Today I will be making Crispy Jalebi. Jalebi is a warm crispy delicious treat. It can be best described as a funnel cake. In my hometown jalebi was the breakfast treat like pan cake. I know jalebi is mostly served as dessert. But for me jalebi is still for breakfast. Especially jalebi served with hot milk was a treat. This recipe will serve 6. To make jalebi, we will need: For batter we need 1 cup of all-purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons corn starch 1 teaspoon dry yeast Pinch of citric acid 1 teaspoon of oil Approximately 1 cup of lukewarm water For syrup we need 1.5 cup of sugar 4 crushed cardamom Few strands of saffron 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice And 3/4 cup of water We also need oil to fry the jalebis. First I will make the batter for jalebis and mix all the dry ingredients together. So this is the all purpose flour Corn flour Citric acid And yeast. Mix it together really well. Now add the water slowly. And mix it in round motion. Now we need to add some more water. Batter should be lump free and very smooth. Batter should be pouring consistency like dosa or pan cake mix. Now I will add the oil. Batter is ready and this should set in warm place for about half an hour for fermenting. But do not over ferment the batter for jalebi. Now I will make the syrup. To make the syrup put all the ingredients together. So here we have sugar water Cardamom Saffron Lemon juice And bring this syrup to boil over medium high heat. Syrup has come to full boil. So just lower the heat to low. And let it be in simmer for about 2-3 minutes. Sugar should be just little sticky. But you should be able to make a thread. Lets check the syrup again. It’s sticky And you can see it’s making thread but not fully thread. So syrup is ready. And it has taken me about 3.5 minutes. So turn off the heat. I am ready to make the jalebis. Heat is on. I am using the flat bottom frying pan. For jalebi you do have to use the flat bottom frying pan. And it should have at least 1 inch of oil. So while oil is getting ready
let’s check the batter. Batter is looking very good. It has been about half an hour. So I will use the ketchup bottle to make jalebis. So just fill the bottle with the batter. Oil should be moderately hot. So when you put the jalebi in they should come up right away but without changing the colour. So just start from center. Just keep going around. Lets make another one. Just keep going around. Doesn’t have to be in perfect shape. These are home made jalebis. Turn them. They should be light golden brown both sides. Don’t cook them on very high heat. They will not be crispy. They are looking beautiful.
They have beautiful colour. And this should take about 1.5 minute. So let’s take them out. So I am ready to dip the jalabi in syrup. Syrup should not be boiling hot. It should be just little more than warm. So just put them in and just soak them for about half a minute. So it has been half a minute. So let’s take them out. And as you see they are looking very nice and crunchy. And you can see it has absorbed. Jalebis have absorbed the syrup really well. Jalebis are ready to serve. Jalebis are ready to enjoy. They are very delicious. How can you resist the temptation of fresh jalebis! I wanted to serve them for a get together as a main dessert. So I wanted to dress them up. Traditionally jalebis are served plain. So on some of them I sprinkled pistachios. On some I just sprinkled the white sugar. And on rest of it I sprinkled the cocoa powder. So this will make everyone happy including kids. So enjoy these delicious jalebis with your family and friends. Thank you. Till we meet up again, Check out more recipes on