Hi everyone, welcome to The Balancing Act
I’m Olga Villaverde and I’m Amber Milt–
So Olga I’ve got to ask how many cups of
Cuban coffee did you have this morning? I
know she’s got high energy– you are
always go, go, go. I don’t need
Cuban coffee I’m just hyper, I’m really
hyper. Well if
you don’t have Olga’s energy levels, and
don’t worry cuz not many of us do. It’s not
normal. We have a solution that
might help you give a little boost
this morning. And how about giving you a lift. Oh yeah. This is so fantastic, in case
you have to go on a journey with the family
or with your church group or with the
team– great way to travel in one vehicle,
you’re gonna love this! We should do
this! We should
do this because we need a road trip. Yes it’s
gonna be so much fun! Gotta watch this segment. It
makes the journey, it makes the journey as
fun as the destination. Absolutely. Okay, and speaking of fun,
I get to have a little bit of fun in the
kitchen. You know I love
desserts, have you been to the Cheesecake
Factory? Oh my
gosh yes. Oh their cheesecakes
are amazing, and now there’s a way
you can get that delicious dessert right
in your own kitchen. Really? They’re not sharing the
secret recipe, but you can make it and
have an easy to use at home bake mix–
anybody can do it, I can do it. And today we’re
going to show you how to find your signature scent and
maybe follow that scent of success for
your next career. The Balancing Act
starts right now! [Music]
Amber’s in the kitchen with top secret
recipe ingredients that will have you
creating restaurant inspired cheesecake
like a pro. All right so if you
love cheesecake like I do—mhmm mhmm
mhmm– well we got great news for you, because now you
can create these decadently delicious
restaurant style cheesecake right in your
own kitchen. Joining me is culinary
specialist Malia Hasegawa, alright Malia what
have we got here? Well the Cheesecake Factory
makes wonderful cheesecakes and with
Cheesecake Factory at home mixes, you can
make wonderful, wonderful cheesecakes
without a lot of time, without a lot of
special equipment, and so we’re gonna
teach you how to do that today, and it’s
going to kind of change your world I’m
gonna say. I mean everybody
loves the Cheesecake Factory. They do. It’s been around
since 1978 they really know these
desserts, but traditionally to make
cheesecake at home it was really labor-intensive. Absolutely and
we have cut out some of that labor–
with any kind of baking you do need to take
time and do things in steps, but I think
we’ve made it just about as easy as
you can make it. And you’ve got three
different mixes here. We do, we have the
classic, we have a strawberry, and we have a salted
caramel. Today I think we’re gonna just
do our original one because that’s the
one that you can really make your own, as
you know at the Cheesecake Factory there
are so many varieties and Cheesecake
Factory at home, we give you two varieties
and then one that you can make your
very own. Alright so let’s make
that one. Ok so how do we get started
now? It’s so
easy, what we’re gonna do first is work
on our crust and set it aside and then we’ll work on our
wonderful filling. And this is the graham
cracker crust that I love? It is. It’s
delicious. We’ve got the
graham crackers and we have some melted
butter, which we’ve already put together
here. Now here’s the part that
we’ve done to make it easy,
traditionally you need a springform pan
we’re just using a regular cake pan that
has straighter edges to make it come out
easier and to slice it. So you
can just thoroughly butter your pan, or
if you want a little bit easier trick,
you can always use some parchment paper
and cut out a circle for the bottom and
it just makes removal easier. So we’ve
got that ready to go and we already have
our crust ready. And this is great,
so now this is something that the kids
can help out with at home right, we’re
just gonna press it in? Absolutely. So when
we’re pressing this in we’re starting from the
center and pressing out, and we’re going to go
about halfway up the sides of our pan. Okay so once our crust is done
what do we do with it? Do we need to let
it set? Yes
I’m gonna have this done and set it
aside. What you’re gonna do is
when you get your box, read the back of
the instructions before you start. So we’ve
used two bricks or 16 ounces of softened
cream cheese– softened is the most
important part here because we want it
to be nice and smooth and when we bake
it up we want a nice really, really soft
lovely texture. And this does,
it looks beautiful. Okay so we have our
cream cheese and our mix, and we’re
gonna whip that up and follow the
instructions that we have on the box. And for that
you can use a hand mixer? Hand mixer or
sand mixer. Okay. Great. Either one is fine. And then
we’re gonna add milk and we’re gonna whip it
some more– just follow the
instructions, we want to make sure that it’s light and
airy and smooth and lovely. So what I’ve
got here is I’ve got my cream cheese, my
mix, my milk, all ready to go and we’re
gonna add the eggs. We need three eggs. Okay, and
you’re just gonna be folding in the eggs–
egg, egg yolk, everything? Everything, and
I’m gonna do them one at a time. And now
if we wanted to start to add things in,
if you want to add in chocolate and
to not just decorate on top– which
we’re about to do over here right—but if we
want to add things in, do we do that at
this point? Yes so we’ve got it
here at this point where it’s, it’s
glossy but not over mixed. Okay great wow I
can see it’s beautiful. So here we would
add the zest, we would do whatever you
want or keep it the classic and add it
on top– which we’re gonna do in a
minute– I would pour this in to my crust, into
the oven. Once it bakes we’ll have to let
it sit on the counter until it’s
completely cool. My trick for finding out when
it’s ready to go in the fridge is to touch
the bottom of the pan, if you touch
it and it’s cool, put it in the fridge,
and a couple hours later you can serve it up. So now
we have one here– a classic cheesecake
that’s made. I know, It looks so
good. I want to get into a
little bit of the fun I like to have a little bit of
fun with decorating. So we’ve
got this cranberry mix here that we can
decorate with. You know what,
any kind of fruit, you just make a little sauce you
can cook it down with some sugar,
you can just puree it, whatever you like
to do. This looks like something that
you would pay top dollar for in the store. So we
can get this in the bake aisle. Yes you can. At our grocery
stores. At your grocery store,
keep it refrigerated and you have a
delicious dessert. Look at this,
all right. That looks fantastic. How’d I do? I think you did
great. Okay, love it! Thank you
so much for being here– living proof
right here that you don’t have to be a
professional baker to make something
that looks just phenomenal. It’s
going to taste great too. You know what I
think, I think that we need to try this out Malia, what
do you think? Let’s do it–
Great. And before I dig into this if
you want more information on these
wonderful mixes you can go to the website
the Cheesecake Factory dot com
forward slash at-home forward slash cheesecake-mixes
or of course you can always come to our website
thebalancingact.com for more. Alright
ready to dig in? I’m ready,
let’s go. Mhmm Mhmm Mhmm. Oh
yeah! [Music] [Music]
So do you like traveling as a group? I
married into a huge Irish extended
family, there’s so many of us and we
often get together and we like to take a
trip. Olga’s here with a great
solution on how to make the journey just as
fun as the ultimate destination, check
this out! [Music]
Heading out on a road trip or field trip,
family trip? Every year
thousands of travelers are hitting the open
road for locations both near and far so
why not make the journey there just as
fun? Here
to talk more about your next group
outing is Cameron Bethmann from Carl’s
Van Rentals, good morning. Good
morning. Thanks for being here. Thanks
for having me. You know the idea of taking a
large group with you, you know
consolidated travel, right? Yes, yes, yes it
is. Get
a lot of people all together for the
entire trip. And that’s
something you did as a child right? It is, it is
my father was a baseball coach for my
traveling baseball team but we always had
problems trying to find a big enough
vehicle to get the whole team to
destinations to our, to our games– he was, he
had a used car lot
and had a few vans on the lot and decided to
“hey then we’ll all take this’ well
that’s where our business Carl’s Van
Rentals was born. And it’s
family owned and operated. Family owner and
operated, yep. So a nice
mom-and-pop shop if you will? Oh yeah. I love
those because there’s a lot of personalized attention and
service. It
sure is, you know we try to be a little
bit different than all the big major
guys. We focus on the hard to
get vehicles; the 15-passenger
Sprinter vans, minibuses, Jeep Wranglers– we
guarantee all our reservations there so
that if you need that size of vehicle
you’re going to get that vehicle unlike
some of the bigger companies. And what
about like for example, a dance team, like
my daughters where it’s a lot of
girls, a lot of costumes, a lot of
luggage and sometimes you just can’t fit
anymore. That is correct, we definitely,
we try to accommodate everybody so
say you have a big group and you have a
lot of luggage and you can’t fit it in
there we will take out seats of the
vehicles to make sure all your people and
all your luggage fit to go on the trip
with you. And there’s so many benefits to
this that I’m thinking of because
when we go to Orlando for example, or Tampa
to compete you know, we kind of
caravan right? And the girls are always
you know, they wave and they’re smiling
and we’re not together. Companionship is
so great in these situation. It is, it is
fun. That is
you know half the fun to the trip, a lot
of times especially for the teams and in
families you know it’s a family time
that people are trying to get. Are there benefits as well? Oh
yeah—yeah, you definitely, you save money in
fuel costs because you have one vehicle to
put it in, your tolls, parking– trying
to find parking spaces when you’re going
to these events, a lot of times you
know there’s
not a lot so versus having four or five
cars you have one vehicle for that. And a
lot of people can use this, I mean not
just dance teams or sports teams, church
groups. Church groups, yeah,
youth groups– We work with over 200 college
and universities every year that
come down for tournaments, you name it, if
you’ve got a bunch of people that need
to get there we’re the people that you need
to call. So the next time my
girls say “Mommy can we Caravan behind
so-and-so” I’ll be like are you kidding?! Yeah that’s
right, give us a call we’ll take care of
it. Where do our viewers call,
or where do they go? You can go to Carls Van
Rentals dot com and all the information
is on there and if you give us a call
we have agents standing by to take care
of you. Thank you so much, and I thank
you for sharing your story with your
dad. Thanks
for having me. And if you’d like
more information on a road trip and
you want to rent one of their vehicles
check out the website, our website
thebalancingact.com we’ve got the
information there for you. And
up next it might be time to rethink your
morning drink or really your any time
drink, you might want to say sayonara
coffee because one brand is all about
lifestyle in a can. Stay with us
[Music] [Music]
Coffee, caf�, it’s our number one choice
for energy and ready to drink coffee
beverages are flying off the shelves, so
why wait in lines at your local coffee
shop when there are other great options
right at your fingertips? Well here with ways to help us
rethink our drink is Christina
Nicholson, good morning, welcome back! Thank You
Olga, thanks for having me. Can you
tell I’m happy? I love coffee. I’m a
coffee girl, I don’t need it,
but I love coffee and you know what
many people love coffee. I was
reading the other day that ready to
drink coffee beverages are flying off the
shelves; a hundred and two percent in the
last five years. That’s a lot! Yeah
it’s crazy a lot of people are as
energized as you because they are
drinking a lot of coffee. Now
we’ve all heard of monster energy drink,
well throw in some premium coffee
beans and you have Java Monster and
Espresso Monster, and not high in
calories either. Clever, clever because I’ve
heard of Monster Energy they launched
Java Monster back in 2007 and really
were the first coffee and energy product. Now
today there are several different
categories what are they? Right
so we have Java Monster which is milk
based, it’s very creamy but if you want
to get a little extra kick, Olga which
I know you do, you are gonna want to
try the Espresso Monster because– How
many shots?!– Three! Oh wow! Three shots of
espresso for you. Tres. Three shots of espresso, I
love it! And it’s like a milk blend? Yes
same thing, it’s like a milk blend,
it’s very creamy– great coffee to go. And
it’s perfect for moms like you and
me, who are always on the go, you need
you’re ready to drink coffee to go out the
door. Which
is good because you save time and money. I don’t have time to go down to
the store, I get this, it’s easy; I
get my three shots of espresso and the taste
is? It’s
perfect, there are so many to choose from! So we have Mean Bean to choose
from– and I know you’re gonna like this
one– Loca Mocha. Loca Mocha. That’s
fun to say. That for me, I like
that. Yes that one’s great. My
favorite is the Salted Caramel and then
there’s also Kona Blend, Irish Blend,
and Vanilla Light. Oh great. Now that is the
Java Monster, Espresso Monster comes
in espresso and cream and vanilla
cream as well. Oh Vanilla Cream and then
of course those espresso shots. Yes,
three. Three of them! We
established the three for the Cuban girl
here. Here’s
something that a lot of people will tell
me, “you know Olga I don’t want to try
this, these products aren’t safe.’ That’s
not true they’re FDA regulated right? These products are safe, have
always been safe, they are FDA regulated,
and you can read the nutrition facts right
on the can as well. And a lot of people
love these because again, high
quality, they taste great, and you’re saving
time and money with them. And they’re
really popping up all over the place, I
mean it must be good– you see them
everywhere! They are, there are Monster
ambassadors all over the place, you’ll see
them at fashion shows, at music events,
all over and you will see these on store
shelves in nearly every store you go to
today. I
love the motto that they say which is
“lifestyle in a can’ what does that mean? Yeah that’s exactly what it is! It’s high
quality, it tastes great, and it’s perfect
for people like you– moms on the go– so
you can just grab it and go and you get
your shot of energy, like that. Speaking
of shot of energy, I’m gonna get three
shots right now. So I’m going to
give you this one. Thank you. I’m gonna
try this one. And for our viewers out
there where can they find these
fabulous beverages? Head to monster energy dot com. Cheers. My
producer is going no! No, don’t
give it to her! Watch, watch, watch Jeanie
look. Mhmm it’s really good. It’s good, I
know. We’ll see you soon. Thank
You Olga. Thanks for making me
more hyper and if you want to go to our
website check out the balancingact.com
and again Monster Energy dot com. They’re really good. They are
good. This is fantastic. And up next
we spent the day with Georgina Schwery
who works with the world’s largest direct
seller of candles and accessories to
find out just what it’s like to be a
Party Lite consultant. [Music] [music]
I’m Georgina Schwery and I have been a
Party Lite consultant for 12 years. Come
on buddy let’s get the party started. I
love it today I have a brunch and
candles party at 11 a.m.
Jamie is going to have so much fun with
her guests and it’s great because I get
to be in business for myself, but not by
myself. Getting ready for my
party, this is the glamorous life of a Party
Lite consultant. Hey Jamie it’s
Georgina. Hi Georgina. I just wanted to let you know
that I’m on my way I’ll see you in about
15 minutes. Great I’m so excited
for our party. Me too I’ll see
you soon I met her a couple weeks ago at a
party and she and her friends are going to
be able to find their signature with
Party Lite and decorate their home with
their fragrance of choice. And by the
way if you could smell my car right now
you too would be on an island in
paradise. People
ask me all the time do you really make
money selling candles? Yes this
isn’t just part-time moms making some
extra income, there are people out
there having their own full-time Party Lite
business and dads do it too. You get to
choose when you want to work your
business that’s the best part– the
flexibility and the freedom is yours. The sky is
the limit. Okay let’s do this! Hi. Hey
girl, how are you? Its great to
see you. Great to see you too,
are you ready for your party today? I’m so
excited. It’s
about helping people find the fragrance
that brings them back to a special time
in their life or a memory and creates a
journey for them. They get to
choose how their home is going to be
decorated with decor and fragrance to fit their
lifestyle. Not only do I get to
debut the brand-new autumn line with Party
Lite, I get to share our brand new
concept of finding your signature with our
fragranced crayons. There are 24
fragrances and my favorite combo is the
mulberry and the cinnamon woods. And so then what you will do is
you’ll find, you’ll grab both of your
fragrances and your fragrance type of
choice– whether it be the sticks or the
jars or the tea lights– and you’re
going to burn or melt each of those fragrances
and then when they could fill the
room that is your signature fragrance. So
like right there you have two
different scents that are burning at the
same time, that’s what’s creating the
combination of the two crayons. Exactly, so
when someone comes into your home, they’re
going to be like “Jaime what is smell?’ You’re going to be like that is
my signature fragrance with Party Lite and
then your fragrance is going to be
different as well. The cool thing is they
come in our melts, they come in our
smart scent sticks– which these are
fabulous, they are recycled paper wound very
tightly soaked in the same oils and they’re a
flameless option there’s no flame
there’s no oils, you just simply put them
in a holder you’re ready to go. So you
must smell that combo together as well. Whether you have your personal
leader to help guide you every step of the
way, we also have an amazing online
training program that you can watch any
time of the day to fit your schedule. There’s no
cost, none! I know people say
it’s hard to believe, but seriously I started
this business twelve years ago, no
cost. And
all my friends are like you’re going on
these awesome vacations and you’re
having so much fun so why not give it a
try? What do you have to lose? Let’s do
this together. The harder you work, the more
parties you hold, the more people you’re
going to meet, the more people you get to
help change lives, and the more
income in your pockets. why wouldn’t you want a
party for a living? Today was a really
great day I mean really great day! I
was able to choose when I wanted to party
with Jamie and her friends for brunch
and candles, able to give Jamie a
free shopping spree and share the
business opportunity with her. So not
only are we meeting this week to discuss
more about how she can have her own
PartyLite business, I get to see them
again within another week because Sherry is
hosting her own party. So Sherry gets to
experience the same thing that Jamie is
experiencing and they all loved finding
their signature fragrance with our new
collection that we have going on. I love
it, I don’t have to deal with rush hour
traffic, sitting in a cubie– I get to work from home
and be my own boss. I get to end my day with a
glass of wine while other people are
still at the grind of an eight to five. Cheers. For more information on becoming
a Party Lite consultant or to find
your signature scent go to PartyLite
dot com. So
which is your favorite cheesecake? Oh
I’ve got to go, you know what, I like the
classic. But what I want to do
is I want to throw like some peanut butter
cups in there, I want to like really
joosh it up with a lot of other junk. Joosh
it up, more like calorie it up. I know, I
mean we had a lot of sugar today. We had a lot of
sugar, a lot of caffeine, a lot of
energy. And she says I’m hyper?! Well if you
need to calm down a little bit you can
always go to our website the balancingact.com, you can check
us out on Twitter,
oh yeah we’re on Facebook too. We’re
basically, we’re everywhere you can’t get
away from us. That’s why she’s
so sweet, she’s made of sugar. It’s
true. Thanks for watching everyone. We’ll see you next
time. [Music]