– [Announcer] Previously
on That YouTube Family – [Mom] Oh, are you okay? Everything’s okay? – Yeah, why are you guys acting so weird? What’s up? – I don’t know, the boys just said that you were acting weird, but… – I just bit my tongue.
– Are you okay? (singing) Okay guys, so Abigail went missing, and we couldn’t find her for awhile, but I have a clue as to where she is because I looked on the Dollmaker 101, and it has a picture of her and Shot of the Yeager’s doll Cynthia, and they’re together. And there’s a message
saying, “Come play with me,” and I think I know where it’s at. We took her there. We took Abigail there
on our way down to Moab. I think she’s at Goblin Valley because it looks like she’s there. But she’s with Shot of the Yeager’s doll, so we need to get ahold
of Shot of the Yeagers and see if we can go find our dolls because something weird is happening. And I think that we need
to go and see what’s up with these two dolls. – Yeah, I think so, too. – So we’re going to contact
Shot of the Yeagers, and then we’ll meet them there. – Guys, we made it here. Now we need to find Abigail and Cynthia. – What’s going on? – This is crazy. There are a million places
that those dolls could be at. – [Mom] Why did they want us to come here? – I don’t know, but this is, like, a really good hiding spot. – So wait, do you have to, like, come down into this, like, valley? And do you think this is something that the Dollmaker is trying to trap us by bringing the two dolls together? – Oh, I don’t know, but
we should start walking. – [Mom] And we should stay safe because there’s no wifi here, guys, so we can’t make a phone call. We can’t do nothing. – So do you think maybe
the Dollmaker brought us to a dead zone? – [Mom] Yeah. – To trap us? – Probably. – [Mom] Well, that’s a possibility. – Okay, let’s not get into
too many tight spaces. – [Mom] Stay together. – Let’s stay in the open a little bit. – The ground is so cracked. Like, it’s so dry here. – This is actually really difficult because I don’t even know
where we are anymore. All these rock formations
look the same to me, so like, I don’t know. We need to stick together
so we don’t get lost. – [Mom] And look for footprints. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Once you get down in the
valley, it’s really hard– – Oh my goodness, you guys, you guys. – [Dad] What? – She’s right there. – [Mom] Go, go, go, go, go, get her. – [Ty] Where’d she go? – She’s gone. – Where is she?
– Where? – [Dad] Did you see her run that way? – [Jordan] No, I didn’t see her. I think she teleports. – [Mom] Hey, we all saw her, right? – She was right here. I saw her. – [Dad] She was sitting right there. – [Mom] What is it when
you’re in the desert and you start seeing
stuff that isn’t there? – Oh, like hallucinations.
– A mirage? – [Mom] Mirages. Is it possible to see a doll mirage? Or is that just water? – You generally see water. – There’s no water here, though. – You don’t normally see dolls. – I don’t know. – Well, the Instagram did
say, “Come play with us.” – [Mom] Okay guys, search
all these rocks around here. – Wait, do we have to play a game? – Are we playing hide and seek? – Don’t tell me it’s hide and seek. We’re never gonna find them. – Because she can just teleport. – [Dad] If I was a doll– – What happens if we lose the game? – I think we’re stuck playing it. – [Mom] Oh, that would be bad. – [Dad] This isn’t a nightmare, is it? – [Mom] Forever hide and seek? – [Jake] No. – Shall we go down in this
little ravine in here? I think if I was a doll
playing hide and seek, I’d be running through there. – [Mom] Yeah, let’s go check it out. – Guys, she’s right there. – [Mom] She is. She’s right there. (singing) Wait, Jordan? – Jordan?
– Jordan? – Jordan?
– Jordan? – [Audrey] Wait, Jordan’s acting weird. – [Mom] Yeah, Jordan? – Where’s she going?
– Jordan? Maybe she’s leading us to the Dollmaker. We can use her as a spy. – [Mom] Where is Jordan going? Wait, somebody get Jordan. Follow Jordan. – Follow Jordan. – Guys–
– Now she’s running. – [Mom] Go. – No.
– Guys, we’re gonna lose her. Go, go, go. – Guys, we’ve got to cut her off. She went around this boulder. You guys go that way. Me and Ty will go this way. – [Ty] Okay. – Jordan? Jordan? Guys, she’s with Abigail. – [Mom] Get her. – Hello. – What?
– Where’d she go? – [Mom] Wait. – She was just here. – [Mom] All right, you guys. – Jordan. – [Mom] Is this a mirage? She was here, right? We saw her? – She was sitting right there. – Yes, and she was making noise. – She said hello. – [Mom] It was Jordan and Abigail. You saw Jordan and Abigail, too? – Look, come right here. She’s not here. She’s nowhere to be found. How did that happen? – [Mom] Okay. – [Audrey] I think the
doll’s controlling her. – [Mom] Is it the doll? Is it this place? – The doll’s with her.
– What is going on? – Is it both? Is there, like, some sort of magnetic– – Super power? – That we don’t feel but
Jordan can ’cause she’s– – [Mom] Is it the rules? Did we break the rules? – I don’t even know what rules. – [Mom] Is it something else? – [Dad] The doll left us. – Yeah.
– Is it something else? – I don’t know.
– I don’t know. – Let’s keep going. Let’s go this way. – [Mom] Well, we have to go find her. – I know.
– Where’d she go off to? – She teleported.
– Where’s Jordan at? – [Mom] Oh no, what if she
starts moving like Abigail does? – I think the power of Abigail over her is becoming stronger. – [Mom] I think so too, and
she doesn’t even know it. – What if Jordan turns into a doll? – [Mom] Ohhh. – Oh, no. Okay, I’m looking for her shoes. – [Audrey] We can follow the river. – [Mom] That’s what I’m nervous about. I was just about to say. – I was just wondering,
like, is this her footprint? – [Audrey] Guys, wait, come here. – [Mom] Water. Water is not good. – [Audrey] Look, look, it’s a drawing. – [Dad] What? – [Mom] Is that a clue? – It looks like an animal. Like, there’s this eyeball right here, and there’s a tail, and then feet. – What? – It’s pointing that way, and
that’s where we came from. Maybe the tail’s pointing. – Maybe, yeah. – [Ty] Yeah, maybe that way. – [Jake] But then– – The water’s dried up,
so we might be okay. – Maybe we need on top of a
rock so we can maybe see her. – [Mom] Good idea, let’s go
up to a high point, guys. – [Dad] Right there? – [Jake] I don’t think
they’re gonna have footprints because she teleports. – [Mom] Let’s all go up
on this big one over here. – Jordan? – [Ty] Jordan? – Jordie? – [Audrey] Jordan? – We need Logan here. He could sniff her out and find her. – [Mom] Oh, that would be true. – We should’ve brought him. – [Mom] We should have brought him. – Okay guys, I got on top of this rock, and guys, I’m going on this one. – Jake went up on that rock. He’s looking. – I’m gonna go see if I can
get up on that really tall one. I don’t know what to do. – I’m kinda looking down
low, just to make sure if she does kinda
teleport back around here. I can see her. – [Audrey] I don’t see her anywhere. Where would she be? – [Dad] Jordan? – [Jake] Jordan? – Jordan? Katie, do you see her? – I see her. – [Dad] You see her? – She’s over this way, but
I think we need to be quiet. – [Dad] Okay, I’ll go grab everybody. – I got down. – [Dad] Audrey, Jake, Ty, come on. Mom found her. Come on, Mom found her. – We’ve got to be quiet because
what if she can hear us? – [Dad] Let’s go. Do we have to climb up? – [Audrey] I’m gonna go up this way. – No, go around, she’s over here. – [Dad] Go around? Okay. Careful, this is kinda slippery. – [Mom] We’ve found her. They’re together. Jordan? You’ve got to be over there. – [Dad] Do you still see her? – Yeah, she’s right there. – [Dad] I don’t see her. Where are you seeing her? – [Mom] Right there, right there. – [Dad] Where? Whoa. – [Jake] What? – [Dad] Did you see that? There she is over there. Go guys, go, go, go, go. She’s running. I just saw her run. There she is. Why is she acting this way? Audrey, go around her left flank. Go that way. Jake, go this way. You coming? – You’ve gotta go around. I’m watching. She’s right there. – There she is. I see her. Now I’m like, way down inside the gully. I can’t find anybody. (voices calling) I can’t see anybody. Where do we go? Jake? Did you see her? Audrey, did you see her? – She was laughing and pointing at me. – There she is, guys. (Jordan laughs mockingly) – [Audrey] My gosh. – [Dad] Where’d she go? Jordan? There she is. Jordie, come back. Hurry this way. – [Audrey] I’ll cut her off. – [Dad] Okay, Jordan wouldn’t
act this way normally, but I think something, whenever
she gets hold of Abigail, she starts acting super weird. – Okay, we’re by this
kind of steep, squishy. – This would be a good place to look. – [Dad] Careful, boys. – [Mom] Check all the rocks. – Careful.
– Yeah. – [Mom] She could be anywhere up here. – I don’t know where
she’s at, like, my gosh. – Boo. (Dad exclaims) – She was right behind us. – [Dad] She was right there. – [Audrey] She was right there. – [Mom] Really? – She tapped me on the
shoulder and said, “Boo.” – [Mom] She’s nowhere. – Okay, she was right there. I felt it. She touched my shoulder. – I saw it in the viewfinder. – I didn’t see it. I was watching you, and
I didn’t see anything. – [Audrey] Okay, let’s just go. – I think the sun’s getting
too much on my head. I gotta cover up. What is going on? – [Audrey] Well, I must be, too. I saw her, too. – [Mom] I didn’t see anything, guys. Just check all the rocks. We’ll find her. – [Ty] I can go up here. – Yeah, do you see anything?
– Whoa. – [Mom] Do you see her? Wow, this is amazing. – [Ty] I don’t see her. It’s like a maze. – [Audrey] Where are we? – [Mom] Whoa. – [Audrey] There’s a dome over there. Do you think she could be over there? – [Mom] Let’s go that way. – [Audrey] That stands out
from all the other rocks. – That’s gotta be something. – [Audrey] That’s probably where she’s at. – [Mom] Oh my goodness, we’re
going in like this canyon. This is crazy. – Watch out for Jordan. Jordan? – Guys.
– What? – I see Abigail. – [Audrey] You see Abigail? – Wait, there’s no Jordan. Wait, there’s a little cave.
– Wait. – Unless Jordan’s in the cave. – Is that a trap? That seems like a trap,
like, a big hole underneath. – And she’s sitting there
in this opening, right? – [Jake] Did Jordan fall down there? – But where’s Jordan?
– I don’t know. – [Mom] Who wants to check it out? – [Jake] Me. – [Mom] Okay, Jake, your call. – [Audrey] You’re gonna go? – [Mom] He’s going for it. Just one person, though. – Wait.
– Wait. – What? There’s just a big hole but no Abigail. – [Dad] Did she fall down the hole? – [Mom] Where’d she go? – [Audrey] Where’s Jordan? – I don’t know. Jordan’s not here, and
the doll’s not here, and the hole is empty. – There’s nothing in there. Let’s just go up to the top here and see if we can find Jordan. Whoa, check this out. (children exclaim) – [Jake] Whoa, hey, guys. (people shout greetings) – [Mom] Guys, let’s get down there. – [Dad] Let’s go. Let’s go catch them. – Maybe we’ll find out some information why these dolls are here. – [Audrey] Wait, who is that? – It’s Shot of the Yeagers.
– It’s Shot of the Yeagers? – And they have a doll. Let’s go see if they know
any secrets or something. – [Audrey] My gosh, okay. – [Mom] Let’s go down there. – [Audrey] That’s steep, careful. – [Jake] Our family’s here, too. Guys, what are you doing here? – That’s why we came here,
and then she disappeared. – Hey, guys. – Jordan?
– Jordan? – Guys, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. – [Mom] We looked for you everywhere. What happened?
– You were with the doll. – I don’t know. I’ve been looking for you guys. – No, you were with Abigail.
I got lost. – You were acting weird again. – You left me behind way back there. – No. Jordan. (sighs) – [Audrey] You have to watch the footage. – [Mom] This is happening again. What is going on with you? – I don’t know, you guys are acting weird. I don’t think any of that happened. I just got lost. I’ve been trying to
find you, and you guys– – We’ve been looking all over for you, and we found the Yeagers. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Yeah. Buddy system. You can’t go off by yourself. – [Audrey] Yeah. – You have been by yourself. We were all together. Notice you were by yourself? – We told you to stay together.
– So buddy system. – I wasn’t by myself;
I went with you guys. – [Audrey] Okay, well,
we’re by the dome thing that we thought she was gonna be by, so should we all search together? – We should all look for the dolls. I think we need to do that, and then we need to see if, like, we can compare what we
know about the Dollmaker and what’s happening. – And why are the dolls together? – Yeah, why are they together? ‘Cause I want to know, like. Our doll has a set of rules. Does your doll have a set of
rules that you have to follow? – Not that we know of. – [Mom] Okay, do weird
things happen with your doll? – Oh, yes.
– Yes, she’ll disappear and go different places.
– Same here. Yes. – Send us secret messages. That was really weird. – What about is anybody
acting weird in your family? – Yes, Taylor. – Taylor?
– Taylor? – [Mom] Taylor, do you remember anything? – No. – [Mom] Jordan doesn’t either. I don’t understand. – [Audrey] Okay, you
two are paired together. – [Dad] You guys are the buddies. – Okay.
– You guys are buddies. – We’re the buddies. – [Mom] I don’t understand what’s going on with these guys, though. – I have no idea.
– Okay. – We’re the two glasses gals. – Maybe that has something–
– Glasses gals. – [Mom] To do with it. – [Jamie] You’re both the second born. (family gasps) – That’s true. – Guys, maybe that’s a clue.
– That’s weird. – That could be a big clue. – [Audrey] Okay, well– – Let’s see if we can find our dolls. – Guys, there’s the dolls. Taylor just pointed us to them. Go get them. (kids exclaim excitedly) – They’re right there. Both of them. I don’t want to touch them because, like, be careful, careful, careful. We don’t know. – [Audrey] My gosh, okay, wait. How did they get here together? They’re together. – That’s Abigail. That one’s Abigail,
and that one’s Cynthia. – So why do you think the
dolls brought us here? – I think it has something to
do with two, the number two. – Like the second born, two dolls. – [Mom] Oh, yeah. – Do you think the Dollmaker
has a secret hideout here? – [Mom] And this is
like a dead zone, right? Think it’s a blackout zone? – Yeah. – Maybe this is where the
Dollmaker makes the dolls. – I’m thinking maybe it has nothing to do with the Dollmaker. Maybe the dolls just want to get together. – [Mom] Oh yeah, that may be it. – Maybe they’re, like,
sisters or twins or friends. There’s gotta be a reason
they’re all out here. – [Dad] Wait, where are they at? Where did they go? – [Steve] Where’s the dolls? – [Mom] Does anybody have the dolls? – Steven, go see if they’re up there. – [Mom] Do you guys have the dolls? Did any of the kids take the dolls? – [Child] What’s going on? – [Mom] I don’t see the dolls anywhere. (kids shriek) – [Child] The dolls disappeared.