hi I’m Farrah and like Taylor Swift I enjoy cooking a lot so I decided to try her three favorite dinner party recipes [Music] on a scale of 1 to 10 I think I rate my cooking abilities as maybe a solid 7 in my early 20s I was definitely more of like a 2 3 so I’m definitely not like ready to go on any type of cooking show but I think I could make a solid meal for friends if they were to come over so Taylor Swift’s three favorite dinner party recipes are a magar Tain’s spaghetti and meatballs Nigella Lawson’s Mughal chicken and Jamie Oliver’s fajitas with mole a sauce for the most part all of these dishes were relatively inexpensive to make especially the Vicki does it was there’s a lot of produce in it with the peppers so for Jamie Oliver’s fajita recipe I followed it by the book for the most part at just involved getting chicken Tomatoes dark chocolate for the mole a sauce two different types of peppers and onion tortillas Greek yogurt for the like the topping which was really interesting to me because I think I usually think of sour cream as like that kind of topping but Greek yogurt it’s a little bit healthier and cilantro to top everything off okay so I just cut the peppers into strips and now I get to cut this onion which is not my favorite part so I always cheer up my name’s make my eyes so irritated but here we go we made it through this onion cutting with minimal tears so here’s why I’m changing up this recipe a little bit it says to marinate the vegetables and chicken together but I’m gonna do it sadly because I have a vegetarian friend and I’m separate and so I have to believe that Taylor also has vegetarian friends so maybe she also does this either way I’m gonna do it I hope it’s those who be cooking like this seems a little key right now I was worried about dumping all that chocolate in it that’s to see how it tastes I’ve never had this particular and any sauce before but you know what – it’s as I’ve said I’m sure it’s delicious Taylor Swift always wrote alright here’s the final result it looks pretty tasty I’m excited to see how the sauce turned out oh my gosh this is actually so delicious I was worried the sauce would be too chocolatey because it seems like the recipe called for a lot of that dark chocolate but everything is so so good all the flavors blend together really well so I’m gonna go eat the rest of this dish I thought would be the easiest to recreate was inna Garten spaghetti and meatballs only because I cooked spaghetti so many times in my life that I was pretty confident that I knew how to boil noodles I followed everything exactly as the recipe except I did not use ground beef I use ground turkey and I think that was something that concerned me initially when making the meatballs was because I wasn’t sure if they were good it tastes differently or like cook the same now just like you is not it worked really well [Music] chopping up these four onions white onions but my eyes are still so irritated [Music] [Applause] what probably gonna taste okay there is the final result I think it looks beautiful I’m proud of myself alright I’m gonna take the first bite yeah this is legit Wow the meatballs are so tender and flavorful and the sauce is just really kick-ass way better than a jar my dog wants some but I think probably the most difficult part for that dish was creating the meatballs but it wasn’t even that difficult it was just putting them in oil I was a little nervous about it no if I had done something wrong and they would just like not turn out good or if I’d overcook them but in the end it ended up being very very simple and really delicious I’m about to start making Taylor Swift’s third dinner party recipe one of our favorites and it’s the Mukai chicken but look at all these ingredients I’m a little intimidated because this is way more than the other recipes but I’m feeling pretty confident myself so I think I could handle it I think I spent a good half an hour not exaggerating standing in front of the spice rack at the store like looking at all of them and trying to find the ones that she used is it was just like a whole thing and because just the shopping trip part was so complex I was like oh man this recipe is gonna be complex in my head only because I have never attempted to cook curry before okay so I just killed some garlic with a knife they don’t own a proper garlic press but in the article Taylor said that owning one was game-changing for her and as someone who was also born in 1989 I think it’s time for me to own one too because killing garlic is kind of a chore but you just got to do what Taylor Swift does I also don’t own a food processor so we’re gonna see if this magic bullet can make this into a paste like the recipe says so fingers crossed it all works out otherwise I’m gonna have to grind it myself by hand okay I think it works pretty well we’re just gonna roll with it at the almonds and the water next so I think that should help it become more paste like I used a whole bunch of spices that were in the recipe the only two things that I changed a little bit differently I could not find cinnamon sticks at the grocery store I looked everywhere like I said it was in the spice aisle for what seemed like an hour and a half but I ended up just saying forget it I guess they don’t have whole cinnamon sticks here I have powdered cinnamon at my apartment that’s just gonna have to do the second thing was I was also 99% sure that I had bought cardamom pods which took me a really long time to find in the store as well and when I got home suddenly I couldn’t find them they just disappeared it seemed like I went back through all my grocery bags could not find them later to find out that they had like slipped in this crack behind my coffee machine so I found them like after I had already cooked everything so I had the intention of using them but they were hiding from me at the time of cooking still use cinnamon just a different style of cinnamon and sadly cannot use the cardamom pods because they were hiding from me [Applause] all right it’s all done being cooked only took me two hours to make so we’ll see if it’s worth it this is good yes so I think upfront the moogle I chicken was probably the most expensive only because the price of the spices if you don’t have that variety of spices in your kitchen already and you have to go out and buy all the different types of spices for the curry specifically that can add up but once you have those spices in your kitchen they will last you a long time so if you wanted to make it again like you already have most of the ingredients and then the recipe that actually ended up being the hardest was Nigella Lawson’s Mughal a chicken in a sense that it took probably the longest to put together but in the end was probably one of the most delicious dishes the dish that was hands-down the best tasting was I think the spaghetti and meatballs specifically because the meatballs weren’t dry at all I’m gonna use like a controversially gross word but they were very moist and just flavorful and it really complimented the sauce and spaghetti really well but a very close second was Nigella Lawson’s the Mughal eyed chicken that had just so many good flavors and the chicken was just very tender and the curry sauce was like both sweet and salty at the same time and it’s all this really good which dish would I cook for Taylor Swift herself I think she would be wowed by how well I could cook the spaghetti meatballs because I impressed myself and I’ve cooked spaghetti a million times but for some reason this spaghetti was just next-level it was really interesting trying someone else’s favorite recipes especially because this is Taylor Swift and I feel like she’s the queen of cooking and baking just kitchen stuff in general and to attempt these recipes was a little bit of a challenge for me but it ended up being a lot of fun I have not made any of these a second time but I definitely plan to I just need an occasion Taylor Swift invite me over I’ll cook you one of your favorite meals for your birthday so overall I’m really glad I attempted these recipes because I feel like I learned a lot and I got to try new things which is really good so if you like hosting dinner parties or you just want to feed family and friends because you’re a nice person definitely try some of Taylor Swift’s favorites and if you want to read more in detail about my experience you can check out in the description below the link to the post [Music]