– Why, hello everyone.
My name is Tyler Oakley and if I were to go back in time and think about my high school experience, I would say some of my
absolute favorite memories would have to be from the dances. I had so much fun at like
homecoming and sadies and prom and I think so
much of that had to do with the people that I surrounded myself with and my friends were all just,
so like carefree about it, like we didn’t care if
people were staring at us. We were just going to have fun and we were going to just dance and that was the best thing in the world. And one of the things that I get asked by you guys all the time is, “Will you be my date to the dance?” and I’m like, it might
be a little weird if I were to show up and go as your date, but that did make me wanna think about, how could I possibly crash a Homecoming? So, I crashed a homecoming and,
basically what happened was, Just Dance 2015 wanted
to completely take over a homecoming for the launch
of their brand new video game. So, they invited me and
Charli XCX and Bella Thorne to come along and have
fun with all of you guys. It was like, such an incredible night. They completely decked out this homecoming and set up a red carpet. We got to walk the carpet and then all of you guys got to walk the carpet and then I got to go
interview Charlie XCX again, which was incredible. Hey y’all, I’m Tyler Oakley and I am here with the
one and only, Charlie XCX. Hi. – Hey. – Long time, no see. – I know. How’s it going? – It’s going well. We are
both here at this homecoming. Did you ever go to homecoming? – Never. It just wasn’t
really a thing in the UK. – Really? – No, there’s like school discos, but I feel like homecoming
and prom is like a real… – American thing? – Like it’s a big deal out here, I’m very excited.
– Tyler: It is. – Tyler: It’s a big deal. You’re performing a song that’s
actually in Just Dance 2015. – Charlie: It’s been cool, ya know? So, I have my song, “I love
it” with Icona Pop in the game and I actually, like,
tried dancing to that on my tour bus the other day. – Tyler: It’s hard! – It’s a really hard one. – Are you a natural dancer? – No. – Okay. – I’m really not. That one was hard. There’s a lot of like, knee like action. – I tried to do it. – Right? – And it’s like this
and they’re like that. – Yeah and then there’s
the throw, the like… – I can’t do it. – But uh, it’s been cool
and with “boom, clap”, I got to be involved in designing my avatar for the game and stuff. – Cool. – So, it was cool. I gave her green hair. I
thought you’d like that. – Oh my God, of course , yeah. The last time I saw you, I think I had… – Purple. – Purple hair. – Yeah. – Yeah, those were the days. Do you ever color your hair? – No, I don’t. I used
to when I was younger. When I was younger, I got really into the, you could buy those like
toothbrushes that you… – Oh and like, chalk it through. – Blonde hair dye on, then
you could just go like, and it was always really terrible. – I’m sure it was beautiful. – Being blonde is on
my bucket list though. So, one day.
– Tyler: It’ll happen. Let’s do it together. – Okay. – We can do it to each
other. It’ll be fine. Well, I have a lot more questions for you, but, we’re gonna play it in a little game where we’re gonna answer
rapid fire questions. So, we’ll each have a minute. We’ll answer as many as we can and see who can answer more. – Okay. – Think you’re ready? – I’m not ready at all, but let’s try it. – Okay, well, it’s
gonna be easy, trust me. – Alright. – Okay, let’s do this. 3, 2, 1. Favorite dessert? – Uh, chocolate cake. – Ugliest breed of dog. – Uh, chihuahua. – If you could sing a duet
with anyone, who would it be? – Marc Bolan. – Favorite app. – Twitter. – Okay. Favorite movie of all time. – Jawbreaker. – Yes! Yes, yes, yes.
– Charlie: Yeah. – Favorite lyrics. – Any Britney lyrics. – Okay. What are you doing tomorrow? – A photoshoot. – Okay. Best thing about 2014. – “Fancy”, by Charlie XCX and Iggy Azalea. – Hey. What’s the coolest
thing you’ve ever seen? – I drove through an extreme
lightning storm the other day. – Favorite Beyonce song. – Diva. – And favorite food? – Taco Bell. – Yes! Favorite color? – Pink. – Best Halloween costume you’ve ever had. – Oh, twins from the Shining. – Wait, both twins at once? – Well, I was one. – Oh, okay. – Someone else was the other. – Oh, so like a couples costume? – Yeah, yeah. – Good answer. That’s good. – Thanks. – Ok, you ready? 3, 2, 1…
– Tyler: Yeah. – What movie made you cry the hardest? – Oh, 500 Days of Summer. – Oh, emo. Favorite chain restaurant. – Oh, Taco Bell, duh. – Snap. Favorite living musician. – Lady Gaga. – Okay, favorite board game. – Oh, Settlers of Catan. – I have no idea what that is. – We’ll play, don’t worry. – Okay, favorite beverage. – Oh, like a delicious Coke Zero. Yeah, I don’t know. – PG! Least favorite color. – Umm, blue. I know. I know. – But your hair, what? Favorite movie from the last five years. – Le Mis. I know… I know. – Yeah. If you could have
dinner with one living person or dead, who would it be? – Oprah. – If you could switch lives
with someone for one day, who would it be? – Oprah. – I knew you were gonna, I
knew that was the answer. I only crushed you by three points. – You crushed me entirely. – Great. – We will have a rematch someday. And then, after the interview, me and Bella Thorn headed
on into the homecoming, where we got to dance to the
video game with you guys, which was so much fun and then afterwards, we went up on stage and
presented homecoming court. Actually something that
happened to me recently, it was so like full-circle for me because it happened the same week as
me going to this homecoming. You guys voted me MTV homecoming king, along with Demi Lovato as my queen, which was just like,
mind boggling because, like I said, I was never
on homecoming court back in high school. But, now that I’m like, a grown up, now I get to be like,
homecoming king for MTV, which is very bizarre. So, thank you for voting for that. It made me think. If I could go to homecoming
with any celebrity whatsoever, who would I pick? I don’t know if I can decide. There are so many boys
that I’m like, thirsty for. So I just, it’s hard to
like, narrow it down. But, I wanna know who you guys would take. Let me know in the comments and I wanna see how cute you
guys were for your homecoming. So, send me a picture on Twitter. My username is just Tyler Oakley. But, yes, that is all I have
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