(adventurous music) – Hey guys, welcome back to – [Together] That Youtub3 Family! – And we are the adventurers. – And today’s adventure is Cops
and Robbers, manhunt style. So if you’ve watched our manhunt game, how you play is that some
people are going to be our robbers, they’re
going to be the people that are on the run. Then we’re going to have a couple cops, the cops are trying to chase the robbers and corner them before they
can capture these three flags. If they can get the flags
without getting caught by the cops, then they win the game. If the cops catch them, they’re out. Are you guys ready to play? – Yeah also it’s like,
very very cold weather, so I’m going to be a cop, and I’m going to wear
my hat over my coat, so. – We’re in Goblin
Valley, in Southern Utah, and it is cold,
– So cold! – So we’re going to have
the boys be the robbers the girls are going to be the cops, and yeah we’re only gonna
wear hats for the cops because we can’t put them
over our winter gear. – I’m a cop, I’m an Eskimo cop. – Okay so, what the boys don’t know, that I did not tell them, is
that there’s a catch to this. – What?
– They’re going to have to chain their legs together, so they’re all hooked together, with this strand, so that means they can’t move as fast. They’re gonna have to be
good at hiding and sneaking. Meanwhile Jordan and I are
going to go hide our flags and they’ll have to try and find them. – It’s a four-legged race! – [Mom] It will be like
a four-legged race. – Okay, so seeing how
Abigail is playing with us and she’s a girl, she’s on the cops team. – [Mom] Okay! – So Jordan, come get your buddy! Hey, and play nice! Play nice. – [Mom] Okay, here’s your-
Hook each other together. – Cops should be chained as well. – [Mom] Nope, okay,
let’s go hide our flags. – Yep. – Okay, so we’re all chained up (laughter) – Stop! Don’t! – [Mom] How well do you
think you’re going to do? – Not so good, I think we’re
going to have struggles, – Hey we could have a fourth person! – And it’s getting dark. – [Mom] Oh yeah, you have
room for one more person. Maybe next time with Audrey. – Yeah maybe with Audrey. – [Mom] Alrighty. – Let’s go! – The cops are ready, we hid our flags, we’ve got our walkie talkies. – We can communicate, so
we’re going to give them like a 20, 30, maybe a
couple minute head-start, since it is hard and it’s muddy. – 20 to 30 minutes? – No
– No, seconds! – 30 seconds to a couple minutes, we’ll give you a head-start, be careful, don’t fall,
because it is slippery – Muddy.
– [Mom] Muddy. – Don’t forget your buddy. – [Mom] Okay they’re on their way. – We’re gonna call
ourselves The Three Stooges, ’cause I have a bad feeling,
this is not gonna go well. (giggling) Oh no. We’ve gotta get away from the cops, we got 20 seconds head-start, we gotta go. Where do we go! This flash-light’s horrible too, there’s like no light coming out of it! Hey, hey, there’s a key right over here, let’s go over here. Guys, over here. – Yep, so I think it’s time
for the cops to strategize. – [Mom] Okay. – So, Mom, what’s our strategy? We are the cops. – Well, the vicinity’s not too big, so we just need to, we know
where the flags are at, so we just need to
check the flag stations, and make sure they’re not there. – Just patrol the area, – [Mom] Yeah we’ll just patrol – Walkie talkies. – [Mom] I think they’re
ready, let’s start going. – Okay, let’s go check the first flag. – [Mom] Okay. – Patrol the station like good cops do. – [Mom] Shall we stick together until we spot them and then- – Then we’ll split up – [Mom] We’ll split up, and round up – Go different, yeah, go
around and like, crowd them. – [Mom] Okay. – They will be no match for us. We are a solid team, I think we’ll win. – [Dad] You guys are horrible! (giggling) Where, I don’t see it? – It’s over there! It’s over there! (laughing) – [Dad] Oh, there it is, I see it. Alright, we’re so gonna get caught. There’s no way, ooh,
the ground is squishy. – Go, go, go! – [Dad] Hey look, lemme see, lemme see. You got it? – [Jake] Yes! – [Dad] Okay, we got
one, let’s go this way. – [Mom] Yes, there’s one flag right here. So, that one’s good, let’s go this way, ’cause if you go around,
it’s a long detour. Hey, I spotted them, we gotta go. – [Jordan] Go go go!
– [Mom] They didn’t make it- Wait, is that them or
is that someone else? – That’s somebody else!
(laughing) – [Mom] That’s someone
else, don’t chase them! Look for the cop shirts,
or the robber shirts, we need to find the robber shirts. (shouting) There they are, guys! I think I can get them! (cop sirens) Watch them run! How many flags do they have though? – Okay, we found another flag, we’re running to it, but
we’ve got the cops behind us. Oh, I have a bad feeling that I’ve been blurry the whole time. – Wait, we can’t run? – [Mom] We can, I don’t
think they can run! I don’t think we need to run! – I think we got caught guys. – [Mom] I think we gotcha guys! How many flags did you find? – One. – Well we found one and saw
another one, it’s over there. – [Mom] That’s awesome. Do you wanna try it on your wrists? – Yes! Way better.
– I think it’s horrible. – It’s too hard? Okay, gimme that other
flag, we’re gonna hide that, the others will stay where they’re at, and then you put it on
your wrists, let’s go. – Cops win! – [Mom] Cops win round one! – Yay! – Alrighty round two, we’re going to go try and hide this flag. – Ah I almost just lost my shoe! – And hope that they don’t see it. – Yes. – So we know- – We’re off to find a good spot. – And we know that there’s
one on the other side of these mountains to my right – The boulders
– The boulders, the rocks So, I think we should go down this way and try to distract them, so that they don’t easily find that. – Yes. – ‘Cause we wanna make it hard, at least one flag’s hard, let them like, think that we hid them all easy so they might find one or two, but then the third will be so hard, and that’s where we’ll nab ’em. – Okay, I think we’ve got a good spot, like over here, like right in there. – [Mom] Right there? Yeah. – Right there?
– [Mom] Yeah. – Okay, that’s a good spot. – [Mom] Let’s go walking over this way like we did not hide it there,
– [Jordan] Yeah. – [Mom] And like we’re
gonna hide it over here. Let’s just keep going. And they’ll think that
we hid it over this way. – Okay, so round one, kind of a bust, we only got one flag, saw the second flag, and then those cops found us, so- – I still feel like I
have this thing on my leg. – I know it does, it feels
like it’s still on our legs. So, this round, they’re gonna let us put it on our arms,
which is gonna be good, because now we’re gonna be able to run instead of just kinda hopping and falling. Ty fell on the ground
like 50 times and so- – I was running ahead, and then, Jamie just stopped, and I was like Uh- – Okay and there’s quite a
bit of people here today, but we’re going to go
check on our other flag and hopefully not nab a non-robber, because that will be embarrassing, if we run up to someone and tag ’em – And they’ll be like, Oh – Be like Uh sorry, wrong person – We almost did that, I started running towards them so I mean,
could happen, stay tuned. – Okay wait, where was our other flag, I forgot, is it up around here? – We’re gonna head off this way, ’cause I think I know
where another flag is. You guys ready? – Yes.
– Let’s go. Ty, careful. – The bungee cord’s slipping – [Dad] This is horrible,
it’s so, slippery Sweet, we found a flag, nice. Problem is is we’re still stuck together- – At least this is better – [Dad] Okay let’s go this way guys, let’s go this way, look it’s flat, too. This will make it a lot easier for us. (laughing) Don’t go around the big rock! Okay, let’s go round this way. – [Jake] Go go go. – [Dad] Okay. – [Jake] I don’t think any
more is gonna be over here. – I think the cops are behind us, so we’re gonna go this way. – [Jake] Yeah they are, but
we’re round them, go that way. – [Jordan] There’s one right- Wasn’t there one just right there? – [Mom] I thought there
was one right there. Did they already get it? – Yeah wait, are they going? – [Mom] I think they’re going. – I hear them. Are they over there?
– [Mom] They’re gone. That way. Okay, I know it’s not that way, they’re going the wrong
way, they’re running off. – Where are they? Oh, they’re over there. – [Mom] Wait let’s go
check real fast right here and then we’ll go get ’em, ’cause I think our
flag’s over here, maybe. (shouting) – [Jordan] Okay I think it was back there, I think they might have gotten it. – [Mom] You think they already got two? – I guess. – [Mom] I’m trying to find
that one we just planted. – I think so. – [Mom] Oh no. Okay so if they found the one that we just barely planted,
that’s the third one. So, we better pick up the pace, and get after the robbers, before they capture all three. – [Dad] Let’s go off this way. Let’s go this way, it’s bigger. We’re gonna get lost out here guys. – I know right! – [Dad] Then we’re gonna
wish the cops could find us. Okay keep your eyes open. – [Ty] I’m the eagle eye here! – [Dad] Comment down below if
you guys see a flag anywhere. – I see one!
– [Dad] Yeah. Let’s go up through this way. That’s kinda cool-looking. It’s like a little arch. Ty you lead the way. Oh no, there’s light, it
means the cops are over there. Let’s go this way guys, go this way. (heavy breathing) – They’re going that way! – [Dad] Yeah, let’s go round
this way, let’s go round. Go go, go go go. Okay keep your eyes open for a flag. – Maybe in there. – [Dad] You think? Shall
we go in there and see? This is like, super hard. Like my hand is totally being tugged. It’s super muddy. – [Jake] That’d be a kinda good spot. – Alright, I don’t know
why robbers like going out at nighttime, ’cause you can’t see- (giggling) You see that light, that’s the cops! Ah you guys are pulling me wait! – [Mom] Okay the light over
there is not our group, we would not be that far. – [Jordan] Our flag is
right behind here, right? – [Mom] We think it is, I don’t know! All these boulders are
starting to look the same. I’m not sure where we go now. – I think it is behind right here. I think so. – [Mom] How will we know
if they found them all? – I’m confused! Maybe it wasn’t. – [Mom] Where did we put it? I don’t think it was
these boulders Jordan. – I don’t think it was these ones either! – [Mom] Like I said, the
rocks all look the same, and at night they look even more the same. – Yeah, I’m saying it
was behind the boulders but literally there are
boulders everywhere, so. – [Mom] Everywhere.
Wherever you can’t see, that’s boulders out there. (shrieking) Did you just hear something?
– No? – [Mom] Someone scared me! – There’s nothing there! – [Mom] I heard something,
I heard something over here, I’m not kidding, it went Ooh! Okay I’m freaking out people! – [Jordan] Mom, don’t scare me! – [Mom] You didn’t hear that? – No! I just heard you scream and I thought there was an actual robber! – [Mom] That was so scary,
my heart is pounding. It sounded like it was right by me. Okay there are desert animals
that come out at night, they’re nocturnal in the desert, I don’t know what they are. (whispering) – [Dad] Wait wait wait,
there’s the cops right there. That’s them guys. They’re going the other way, I think they’re going the other way. – We can make ground apart of
the cops if we go that way. – [Dad] Okay let’s go. This is hard being tethered together. – I’m not sure if sure my upper arms- – [Dad] I know it’s
like, on the wrong hand. Ty put his on his left hand, and we have it on our right hand. (suspenseful music) – [Dad] I don’t think the flag’s this way, guys I think it’s over
there where the cops were. I think we need to go that way. – There’s just one other flag- – [Dad] Okay, keep looking. You see ’em? You see that light? There’s Jordan and Mom! Okay, wait, they didn’t see us. Let’s go, let’s go. I have a bad feeling we’re not gonna win. Okay, do you think our
strategy’s working Jake? – Yeah, I think so. We got one flag already, that’s better. – I don’t think so, because, what happens if they can see up here? – [Dad] Problem is, I can’t see the flags, it’s getting too dark, I can’t even see where the flag would be. – Maybe it could be underneath this. – [Dad] Alright let’s head down this little dark trail right here. – [Jake] Okay, let’s go Ty. – [Dad] Is it slippery?
– Yes. – [Dad] See I don’t know if the cops would’ve hid it in a really
slippery, hard, place. Okay guys, we’re gonna turn off the light, and go silent because I think the light’s gonna give us away, so
if we get another flag, I’ll turn the camera back
on and show you guys, but until then, we gotta
go stealth mode, shhh. – I think Jordan led us
astray, I’m blaming it on her. – Well, it’s not all my fault. – I don’t know where we’re supposed to go. I think we’re lost, I think the robbers are lost, there’s been no sign of them. – Literally, yeah, I think
we got lost and separated, so – But this is a fun night
game to play in Goblin Valley. – Just don’t get lost! – Don’t get lost. Yeah, where is our flag? Seriously, Jordan, you
said it was over here. Okay guys, look, we’ve
searched all the rocks, our flag is not here. Maybe they got it! Really? I have a feeling we’re wandering- – I have a feeling we are too! – [Mom] We’re quite out
of bounds, and we’re lost! They’re probably tryna find us. – If we don’t win, I’m gonna
lose my position as a deputy. – [Mom] We went too far, you’re fired! – [Jordan] No!
– [Mom] You’re fired! (giggling) I’m going back. – [Jordan] I won’t be fired, I’m gonna be- Goblin Valley-
– [Mom] Patrol? – Yeah, what she said, I can’t- – [Mom] Goblin Valley Police
Patrol, well you’re fired. What’s the plan, fired cop? – Erm, well- – [Mom] Fired Goblin Police Patrol! – I would say, just- Mom! You’ve broken our light! – [Mom] Our light’s fallen apart now! – Our flashlight, oh my god! (laughing) – [Mom] Okay, crazy
things are happening here. You have to take the camera. – No I gotta put my hat back on! – [Mom] This is weird. – Ah I just broke my hat! – [Mom] Help us! – One second, I can’t do this! My hands are too cold. – [Mom] How about we just try to survive the night instead
of playing cops and robbers? – That’s probably a smart idea. Wait, they’re over there! Mom, I see the light,
go, they’re over there! I see the light, go go go Mom, go! It’s the light, go! Who cares about the light, drop it! – [Mom] I’m gonna fall! – [Jordan] They’re over there! – [Mom] Well there’s no
flag over there, remember! – [Jordan] I know, I don’t
know where the flag is but at least we can find the prisoners. – [Mom] What if, someone took our flag, and we’ll forever search for it? – [Jordan] That probably
did happen, you know. – [Mom] I have a feeling
those people took our flag. The people that stopped us and talked to us and distracted us. Hey guys, if you’re watching
and you took our flag, we’re lost in the park
searching for the flag! – [Jordan] Send help! – Send help, send the real police patrol! – [Jordan] Oh no. Okay, they were right over here. – Let’s go quiet and
see if we can catch ’em. Let’s move quietly, you
got your flashlight? Do you wanna hold- – [Jordan] I keep hearing
people over there. That’s just the parking lot, yeah. – [Mom] Guys, where would they be, how are we not finding them! – I’m so confused! – [Mom] Okay, well. – Okay, really, I did see the light, and like I showed it on camera, and you guys saw the light, I know that. – [Mom] But how could
they have gone so fast? – It was there like I could
tell, ’cause it was like- – [Mom] They probably
turned off their light and they’re hiding in the boulders. You saw it right here? Search the boulders! Let’s search- I don’t think they’re hiding here. – [Jordan] The problem
is that there are so many like nooks and crannies, they could be standing right next to us. – [Mom] They probably were,
and that’s what we heard and it was freaky.
– [Jordan] I’m betting. – We can’t find the flag,
but we’re trailing the cops, thinking maybe that
they’re puppy guarding ’em, but we can’t find ’em,
’cause it’s too dark! – We keep circling around,
– They’re right there! – And I think they’re
right past this rock, so we’re just going round and round. – [Dad] I think they’re
right over there too, if we sneak up through the rocks. The problem is when I
turn on the flashlight and start talking, they’re gonna find us. I gotta be quiet, and I can’t
see when I’m trying to film, because I gotta be able to see the ground. (gasping) If you’re quiet, and listen,
you can hear Jordan talk. (shrieking) (police sirens) (laughing) (panting) Slow down! We’re going too fast! Wait! – [Mom] Okay we’re on the run. We’re getting them, ah
they’re going, I see them! I see them, go go go go go! (sirens wailing) – I got ’em! – [Mom] How many flags did you get? – We can’t find any of them. – [Mom] You found one? – We can’t find where you put ’em. It’s too dark. Yeah, we give up, we can’t find ’em. – [Mom] Okay, so, we
think that these people, these teen girls, came
by, they talked to us, and we think they swiped one of our flags. They may have, because, we
had just barely placed it there, and then they talked to us, but I didn’t see it on
them, but they could’ve- – I say we lost our flag,
’cause we can’t find it. – [Mom] Two flags? – Alright guys, that was
it for cops and robbers, I can’t believe we lost two flags! (laughter) – We’re lost! – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure
to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe here, from red to gray, and- – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time. – [Together] Bye! – Let’s go find the flags. – Let’s go!