INTRO MUSIC Would you like to know how to make a lovely thick creamy caramel sauce perfect for desserts or anything sweet, keep watching! Hey, it’s BritishCook! Welcome back. Thank you for being here. Today I’m going to be doing a really simple quick and easy Caramel sauce we use over Christmas or New Year’s Eve or whenever you fancy it. It’s really tasty, keep watching okay, so what we’ve got here is the caramel sea salt fudge, and I cannot wait to get this open. Come on open, open,…. and as if by magic Come on look at that delicious buttery crumbly caramel sea salt fudge So we need to take 100 grams of this and chop it into small cubes So there we go 100 grams of chopped buttery fudge delicious. I only have one problem I need to warn you all about when I’m chopping this I find sometimes It tends to fall in my mouth, I’ve got no idea how or why? But it does so be really really careful to chop in this so it may end up being eaten Pop the caramel sea salt fudge in a pan and add a tiny bit of salt. It’s just a little bit So then all we need to do is add a hundred millimetres or half a cup of Double cream or in America called heavy cream in case you’re wondering how much Fudge this is in cups It’s about a cup and a quarter I think But you’re better off to open a packet and just put it all in So to make the caramel sauce that goes in the bottom the Fudge Affogato we just need to heat those two up gently because it’s cream and fudge This caramel sauce goes really really well on any kind of dessert in fact you can pour it straight over the clotted cream Recipe I’ve done as well They’ll be linked for that at the end of the video Just keep an eye on it when you boil it because obviously it’s fudge, sugar in there and double cream or heavy cream So that’s a really quick video on how to make yourself a delicious caramel, sauce if you enjoyed this one please subscribe Please share it let everyone know how easy and simple it is. Thank you That’s what you call a dessert