(GASPS) Happy birthday, son. Dad? – This is your day. Go have fun. I LOVE YOU GUYS! – You’re awesome.
– I love you too, son. ALL: ICE CREEEEAM!!! YEEEEAAHH!!!!! COOOOOL!!!!! Strawberry’s my favorite. (KIDS LAUGHING) (KIDS SCREAMING) CAL: Come on, Dad. I don’t know Cal,
this doesn’t look… (SCREAMING) (BOTH LAUGHING) – I love you, son.
– I know Dad, you tell me every day. Flint, this is amazing, and designing the
ice cream to accumulate in two scoops. – I don’t know how you’re gonna top this.
– Maybe with hot fudge? (LAUGHING) CAL: Hey, Flint. You want to be
in a snowball fight with us? Flint what’s the problem? I’ve never actually been
in a snowball fight. Really? I don’t even know the rules.
Is there like a point system, or is it – to the death.
– (SCOFFS) You’ve never… I mean look, even Steve
is throwing chocolate snowballs. – Mmm, so like this? (GRUNTS)
– No, harder than that. Snowball! Snowball! Snowball! Snowball! Snowball! Snowball! Snowball! (LAUGHING) Snowball and snowball! KIDS: (LAUGHING) Snowball! I scream, you scream, we all scream for
Flint Lockwood’s latest Tasty Town-wide treat. With flurries of frozen fun on what the mayor
declared to be an ice cream snow day. He’d also like to invite everyone in the world
to catch a cruise liner, come on down this Saturday the Grand opening of chew
and swallow a town is truly a La mode. (WOMAN 1 SPEAKING IN FRENCH) (WOMAN 2 SPEAKING IN ARABIC) WOMAN 3: (BRITISH ACCENT)
A town that is truly topped with
ice-cream. With today’s scoop for
the weather news network.
I’m Sam Sparks!