– In this video, we’re trying five creamy and delicious Vietnamese
desserts in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you’re new here, be sure
to press the subscribe button and click that notification bell. Why? Because you’re watching Cup of TJ, the cutest traveling food, All right, we’re good, good old retake. (horn beeps) Retake, retake. You’re watching Cup of
TJ, the cutest travel– (horn honks) Oh, well, okay. I’ll just, I’ll just stay here. Vietnam. (man meows) Hello everybody. We are currently in Hanoi, Vietnam, and I’m with my local friend, Fang, and my fellow travel
YouTuber, FeedtheCory. Today, we’re going to
try five creamy desserts here in Hanoi. Is that right? – Yes.
– Yes. Cory’s gonna be on camera
and Fang’s gonna help us eat. Are you guys ready? Let’s go. ‘Cause the first stop is right here. We’re here already. (upbeat music) We are at our first stall, over here. First dessert, it looks like
we have a bowl of ice and a bowl of fruit and jelly. – [Fang] Yeah. – [TJ] What else is in here? – Kiwi.
– Kiwi. – Jackfruit.
– Jackfruit. – Melon.
– Melon. – Watermelon.
– Watermelon. – [TJ] Is this just jelly? – Yeah.
– It’s just jelly? Oh, look at it jiggle. Oh, yeah, oh yeah. So then I grab some ice and I
put in here, just like this? – More.
– More? – Yeah. – More?
– More. (speaks foreign language) – Stop. – Oh, that’s too much? – Are you good?
– Mmmmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. It’s a lot of ice. This is really good,
it’s really refreshing. I think the only thing is
the ice cube is so crunchy. – [Fang] Yeah. – [TJ] It’s like big chunks of ice cube. But I like the sweetness of this. It tastes almost sour, it’s kind of sour. I’m gonna take a bite with
the jelly and the jackfruit. Oh, that’s must be what’s
giving it the sour taste. All right, let’s take a bite, ready? Yum, that’s yummy. (Fang speaks foreign language) It’s very delicious.
– It’s very delicious. Oh (TJ speaks foreign language) (Fang speaks foreign language) (TJ and Fang speak
foreign language together) – You were to come
here, I would definitely just eat the ingredients with the milk. I think the ice, just, you
know, it kinda livens it up. Give it a nice icy coldness
when you take a bite. (Fang laughs) How much is for one bowl? – Uh, 25.
– 25, wow. – 25,000 dong.
– 25. – For a bowl of this
refreshing snack on a hot day? – High five.
– Yeah. – All right, we’re going
to this dark alleyway. This is where our host
takes us to the dungeon, and where we die. So, it’s nice, thanks to
everyone for subscribing. I will see you guys. Oh, it’s a cafe. Just kidding, we’re good. (jazzy music) You single?
– Yes. – Oh, this is her Instagram. (laughs) We’re currently at Cafe Giang. Right over here we have
the traditional egg coffee and this was invented in 1946. The owner used to work as a
bartender at Sofitel Hotel. Is that right, Cory? – No, Metropol.
– Oh, sorry. Sofitel Metropol Hotel, and
that’s where he invented it. Basically, what it is is egg mixture, it’s the yolk, it’s whipped. They add coffee into it. Add a little bit of sugar. And then they put it in
this bowl of hot water to keep it nice and creamy. We’re going to get some,
um, mixing porn up in here. Get a little bit closer. Get a little, yeah, yeah. ♪Oh, yeah ♪ Look how thick that is, wow. A thick coffee for a thick girl. (crickets chirping) Oh, it is so creamy. There’s so much. If you could take out
a jug of ice cream and you let it melt in, like,
super hot heat and it’s just creamy and gooey, that’s
what it tastes like. It tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. My goodness, it is so sweet. Oh, that’s too sweet for me. Do you like this, Fang?
– No. (laughs) – Look at this crazy menu. You can get egg coffee,
chocolate with milk, egg with green beans, bleh, egg with rum. Why didn’t we get that one? We have the egg coffee with rum here, and you can smell the rum. We’re gonna get drunk and
sugar high on this episode. (laughs) I’m gonna get demonetized. (spoon clinks) Oh my God, what a, That is, you can taste the (coughs) You can taste the, the rum. It burns in your throat, it burns. Oh, I don’t want it. I don’t want it. Do you want some?
– Yes. – Oh, ooh. Oh, you want the one with rum.
– Yes. – She wants the one with rum.
– Um. Last time I try it. – Your last.
(both laughing) Never again. I actually went back to taste
a sip of the egg coffee, and the cream has really
mixed in with the coffee and now it’s not sweet at all. It’s actually quite bitter. You can taste that coffee. So, for you, I guess,
if you first take a sip and you’re like, this is too
sweet, just let it settle. You know, take time. Every beautiful relationship takes time. And now, now it tastes like good coffee. All right, I like it now. I like it, I should have
given you more time. It’s what I said to all my ex-boyfriends. (upbeat music) What do we have in front of us? – Black sesame inside of flours. – Ohhh. – And red sesame inside of flour. – Wow. – With their ginger sugar soup. – Ginger sugar soup. – In Taiwan, we have
something called tang yuan, which is basically like this,
but a little bit smaller. And actually, it might be the same. I don’t know what to try first. – You eat all.
– Just like this? – Yes. – The whole thing in my mouth? – Yes.
– I’ll bite, I’ll bite it in half, and you
guys can see what’s inside. – A big mouth.
– I have a big mouth? – Yes.
– What? (both laughing) Mmmmm. Inside is flaky, it’s coconuty, it’s got just a slight crunch in the beautiful mochi outer layer. Wow, to die for, it’s so good. Ooh, I love sesame. – Mmmm.
– It’s good? – Yeah.
– Yum. Mmm, oh!
– It’s too much ginger. – Oh, you like the ginger a lot. (upbeat music) – I love the subtle
sweetness of this dish. Like, you can eat so many of these and not feel full and gross, and like, – Yeah.
– Lethargic and stuff, yeah. It’s really good. – So onto this one. I really like the color here, because this is this
thick black consistency. It’s just straight up sesame gooey-ness. Look at that, wow. And right over here we
have the mung bean, right? Oh, look at that. Wow, what is inside? Is that, are those the beans? – Those is bean.
– Is that carrot? No, it’s not. – Carrot.
– It is carrot. – [Fang] Yes. – It’s got this porridge like consistency, you guys can see that. Ooohhh, it’s this drippy gooey goodness. Wow. I didn’t expect that flavor. You’re right, the ginger makes it pop. It tastes like a ginger soup, and then just some sweetness
from the mung bean. I like it. Do you like that one? – No, I like this one.
– You like this one? – Here you go, we’re a good team. Cheers.
– Cheers. – Mmmm, wow. (smacks lips) Wow, I didn’t expect that. I thought it was just
gonna be a whole mouth of sesame graininess, but
that was nice and smooth. What about yours, yours good? – I never eat a green bean before, a green bean with the ginger,
before, but ginger inside. – You like it? – Yes.
– Wow. This is also your first
time trying this one. – Mhmm. – I really love this stall, because it’s literally just tucked away in a corner. You can barely see it if
you’re just biking past it. And then when you walk
in, you see two big pots, one of them full of
this nice creamy sesame, and then this creamy, chunky
mung bean kinda dessert. And the other pot is just balls and balls, I mean balls deep, in little rice balls. Oh, you caught me. That was supposed to be a voice over, so. (jazzy music) We are at our fourth place. What is this? – Uh, coconut ice cream. – Coconut ice cream in a coconut shell. – Yeah. – It is coconut on coconut. It is literally five
giant scoops of coconut, and what is this fruit right here? – [Fang] Uh, longan. – [TJ] Longan, ahhh. – [Fang] Peanuts. – Peanuts.
– Ah, coconut. – Coconut flakes. – Yeah. – And fried, fried coconut. Fried coconut. – Fried, so you got all types of coconut, coconut in ice cream, the fresh coconut, the fried ones and the flakes. It’s all here, right? And what is this? – [Fang] Yeah. – [TJ] This looks so interesting. – [Fang] Sticky jackfruit. – A jackfruit sticky rice. – Yes. – What? I love this color, with the green and the,
this is interesting. Wow, this is my first time
seeing something like this. Is this very popular? – Yes, very popular. – Oh, we should try this one. – Yes.
– Let’s go. Oh yes, get some of
this creamy coconut, oh! White and dreamy. Mmmmm.
– This milk– – Yes, it’s very milky. This is just fresh coconut? – [Fang] Yes. – I love fresh coconut. (Fang spits on spoon) (Fang laughs) Technically it’s on the side. Now I can scoop it up like this. – What the hell? (loud chewing) – Well, I’m pretty much done
with it, so you can finish it. (crickets chirping) – I’m concentrate on eating. (giggles) Sorry. – Now we have some colorful
jackfruit and sticky rice. Oh, there’s sesame seeds on top. That’s so interesting. – Uh, sesame, yeah.
– All right. – Wait, wait, wait. – Taking it to the next level. Mmmm, oh, so sweet. Jackfruit is really, really sweet. It almost tastes like candy. A candy outer layer, and the
sticky rice, not much flavor, just a texture, but together,
I think it balances well. (funky music) So, I love this display. It is just a cart on
the side of the street. With buckets of different kinds of gooey desserts that you
can put into your cup. (crowd talking) (lively music) (horn beeps) (motorcycle engine revs) – Thank you! All right, you guys. We are at our last stop, and this is the che. It’s basically ice on the bottom and a mixture of different
gooey, dessert-like, things. I mean, look at this, look at this goo. Oh, yay. It is so sticky, it
reminds me of silly putty, and they way that, just like,
sticks and glues together. I’m gonna take a big gooey bite. – [Fang] Be careful with your stomach. So many dessert in your stomach now. – I know. I don’t know what I’m eating. I think I just ate some corn. – [Fang] Corn, yeah. – Is there some corn? This is some fried coconut. – [Fang] Yeah. – There’s some beans, and some jelly. – [Fang] And meal rice, meal rice. – And rice.
– Meal rice. – Look at this, I just love it. It’s just colorful slime. Quite refreshing, it’s cold, it’s sticky. It’s sweet, it’s gooey. I love it. – Action. – Okay, oh, wait, wait. Come back, this is the ending. This is the ending, yeah. Well, thank you so much,
Fang, for showing us around. – Yeah. – Showing us Vietnamese
desserts we have to try. Everything that we tried
here today is in description. It is all located pretty
central Hanoi, so you can come, and you can come and try it for yourself. Thank you to Cory for helping us film. High five, Cory. Yeah.
– Oh yeah. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. – See you again. (lively music) – They put it in this hot bowl of hot, in this bowl of hot,
and then they put this, ablah blah blah blah. (laughs) Yeah, all right, yeah, beat it. Get it, ’cause it’s an egg coffee? So you gotta beat it? Thumbs up this video. – I like balls in my mouth. – Me too!
– Oh, awesome! – High five.
– High five. Is there sesame on my teeth? – Is there? Let’s look. (upbeat music)