In this cake tutorial I’m revealing my
own version of a cookie butter cake. This cake was a special request by namaste 33
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This delicious cookie butter cake is made by processing any type of crisp
cookie, these happen to be speculoos cookies which are spiced with cinnamon. I
added a quarter teaspoon each of ginger nutmeg and cloves to really spice it up,
1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk ,1/8 cup of evaporated milk, half a stick of
unsalted butter. It’s still a little chunky. If you want to make it a little
smoother or thinner add a touch more milk. That’s better. This batch was made the
day before. It looks a lot like peanut butter. This is Italian Meringue
Buttercream which I use for pretty much everything. If you look below you’ll see
a link to my recipe, and I do have that underneath all my videos. For a crumb
coat you can add some of the cookie butter to warmed up and melted butter
cream for a nice thin coat. This is strictly for tasting and also for
demonstration for the video. So I used a piece of my frozen orange butter cake
and I cut it into squares. So the orange cake is really really nice with the
spices but you can literally use any cake that you want. The cookie butter is
so sticky but so delicious. This layer is made with Italian meringue buttercream
with the cookie butter mixed in. For the final coat I used plain vanilla
Italian meringue buttercream. If you want to see a list of all the
tools that I use in my business and my videos click the link to my Amazon store
below. I just happen to have extra caramel from last week’s cake caramel drip
recipe tutorial, which if you haven’t seen I will put a link at the end to the
video for you. These are graham cracker crumbs which
should be added before you put the border on. However I was a little
ahead of myself. Super simple 1M star border. And the gold dust makes a really pretty
accent on the speculoos cookies, however I wouldn’t eat this gold dust
it’ tastes like metal. So this is strictly just for decorative purposes. More
caramel and my official taste testers came to visit. Perfect timing.
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week for another great video. bye bye ๐Ÿ™‚