>>RUDY MANCUSO: Okay, everybody, listen. This is Mexico. That’s America. I don’t know about you guys, but I want
to go to America.>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: I say we go over there and we show Donald Trump that we mean business!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Business!>>RUDY MANCUSO: I’m sick and tired of eating guacamole.>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: I want to go to Starbucks!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Huh!
>>ANWAR JIBAWI: I’m tired of listening to mariachi all day!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!
>>RUDY MANCUSO: Yes.>>ANWAR JIBAWI: I wanna hear some Nicki Minaj!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Some Drake!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Some Jason DeRulo?>>EVERYONE: Yeah!
>>RUDY MANCUSO: Who the [bleep] is Jason Don Julio? [It’s too hard to sleep. I got the sheets on the… – Jason DeRulo]>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Okay! Okay!>>MENDOZA: And I’m sick of watching telenovelas!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>MENDOZA: I wanna watch the Kardashians!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Exactly!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Yeah, and I’m tired of riding a [bleep] horse to work everyday!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: I wanna order an uber!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!
>>RUDY MANCUSO: Yes!>>RAY DIAZ: And I’m sick of making one dollar an hour!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>RAY DIAZ: I wanna make one fifty….>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>LELE PONS: Well, I’m sick of you all you guys complaining…all the damn time.>>RUDY MANCUSO: Can someone please slap her in the face?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Hey woah, woah, woah.>>LELE PONS: Matias!
>>RUDY MANCUSO: Lele, there’s gotta be something else.>>LELE PONS: I’m tired of not having wifi.>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Inanna, what are you doing?>>INANNA SARKIS: What? I’m making drinks for everyone.>>RUDY MANCUSO: We’re, we’re literally about to go to war and you’re making drinks?>>INANNA SARKIS: Yeah, leave me alone! [Bleep] off!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Inanna, you should be paying attention to me, we’re about… what kind of drinks?>>INANNA SARKIS: Uh, whatever you want.>>RUDY MANCUSO: You got tequila?>>INANNA SARKIS: Of course!>>RUDY MANCUSO: The expensive kind?>>INANNA SARKIS: Yeah, of course.>>RUDY MANCUSO: Okay, everybody take one shot and then come back.
>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Everybody ready?>>EVERYONE: Uno, dos, tres, arriba!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Okay, back to business guys.>>MENDOZA: What are we waiting for? Let’s just go to America!>>EVERYONE: Yeah!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Woah, everybody calm down, it’s not that easy. Alright, there’s one little problem… el gringo.>>MARCUS JOHNS: My name is Hank Donner, also known as el gringo. YEEEYEEE. Hello! You step foot on my property, you’re going bye-bye! Powww! Bye-bye!>>RUDY MANCUSO: That crazy son of [bleep] will kill every single one of us once we set foot on his property.>>MENDOZA: I’m not scared of no gringo!>>RUDY MANCUSO: Mendoza take it easy.>>MENDOZA: I’m going!>>RUDY MANCUSO: What are you doing? Where are you going?>>OSCAR MIRANDA:Mendoza!>>MENDEZ: [bleep] this!
[gun shot]>>RUDY MANCUSO: I told you. Okay, here’s the plan… Anwar, you’re really good at dancing.
Your job is to distract el gringo with your amazing dancing skills. Oscar, you have amazing hiding skills. One time we played hide and seek and I couldn’t find you for like two weeks. Lele, you’re pretty much only good at taking pictures for Instagram, so just take as many pictures as you can, so we can post them later. Diaz, you’re the fastest [bleep] Mexican
I’ve ever met. Your job is to run as fast as you can. You’re also really good looking, which it
doesn’t really help us at all, but I thought I’d just mention it. Inanna, you’re not really that good at anything, but I need at least one other female to make this video not sexist. Let’s go to America…the land of the free
and the home of the…expensive. Let’s go. You guys ready? On my count. Three…two…one…let’s go! [gun shot] [gun shot] [gun shot]>>MARCUS JOHNS: Well, I’ll be damned… He made it.>>RUDY MANCUSO: Ha! I made it! I made it to America! Yes! Yes! [bleep] [exit music]