Ok, we stopped here They sell Thai dessert Made of coconut Could I open this and see please? Looks good. We’re gonna try one of these We just stopped like, STOP! This one, we call it, ‘Kanom Tuay’ Tastes like coconut milk but something else Down there is pretty much like, jelly We easily could just open a shop She just told us a secret how to make it Kanom Tuay Mae Lek, Chumphon Down there is coconut milk Mixed with pandan juice and palm sugar. On top.. White sugar Mixed with coconut milk We suddenly stopped by because this is like homemade stuff and I love homemade stuff Say hello first then we get money to buy strawberries Welcome inside So they make kanom tuay just right here You see, we were just there and now, we’re inside here This, they are making like the lower part The green part with the pandan juice Steam them, wait till they cool down a bit Then put the upper layer on top Clean it all over here 20 THB to get 8 pieces of those Pretty good and it’s just on the way from Chumphon city to the beach a little bit up north We rode past without noticing it Keep your eyes open He didn’t even know but then I was like ‘Stop it!’ Ok guys This, pretty good if you’re on the way on something Stop by here Have some small little cups like this Authentic Thai dessert Try it I hope you guys enjoy this mini vlog Don’t forget to subscribe and ring a bell! and I will see you guys in the next video We got some freebies There, what is it? We’re moving on to the next spot guys We’re gonna go find some more good food