Hello and welcome back to Cow Chop live from the Cow Chop Test Kitchen in Los Angeles, California Whoa, he’ll live audience here. What’s going on? Everybody wave to everyone. Yes these two Creative powerhouses will be going head-to-head in a culinary competition to create an amazing dessert from this spread of material as you see laid out before you but there’s one catch a Certain ingredient Must be implemented in the dessert you come up with. Are you ready for the reveal of today’s mystery item? You can smell it. It’s right over here Yes, that’s right. It’s crap and boy, are they stinky? Ooh? These are these are crabs crabs So today you guys are Battling to create the dessert worthy of red lobsters crab fest. This is fictional, correct Uh, no, no, no a special guests will be arriving at the end of today’s episode to make this reality Crab fest first ever dessert. Can you put the crabs like out of here? What is your main problem with crabs when you say James is allergic to crabs Still agreed to do this episode you pick the one ingredient and you didn’t let me get out of this. No one No, one had a gun to your head. You’ll be judged at the end on style taste and use of the item I’m gonna put mr. Crabs right here on the edge of the table. Don’t let him fall on the floor It’s all my table. Put it on his table. Okay. Well look if you guys can watch it three two one. Good luck. I feel sick Already have anyone far right? Well, we have an oven. I didn’t realize that Puff. Fuck do you not realize we have an oven? I’m sitting there since day one Oh my god, well you got whisks here nothing – oh my god, fuck I just Fuck yeah, get away No Asshole it’s like I have a legitimate alert allergic You know, you have an allergic when I fucking break out the hives and literally die on the channel I hope everybody’s happy including both of you. What’s your experience is baking James? Don’t talk to me. You’re my competition Okay. Well this videos not gonna have commentary. Let’s just fast forward to when the dishes are done James what’s your experience with baking? Well, I’m glad you asked that Brett none right other than some DiGiorno pizzas Forget about a bread at all bread. No, I like bread. No, I didn’t buy bread Hey, you know what I didn’t know I needed bread until now what So Wow look at that. I’m actually cooking mom. Oh, there we go I’m only basing a little bit off of a prior mmm Recipe and then we’re gonna change Wah, that’s what they say in Italy You know We throwing fucking Apple you want a little crab at you if you want me to die. I mean, yeah, I do. Okay Well, then, I mean, it’ll be a funny joke. I I don’t I’ll go down fighting. I swear to God if I smell like crab all night, you will This will come back tenfold Okay And we’ve reached the halfway mark ER with neither contestant having touched the crap Except as an antagonist Agonistic antagonistic measure Dude Out on there oh Man there’s some shells in it. I don’t I mean Gordon Ramsay. I’ll be happy with what’s happening here, but dude Gordon Ramsay It does not watch this channel. So Bret I Don’t know what to do with this fucking cut in half crab on my table. I’m a vegetarian What do you want me to say? What? Is good meat what is bad meat? Wait, can I use the crab claw to strap the crab meat Oh does that mean? We’re gonna repurpose our original thing here Okay, they’re just demolished everything that there is Crabbe I’m just gonna How does that how’s your stuff going? Yeah, you know Not so good. Why? How’s yours because I’m just asking I’m just how’s yours mine is baking honestly, I don’t know what’s in there like it might come out What are you laughing Don’t fucking ask me about my project again What the fuck There’s no sabotaging what the fuck dude You said to us somebody will eat this now you sabotage my drink and that was part of the experience That’s why I hate cooking dude, there’s so much waiting Just waiting for food. And so no matter if you order you wait, if you cook you wait, there’s no insta food You know, let’s see have leftovers Now we’re still were just thing where you could just buy leftovers because that’s just instant Oh My god, dude, what’s that red thing? There was a red visit cherries. It’s an apple All right, I Wasn’t gonna take the bacon 40-minutes Competition was supposed to be like 30. Yeah. Well, I don’t make the rules Smells like pickles If you tuned in to watch an actual cooking competition you’re in for a surprise because that’s now what’s going on right now However, we can do a blender review while we’re waiting Fucking the end of all to figure out how to use a oven the extended timer going off with both contestants completely ignoring They’re out of extra time that they requests it Well, I guess we’ll just keep watching. Oh My god I Didn’t hit that dude, I didn’t Nina he’s using this Fell wow, what a crazy right? It’s been for our contestants. I think now it’s time to bring out our special judge for this week’s competition Let me go get him Live from his summer home in the Hamptons. I’m proud to introduce Roland Demonte heir to the Red Lobster fortune Here to personally choose a dessert for red lobsters. Crab fest the first-ever. Mr. Demonte. It’s a pleasure Welcome to that’s bullshit That’s just fucking Jacob in a wig. I’m pretty sure this is Roland Amman. Literally you literally Said it was gonna be a guest and all you did was put Jake up in a wig first up Youtube.com slash or mortal HD films. Yes Step right up. I’d like to start you off with like you. Oh, I need something. I Call it crab, I See very long I say come on before you dive into it. Oh, yeah custards radical and Booyah, that’s my name for it. There’s a nice layer of pie crust I booked up a Sort of a custard souffle. He’s a little bit of I guess fruit dressing some whipped cream But there definitely is a major underlying Taste of crab. Thank you There’s oak This is I don’t taste any crab, I may have I I don’t I don’t know which There might there’s definitely crab me in it and there’s definitely other parts of a crab as well. I’ll be honest me I’m not tasting much crab. Yeah, there wasn’t a whole lot of crab really to begin with it is a small hint of crab But you know actually as a dish, it’s not that bad But it is actually a genuinely enjoyable dish Thank you so much. Mr. Bone, pulling a Robert here. Take some cash The valets make really expensive here. We have valet the officer they can’t park my car anymore Thank you so much. Mr. Damacio. Okay, go away like to remind our Second competitor that we don’t have all fucking night And if you’d like to finish plating his dish, maybe some of us can go home before it’s midnight Here we go. Mr. Demonte now presenting to you James fat stacks Wilson Hello, mr. Demonte I have here for you today Crab cheesecake with one apple a little bit of chocolate mousse inside We have a topping a whip mixed with the tartar sauce and just a little bit of sprinkles I Sense you forea. Hmm Please get some with What’s in the whip? It’s whip. It’s cool. Whip it with tartar sauce blend and Oh Boy maybe something to do there thought I chipped my tooth You bitch I said Nice dish and with that both contestants Have put their livelihood Before the judge’s table. We’ll give mr. Demonte a moment to weigh in If both contenders like to take a seat on the waiting bench We’ll see who our judge prefers I Know there was a job Like involved I need this job What do you think the like his face was when he was like? Like when he was doing this and then like he was like kind of spittin up. I think it was you forea I thought he was like really enjoying it and he was kind of savoring it in the moment. He was Kind of struggling to get it down because he wanted to keep it in his mouth longer It’s time Let’s come out before the judges and get his final verdict What kind of like cooking fucking shows this to like whyzard what why is the host on meth I’d like to congratulate both of you. You know, you pulled together a dish in You know the time frame that I understand that you had Thank You chef and I did swallow both you know, perhaps easier on one end But That was good, I’m sorry James, but I’m gonna have to hand it to Alex In our restaurants as soon as possible, thank you so much chef. Thank you so much. Yeah Unbelievable. Mr. Demonte has rendered his verdict in it Youtube.com slash immortal HD films is the first-ever winner here in the couch op Test Kitchen His dessert will be going to the first-ever crab fest dessert menu as he is showered in 20s He can finally pay back the valet that parked his car this morning in the parking lot Unbelievable of it so it’s dead James walking off bad, but unbroken Disappointed the emotions on his face, but knows that there will always be a next time Here in the cow chop Test Kitchen, dude. So on behalf of Red Lobster, mr. Demonte And then Sarah watches. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time This is not a show just a video. 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