in a pie crust. I mean, like,
let’s be real. Right, okay,
so the fact that Tess
was able to create this got us to thinking
that she could create
some other pies, and we we have had
her create a number
of mystery pies that we are going to try
and guess what they are. So let’s bring in
our first mystery pie. Now, this one–
let’s look at it. – It looks no different.
– It looks exactly the same. – No, different at all there.
– So, let’s see. I can’t quite… it’s kinda like
LA smog pie. Your pie analysis game
is very scientific and… Well, Rhett,
this is serious. – You know this.
– Let me get the first bite
on this one. – I want the corner piece.
– Okay. – Can you…
– I already know. You already know? – Oh, I already know, too.
– Bubble gum. Bubble gum.
Is it bubble gum? Tess: It’s bubble gum. – Yeah!
– Man: Whoo! Yeah, that kinda tastes like
a bad trip to the dentist. Yeah, you really shouldn’t– My instincts are telling me
to spit it out, but… Oh, that’s kinda rough. I never follow
my instincts. But this one, again,
looks exactly the same. This one’s actually
clearer, Tess. Yeah, it is a little bit
clearer. Whoops. – Look at that.
So let’s just taste it.
– Ah, this is good. This one’s got
a sweet, savory… – Coffee?
– Banana? Well. – Sun tan lotion.
– Espresso? My guess is sun tan oil. No, no, it’s a food.
It’s like a– I don’t think it’s a food. I think we’re off
the food map. It’s a food. Sun tan oil,
that is my guess. It’s not a sun tan oil,
that’s like espresso
or caramel, – or some kind of…
– What’s your
final answer, Rhett? – What is it, Stevie?
– Stevie: It’s cream cheese. – ( buzzer )
– What? – Cream cheese?
– ( laughter ) – Really?
– No, it’s not. No, it’s not. – It’s not bad, though.
– Oh, oh! No, it is! I literally–
it’s the aftertaste.
I can get it. It’s actually one of
the better ones though. – I will say that.
– Now that I know that it’s– Oh, goodness.
This one is pink. – What happened to this one?
– It’s like champagne color. You had some color
spill on this one. – Yeah.
– A little color–
oh, come on. Ugh! That’s what you get
for just picking it up and biting it without
even letting your
friend get in there. Link: Ugh. Oh, gosh. Give me a hint,
is this a fruit,
or is it– Tess: Link, you should totally
know what this one is. – Oh.
– Tess: By your reaction. Oh, dude,
this is so obvious! – Oh, tomato!
– Tomato! Tess: Yup. ( spitting and retching ) It’s not that bad
now that I know
there’s tomato. – Oh, it–
– Like, now that I know
it’s tomato, it helped me. – It did not help him.
– You nailed that one.
You nailed that one. – I was hoping that–
– You can just get
tomato flavor at places? I thought it was champagne.
I was like, I’m gonna get some
pink champagne. Like that, what’s that
pink champagne called? What is this? Now I’m getting nervous after that one was nasty. – All right, you go–
you go first.
– Oh, oh, oh. I know this one. You got a beard hair
that’s… Don’t use– don’t comb it
with a fork, man. – It’s a clean one.
– I like that beard hair. It’s like a little antenna.
That’s how I know
how close I am to it. I’m sorry.
Let me get it back out then. Okay.
I’ll get rid of that. That’s how I make sure
we don’t go cheek-to-cheek at any point during
the episode. I think this is bacon
before I even taste it. Ooh, yeah, that’s strong. Uh. It’s got that nasty
liquid smoke flavor. I’ll tell you, guys,
you rubbed bacon on this. And it didn’t help it. Tess: Final answer? – Yeah.
– Bacon. Tess: It’s more abstract. – You said it, Rhett.
– Liquid smoke? – Yup.
– Okay. ( spitting ) ‘Cause people, they use
liquid smoke whenever they make something
bacon flavored, and it just tastes like
liquid smoke. – Oh, gosh.
– I am finishing all
of them though. I think what we
learned is, it’s gotta
be at the tail end of a really expensive
tasting menu for this type
of stuff to work. – otherwise…
– Mmm. …stick your beard hairs out
and stay away. Yeah. Click on through
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