Oh my gosh, what is going on right now? Dude I’m being blown away. A storm is coming There’s a strong storm brewing up wow this oh, my god, okay? I just got soaked I stepped outside for one second, and I got blown away, okay This is actually scary look at how trippy this is oh? My god today’s the day guys whoever wants my youtube channel just comment down below pick someone right now But this is it look my dad is vlogging it. No you can’t go home dad. Do you see this all right? I’m gonna let go of the door This is actually ridiculous I’ve never seen it this bad. What. This is crazy. Water slide off the roof Are you down? Look at all the fog. You can’t even see to the golf course I have a Love-hate relationship with this weather like it’s cool to see and it’s like cool to stay inside and be warm watch movies But then again like this is scary. Okay, the weather yesterday was absolutely insane. I’ve never seen it that bad now It’s the next day. It’s calm down look at this the storm is gone I’m still alive, baby, but anyways what’s going on guys faze rug here and today I’m bringing you guys a brand new video, and I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day as always so right now I’m just chilling at home by myself with my boy Bosley, and you already know like it’s boring here like it gets boring There’s nothing to do so I’m gonna leave the house probably go down to my old town and hang out with my family I am Planning on doing a prank actually like today is a perfect day for a prank I already pulled my first prank of 2018 and it was absolutely successful on my mom where I threw a zombie prop off of the Roof and pretended that it was me and my mom was gonna kill me But you guys love that prank, and I was super happy with it, but today I always prank my mom. Okay, like I always prank my mom. I prank my dad I prank my brother, but I never really prank any of my cousin’s I think today, that’s gonna change me and my cousin Chanel have been planning the stolen car prank on my cousin Jessica basically I’m gonna explain it when I link up with my cousin Chanel, but I think this is gonna be perfectly executed And we’re basically gonna steal Jessica’s car. Okay like she would not expect that because I never ever prank Jessica I never even like hint that I’m ever gonna prank her so this should be good guys I hope it does go as planned and I’m gonna head over to my old town link-up with Chanel and we are gonna explain the prank together Hope you guys do enjoy the video cuz this is about to be a lit one hit that subscribe button if you are new enjoy The rugrat army baby 7.1 million and Counting we’re gonna reach ten by the end of this year And I’m gonna say in every single video. We’re gonna reach 10 million this year. I already know it This is the year 2018 is my year Or should I say our year 2018 is our eve so let’s go get the video started. Do you guys know what’s going on? Guys I’m with Chanel Guess what we’re doing today well Fricking prank. We’re stealing Jessica’s car, baby I have her spare keys we met up with her mom she gave us the spare keys and what’s gonna happen Okay, let me just give them a little run-through real quick basically I hit up Jessica and said do you want to eat on a restaurant and she said yes, she’s down so right now We’re in front of Chanel’s house I met up with her so I could give her the spare keys and the camera because she’s gonna vlog herself stealing Jessica’s car little Does Jessica know we’re gonna be eating at the restaurant and I’m gonna be texting Chanel behind Jessica’s back and saying like hey, okay? It’s time to steal the car, and hopefully we can execute this perfectly. I think I think it’s gonna be perfect I’m just nervous what if she calls the cops and I end up getting around like she’s gonna. Call the cops like before I don’t think so this is my first time pranking Jessica, and it’s She’s gonna kill me too. It’s like okay My pranks aren’t like some little pranks like it has to be like above and beyond dramatic and something has to go wrong That’s why I’m gonna meet up with Jessica after this and I’m just gonna pretend that I’m vlogging Regularly like I always do and we’re gonna go eat And then I’m gonna be vlogging when we leave the restaurant knowing that her car isn’t gonna. Be there and shit I was gonna be vlogging like I’m gonna tell her like okay Chanel It’s time to go steal the car and Chanel’s gonna vlog herself. Yeah, can you multitask? Can you steal a car and vlog at the same time? Oh yeah? I’ve done it before it’s tough Guys if you don’t remember this is chanel my cousin I made her jump in five thousand pounds of ice Yeah, it wasn’t worth it. I got sick afterward. Yeah, but it’s worth it for the Rugrats You know one of the strongest fan bases on YouTube? I love you guys Okay, all right now Chanel is gonna get out of my car, and then me and Jessica are gonna meet up We’re gonna go to the restaurant and then I’m gonna text Chanel when to come to steal Jessica’s car I’m ready. Yeah, let’s do it Oh guys nice that like button we’re about to prank the shit out of Jessica Thank You Chanel for being in on this But you’re probably gonna lose her friendship after this me too actually You’re gonna lose her fridge. You’re the one stealing the car Okay, all right guys hi Jess I’m here What’s up, guys look at my outfit? I’m late about to go for a jog right now wait. Can you show them real quick? Yeah, I’m about to go for a little jog right now. No this is like my lazy days like you know it’s raining It’s ugly out so this is my life Brian. You look so tall No way, okay? Why are you eating when I told you let’s go eat? It’s an appetizer okay fine, but wait. What do you want to eat? I was thinking? I’m in the mood for a burger in and out I want to sit it doesn’t matter Yeah, you know like we can have that about whatever Fuddruckers. Are you down okay? I don’t know if you guys know what blood records is but it’s this bomb burger place sponsor me blood records It’s pretty bomb so let’s go you state. They’re on when we’re kids. I know all the time graduation Just goes I’m gonna ask for a favor Wha-ha-ha can you please drive? I’ve been driving everywhere lately, and you never drive anywhere, so like that’s fine So close man you drove here from your house. I can’t wait can I please see Luna. Yeah really yes Guys for those who don’t know she has a devil cat that hates Weight okay. I don’t want to bother her eating. Oh good god Do I have to talk like that? So leave her oh She goes by Luna freaking demon Chi Easily just look how she just slip through this all right. Let’s go Jessica. What the hell Are these grapes? Like what? Why was this in your door handle? Like there’s no tree. There’s literally no tree to drop this how did that get in there? I was flirting with me wait as gucci mane yeah It’s electric I Rip it off You mean smells like I think can we do a carpool karaoke yeah With one and she let you like yeah 21:07 Aston hi Guys I just wrapped the whole 21 savage part, but I can only put five seconds in there cuz of copyright listen. I’m mindful I’m Hugh, literally saying it word-for-word How do I just loved 21 Savage like I vowed to my? Subscribers that I will literally make a video with 21 savage one day oh I’m serious From where yeah alright guys we just pulled up like I said, I don’t know if you guys know what this place is but I Say like a year or more Cookies remember oh yeah We’re so good. Get a voucher and you bring it up to them. Oh yeah hold on hold on hold on I got you Come on in Jessica come on I’ll show you it when it comes out Listen to the artist guys shout out, John Bell Ian. I’ve known him for so long really. Yeah, no lololo Yeah, what is that cherry sprite? Yes, I got cherry dr. Pepper guys I don’t know if you know about the soda machines where you can like there’s just so many custom drinks You could do we’re number 303 who’s that? How many customers? I’ve been here today Wait guys I don’t know if you remember the Drive through prank me and Jessica did and we both got broken tail bones as the funniest thing in the world Mitel feather was How’s that this right here I can made it, I can’t made everything the funds Bus guys look at all playing my burgers. I just put mayo and ketchup Okay well You don’t need flavor look at their fries so bomb, okay guys I just snuck off to the bathroom to wash my hands And I’m gonna call Chanel right now and tell her to freaking steal the car because we just finished eating so this is a perfect Time to do it big Sanel yeah, are you ready? You’re close by her car Yeah, okay, you could turn on the camera and just steal her car park it down the street or something. We just finished eating Okay do that and then text me one like it’s gone, so I could like kind of stall her in here. All right bye Chanel Let’s do this thing alright guys so I see Jessica’s car right now. I just got to the place and I have her spare key So I’m gonna Run to her car and I’m gonna try to make this as quick as possible because I’m scared so my god This is my first time like using a camera so bear with me. Please her car is the white card okay? Now oh no they’re stuck come on guys We just finished eating and they have a little arcade in here and this used to be my game right here I’ve won it before you want it and you’ve won. The ones that are literally like the big ones Yeah, but you can have a dollar, please Yes, yes Maron, okay, so I’m in Jessica screaming. Okay, hurry up and turn this It worked there no sound Wow Wow Oh Frankie joke Sorry, I don’t know how to do her. We’re dizzy. Thanks Hon let me pause this forget right here, and then I’m gonna text Brian all right guys I have officially stolen Jessica’s car Wow alright guys so I’m waiting in Jessica’s car right now to see what’s going to happen I think they just finished eating and she’s probably gonna They’re probably walking out right now, and she’s not gonna see her car and I already know she’s gonna go crazy Hopefully the cops don’t get called. I don’t know I can’t believe I really did this so Jessica I love you Brian you put me in these weird situations, but we’ll see how it goes I wish I had room for dessert. I used to love the sugar cookies. I don’t have room no I Don’t know For free Billionaire I freaking way I’m first you’re gonna be a billionaire one day. Okay, keep my word on that you are I see you think so Maybe by the time you’re like Maybe like just 20 hey Jessica where the fuck is your car Wait hold on. I’m in -. Oh you didn’t wait what? What you parked right over there We have your keys Jess Ryan wait wait did you park right there right? Wait where is it Jess? Wait wait hold on Jessica. Where is it? Brian I literally have my keys Did someone wait Wait okay hold on go inside and ask if they have cameras Jessica. There’s no way look I think they have right there look they have a camera right there, Jessica Aska my skin They’re not working right now We do but they’re not working right now Someone someone took her car. Oh, I don’t know I make these I don’t know just Oh. What are you gonna? Do I don’t know? Wait are you serious yeah, how am I suppose? I’m a camera Just a wait call the cops right now Brian Wait wait you’re gonna find. It don’t worry Jessica We’re located in front of fun records Mira Mesa Just go hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on Jessica I just got a prank hang up the phone right now. Just go hey. I swear on my life. Just a hang-up. Don’t call them hang up Why would I be laughing why would I be lying and where is it? It’s a break. I swear, she don’t hide your guard chanel has it I know she’s not here. I know she’s not here Brian come on let’s go get your car yes Brian it’s not funny. It’s a prank. I’m telling you right now come look how much you get into my car Um we got a spare key from your mom. I swear to God look look look. Are you okay? Chanel we got hurt So no should I’ll bring the car around the corner First off I’ve been wanting to prank you for a long time and every car has a spare key So I’m like Amy and chanel met up with your mom and she gave us your spare I texted Chanel um we’re we’re eating this was all a setup like you think I’d want to eat Would you like first thought no? I’m just kidding no. No, but this is a setup. I told her at Fuddruckers She got your car, right? literally shaking and their Weight yeah, well you really called the call guys no location of your emergency Did you say that it was a joker he just hung up Is that your car is that your car We had this planned out since yesterday we had this planned out hey Chanel Wait Chanel she called 911 show up wait they’re really gonna track you down. We got to get out of here Okay, guys so off-camera. I went up to the guy who took our order in the first place He was really cool, and I told him I said yeah just in case the girl I was with comes in here and asks for cameras or asked us to call the cops or Asks us you guys see anything just say that you did it and say the cameras don’t work He’s like yeah, we do, but they’re not working in my head I was like oh Oh the one time something happens your cameras are I know? What was her reaction like when you guys she started she was like no no I couldn’t shake my friend No he was in on it, he was in on it She forgives me she forgives you Know I hate on him it was me I’m sorry man Like he came out to apologize yeah, because he saw the fear in my eyes when he said no guys I think this was executed perfect Okay guys, we’re gonna end the video there. I hope you guys frickin enjoyed Please smash that like button subscribe if you are new Thank You Chanel and Jessica. We love you you have your car It’s still there. It’s just afraid. I’m like no need to be mad right now. That’s great is this the first prank I’ve done on you keV No, yeah please for Jessica’s pain follow her on Instagram and for Chanel helping and executing it well follow her on Instagram – Love you guys so much and tell them to subscribe and like the write like and comment on my fear and my pain Yeah guys, let me know if we did a good job. We hit 7.1 mill, baby Let’s keep going to the tub alright other than that Ben rugs and Jessica And we’re out peace