St Johns Park High School has about a thousand students from about sixty different nationalities. A fairly complex group of students, um more than ninety percent of those students are from Non English speaking backgrounds. I’ve noticed at St Johns Park High School that their ability to make decisions and think quickly on their feet they are not equipped with those personal management skills in real life situations. Student wellbeing is really important to us because fundamentally our core business is student learning. But students that are not safe, well fed, you know in the zone can’t learn. You can’t learn if you’re afraid, you can’t learn if your welfare is not looked after. Crossroads is important for students in year 11 and 12 because it is a continuation of year 7-10 PDHPE. When they get to senior school they are able to explore those issues that are more relevant to them and more of interest and things that they will actually be doing in the outside world. Crossroads provides us with space to have a whole lot of conversations with students where there is no space normally. We want to try and keep our students safe, happy, functioning well at school with clear minds and we also want to give them the resources so that if they get off track, if something is happening in their life that they know that they can come to a trusted teacher, that they can come to a school counsellor that there are helplines for them. We give them all of that sort of information throughout the Crossroads program. We start our Crossroads program off at St Johns Park High School at the beginning of year 11 where all students in year 11 are encouraged to go on a camp. We then structure timetabled lessons where students participate in an 80 minute lesson per fortnight. We’re quiet lucky at St Johns Park we get approximately ninety to ninety five percent of the students attending the camp. So it is really part of the school culture in terms of year 11 banding together and really getting together as a year. But also it’s one of those things where they don’t really realise that they are engaging in the lessons and learning all these new concepts because it is such an exciting atmosphere. We do take them out of their comfort zone a lot. Creating that environment where they can openly share their opinions. They know that they are in a safe place to do it as well and getting the right information especially topics that are quiet um taboo. Also the fact that school could actually be the only place that they can really discuss these particular topics. We always tell the kids that it is all about them developing their own understandings that it is not a right and wrong. They’re answers depend on their upbringing and their experience and that we’re not in a position to judge anyone, that it’s all about them feeling safe and comfortable with themselves. Because we want these students to really open up and connect with the staff members that they are going to have in their senior years. Here at St Johns Park we’ve found that if we give them activities that are fun where they get to have that higher order thinking they really get the better responses out so that’s worked really well here. Also not just classroom based, using computer labs, outdoors for activity and um listening to what they want to learn about has helped us here as well. We have had a lot of support in implementing the Crossroads program which has started from the top. Our Executive have been behind us 100% of the way to implement what we think is best for our students, their wellbeing and how they can benefit from the program.