Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill 11:11:40 THE FEELING THAT THEY GET JUST KNOWING THAT WHAT THEY’RE DOING IS BEING CONSUMED AND BOUGHT AND ENJOYED ITS HUGE. Crumbles Bakery has been a staple in the community for years. It is known for hiring people with special needs and making sure they are a part of the community. When business wasn’t doing so well because owners were focused on helping employees succeed, a couple from Lisbon stepped in to help. And they never lost sight of the business’s true essence. First News Reporter Keely Lovern has the story. NAT SOUND: 11:35:13 OH YEAH I FEEL HAPPY. BECAUSE YOU MADE IT? OH YEAH I DID MADE IT. 11:35:19 VO KEELY: Aaron Jackson has been working at Crumbles Bakery on Market Street for five years. WORKING HERE? OH YEAH I LOVE WORKING HERE. 11:26:13 VO KEELY: The bakery employs people with special needs through a program called Turning Point Residential. Business started struggling because the owners were so focused on helping their employees. that’s when Shaun DaVill stepped in. SOT: Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill 11:09:34 WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE ITS GIVING JOBS TO THESE PEOPLE WHO WITHOUT THIS BAKERY, WON’T HAVE A JOB. 11:09:42 VO KEELY: In early August Shaun, and his husband Wayte bought the bakery. They are now turning it into another location of their nitrogen ice cream business called N2 by DaVill. SOT: Aaron Jackson/Employee OH YES I’M HAPPY WHEN I WORK HERE 11:26:37 VO KEELY: But even under a new name and ownership, Shaun wanted to make sure they didn’t lose the essence of what makes crumbles what it is. The employees. SOT/NAT SOUND: NO CG HERE 11:38:49 I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW AND I’M HAPPY WHEN THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS DONE. 11:38:54 BUTTED SOTS Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill 11:10:10 ITS THE HEART OF THE BUSINESS, THEY ARE THE HEART OF THE BUSINESS. 11:10:13 VO KEELY: Like 5-year employee Terry, who is also September’s person of the month. WITH TERRY: Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill GOOD JOB BUDDY! 11:30:02 VO KEELY: This month, Terry’s signature caramel and chocolate covered pretzel is the featured product. NAT SOUND: Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill 11:30:43 YOU LOVE TOFFEE DON’T YOU BUDDY? OH, YEAH, BIG TIME 11:30:49 VO KEELY: The store is now going by the name N2 by DaVill Creams and Crumbles Nitrogen Ice Cream and Bakery. WITH AARON: 11:33:33 AND YOU DO THEM FROM START TO FINISH DON’T YOU? OH YEAH. 11:33:37 VO KEELY: Shaun say its a priority to make sure these people always have a place to work no matter what. SOT: Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill 11:12:51 THIS GIVES THEM LIFE FULFILLMENT, IT GIVES THEM LIFE SKILLS. VO KEELY: And even the name change isn’t taking away what gives this business heart. SOT: Shaun DaVill/Owner N2 by DaVill IT GIVES THEM A PLACE TO GO WHERE THEY BELONG AND THEY’RE REALLY DOING AMAZING STUFF. 11:12:59 VO KEELY: In Boardman, Keely Lovern, WKBN 27 First News. Next — we’ll take you to tonight’s Game of the