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I’m so happy how the channel is growing today I wanted to talk to you about a
couple things about cruising I was mentioning in the title here on this on
this live event that I was going to mention how to survive a storm at sea I
noticed the other day the news coverage coming out of New York
the Norwegian I think was the getaway or yet the getaway cruise ship came back to
New York having plowed through a winter storm up the the north north eastern
seaboard they plowed their way up and passengers were all shook up and it was
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I was just talking about going to New York oh man
these poor passengers I think it was a ship holding up the 4,000 passengers I
don’t know if it was full I saw one news report saying four hundred passengers
are on board and I I just can’t believe that only four hundred passengers would
have been on board this ship I can’t believe that I might have in a typo and
maybe you know close to 4,000 passengers are on the ship plus of course the crew
and you’d have what 1600 crew at least on ship of that size anyway they the
captain decided to plow through that storm the what was I called the bomb
cyclone and you know out at sea there are no trees to break the wind there are
no mountains or Hills to kind of break up the its flat and the wind is just
howling and there is no mercy and these cruise ships take a pounding but what
what these people were talking about onboard the ship is that they you know
how rough it was and how you know the ship was moving front to back side to
side what they don’t understand or or what they may not fully realize is these
ships that they built today and in the last 3040 years they are so
sophisticated in their design they can handle worse than that as bad as that
cyclone was actually it’s a cakewalk for the ship and cargo ships you know they
plow through systems like this all the time although they’ll try to
skirt them if they can if they’re able to they don’t know
time if they know that in two days they’re coming up to the edge of our
hurricane now they’ll divert their route and try to get through you know lower
type waves I mean what ship captain wants to go through the middle of a
storm nobody but these ships can handle more than this I was going to mention
today that I was on a cruise from New York to to the Caribbean a couple years
ago on the Explorer of the Seas which is a Royal Caribbean ship we left Bayonne
New Jersey on a beautiful winter day it was 58 degrees for the high the bay and
Manhattan though the whole Harbor New York was just glass smooth as glass
and we thought oh this is wonderful and we had heard there was a storm brewing
and it was gonna come up the you know the eastern seaboard but I suspected
that it was coming up through land but now it went off shore and came up
through New York so the next morning when we woke up I had trouble putting my
socks on and my underwear on and my pants on because of the movement of the
ship and we were in an inside room so we couldn’t look out to see what we were
facing with faced with that morning and I’ll tell you we thought we would go for
a walk and look around and I didn’t make it very far I was out of that room for
maybe ten minutes and I found one of those conveniently placed the bags that
the crew will put in certain places of the ship in case you don’t feel well we
want we know what those bags are really called well I I took one of those
whatever I and I gave I didn’t have much I hadn’t had breakfast yet and I knew
right then I wasn’t having breakfast this morning it’s like what’s that angry
now you know it was just terrible so we worked our way back to our room and I
just wanted to lie down on my bed because I couldn’t handle this this this
movement this this constant movement not like it was severe it was just this
constant slope we would occasionally hear these sounds on the hall boom and
it was a wave crashing on but the ship just plowed right through
this stuff the captain was on every hour to tell us the progress of what was
going on and he told us it was getting worse before it got better but in the
next six eight hours we’d be through the worst of it and then we would just keep
right on going the ship was moving 25 miles an hour into the storm the storm
was moving north at like 50 60 miles an hour so we were involved with eighty
mile an hour winds with gusts up to a hundred and up to 35 40 foot waves but
the ship could handle that and more but the people on board can do so all day
long I just stayed in my room I found that if I laid on my left side I wouldn’t feel sick if I tried to lay
down on my right side I would get motion sickness so I lay down on my left side
and ya know just slept a lot it was so debilitating and tiring for me
personally that I just slept and I wake up a little bit I’d sleep again and
again no hunger pangs and I didn’t need to go to the bathroom I had nothing to
give and I didn’t want to put anything in so the next morning we woke up and it
was far better it was so much better that we did go out and we went to the
buffet back of the ship and I just nibbled on on a few things I thought I
would really take it easy on myself and so I got my coffee and I was sipping a
coffee and I found some tomato juice with some salt on it that I always found
that to be a good hangover cure and I would sip on that and then I found
a bit of fruit and I have a little bit in a little bit and then when lunchtime
came I was hungry and the ship that was much smoother and the captain was
telling us we’re through the worst of it but the bad news was he had to slow the
speed of the ship down because of the conditions and by doing that he of
course made it easier on us as passengers but we were gonna miss our
first stop so out of New York we’re supposed to be at sea for two days and
then make it the labadie in Haiti which is a private resort area that that rural
Caribbean operates we’re gonna miss it we were gonna get
there at the speed we were going we were gonna get there at five in the afternoon
and we were supposed to leave at six in the afternoon that day and we couldn’t
you’re not gonna be there dark obviously so we were going to miss Labadie so what
he did ended up doing is he slowed the ship down even more down to about 12
knots and we in a leisurely pace meandering along and in the afternoon of
that second day people were already out enjoying the sunshine because it was now
70 degrees because we were heading you know quite a bit self and the storm was
up in New York and the whole next day which was supposed to be labadie day was
80 degrees 85 degrees was much smoother seas whatever way so there we didn’t
feel them because the ship was so huge that the stabilizers nullified at all
and and we just you know cruised along until we reached our second stop which
was the next morning on time a San Juan Puerto Rico and so that’s where we where
we ended up on our on our first actual stop and it was warm and muggy and you
know tropical what we were looking for and then the next day we went to st.
Thomas and then day after that we did San Marino sent st. Martin and then two
days back to New York and thankfully the first day back was warm the second day
back was cool because the further north we were getting the cooler was getting
but the storm was gone it had long left the area because it had
been a week ago that the storm had hit New York and Boston the area so by the
time we got to New Jersey we saw snow everywhere but it was a sunny day and it
was about 45 degrees 40 45 degrees but windy but smooth and we woke up the the
morning of departure and all was well and so that’s how that’s how I survived
my day at sea in a terrible storm there was about a day and a half I did
talk to we all talked to each other by with passengers we’d all this was the
topic of discussion on board and I met a few cruisers who have done you know 15
20 30 cruises and I said have you ever ever been through a storm like this and
every one of them said nope this is the worst one we’ve ever been through and we
were all hearing rumors about there was some damage here
some tables fell over here or somebody fell down there but nothing was ever
confirmed and you never saw any sophistical serious physical damage to
the ship there’s nothing the crew was great the medical staff was there they
were great they were helping out if there were any needs so we all survived
I am looking at another message oh hello crash 3x I see your message thank you so
much for checking me out your love your comment love labadie when they greet the
ships on jet skis and boats and horns usually stay on the ship while everyone
is off playing yeah you got it you know when you’re on a cruise and you
get to port like when I take a Mexican cruise we stopped in Kabul and in Cabo
they don’t have a port a pier you have to tender you know the light board and I
don’t like being on the small little lifeboats I don’t like you know jumping
around like this on a like foot so I stay on the ship I find that out of the
say last one we were on were on the princess cruise line we had 25 or 26
hundred passengers I think was the number and 1800 of them got off the ship
left like six seven hundred of us send the crew and I’ll tell you it was great
there was nobody there I went to the spa and there was no body there I had the
jacuzzi to myself the steam room to myself it was fantastic and my wife and
I would you know meet up in the buffet area or where everyone even you know no
lineups and was fantastic just a great day off from all the other passengers so
you know sometimes you want to get off the ship at a place like that sometimes
you don’t and it depends on what are you there you know what’s the point of the
cruise if the point of the cruise is to relax and unwind from stresses of home
or work or whatever if a zipline ride will do it for you and
Labadie way to go but if staying on the ship and just reading a book at the you
know where the pool is and staying in your balcony suite sitting on the
lounger on your balcony and just looking out over the the view remember you’re 10
to 15 stories up off the ground you got a great view of the whole place see the
ship isn’t moving it’s absolutely still you can’t you can’t go wrong with that
so yeah there’s something to be said about staying on the ship and not even
bother now I wanted to mention today another another little topic I’m just
looking for any other message Matt hey Matt hey I see you you’re there I’m here
welcome to the broadcast I wanted to mention today about how this the
atmosphere on a cruise ship changes depending on what day you’re on the
cruise and and those of you who’ve taken a cruise before you know exactly what
I’m talking about those of you haven’t you’re gonna get you’re gonna feel this
yourself the first day embarkation day the day you get on the ship that’s an
exciting day I don’t care what you say if you’re a veteran of cruising or or
you’re a first-timer I find it it’s the same every time
first you’re all excited in the morning wherever you’re waking up whether you’re
in a hotel in the city that you know the cruises leaving from or whether you’re
driving in you know from somewhere else to the to the port city with either a
rental car or your own car or whether you’re flying in you know if you’re
flying in its nervous because you’re you’re hoping is going to get to the
destination that that you need to get to and that you can get from the airport to
the to the port you know in plenty of time I find that the most stressful
because one flight delay one mechanical issue with the aircraft and you could be
done for and I just hate to putting myself in that kind of a position
because if I’ve booked a one week cruise or attend a cruise oh I’d hate to miss
the ship and then what do i do how do I catch the ship now or do I miss it what
do I do for 10 days don’t wanna get into that position anyway when you get to the
fort it’s all mayhem its complete mayhem it looks like everything’s out of
control but everything is actually kind of systematically working but for
those of you who’ve never seen it before you wondering what the heck is going on
cabs are coming in buses are coming in private vehicles you know but if friends
are dropping friends off at the at the pier and they don’t know where to do the
drop zone or traffic people trying to keep the cars and trucks and buses
moving it’s complete chaos but we all want to get on that ship so it’s an
exciting time that that first those first few hours we got Matt here I
crashed 3x another comment bikini auto I’m going to 1 1 degrees Celsius yeah
that’s fantastic here in Creston BC we’re plus two body anyway when you’re you’re at the port
and you know you get your bags and now you trying to figure out where do I take
what do we take my luggage and what do I hand it off so I can go into the into
the terminal to check in while you figure it out you see on the sidewalk
where people are lined up and not lined up and where the porters are and you
mantua Lee get to a porter hand them your bags usually you’ll have your bag
tags print it off at home on your printer and you’ll have them stapled
onto the handles of your luggage and then you can you know you can hand off
your bags and go from there Apollo I loved watching the total organized a/c
so once you walk into the terminal things calm down and the great good
thing about these Cruise Lines is that they have done this you know they do
this all the time Carnival you know with all their
different brands you know they have a hundred god ships
how many cruises a week are they launching and you know unlaunchable the
seen your face when they look into your your eyes they know whether you’re a
first timer or not they can tell you’re like walking around with like a like a
deer in your eyes wide open they know you don’t know what you’re doing they’re
there to help you they have all kinds of I think they call them ambassadors or
greeters to guide you and they ask you you know they might ask you
the name of your shit for our you’re going on a cruise today with us great
they have their badges on you know carnival princess or Royal Caribbean and
then they’ll find out where you need to go and sometimes it’s by your last name
sometimes it’s what kind of room you have it all varies but they’ll guide you
along and you’ll and you’ll end up in a long line and the next thing you know
all the line that was just moving you’ll find it when you get into so called
check-in line you’ll see 30 check-in agents standing there not like the
airport nowadays you know where you’re flying you know American or Delta and
you got to do it all yourself or you see three agents and there’s 35 people in
line here they want to get you on because they’re trying to get on over
2,000 people sometimes 4,000 people on a cruise in like a three four-hour window
that means efficiency and speed is the order of the day so they’ll have 30 40
50 check-in agents to take care of you and their job right from the moment you
get there is to make you them and get you calm and get you keep you excited
and not frustrated because you’ve come to a cruise to get away from everything
not to get in the middle of a mess unlike the airport where you know the
further along the process the more stressed you are it’s unbelievable
I would just check my messages again Porter’s and luggage handlers must feel
like you’re handing your bags to these guys the porters why I feel obligated to
give them a couple of bucks and yeah if you’re the United States you’re getting
those $1 bills but in Canada from you know Canadians we only have loonies and
toonies but we don’t generally board very many ships in Canada obviously but
yeah when you’re in LA or Miami or Fort Lauderdale you’re handing $1 bills and
these borders at the end of their shift they’re going home with 20 30 40 50 60
100 ever many $1 bills must feel like exotic dancers ah man and Matt says it’s crazy because
I love the chaos and the bustle but newer real Kirby chips it’s completely
different they’ll have that too Paula says staff are amazing they’re so
attendant and nice everywhere you go what a great feeling you’ve got and
everyone is happy as I say once you’ve got rid of your bags and now you’re in
line and you get to your check-in agent there you know these ones to your
passport and if you’ve got a printout of your boarding pass fantastic now what
taste you use your smartphone it’s all on there and the check-in process is a
breeze I think they still take your photo at that spot then they give you a
plastic room card and now you got your room card on the back is probably your
photo and the room number all-important room it’s like you don’t forget where am
i staying because each ship has a different name for each deck and then
you know your room might start with a letter or two letters and then your
numbers and sometimes it’s like you’re like you know H four one one 302 you’re
trying to remember this I can’t remember my last name I can remember this too so
you know if it’s on the card I appreciate it it makes my life easier
anyway once you through that you you’re now walking through the security check
in just like an airport security go through the x-ray machine no big deal
and then you’re in the waiting area and they give you a live you a little number
a little card or a little token of some kind it might say h4 or might be a color
orange green yellow pink and they start calling out these numbers or colors
every once in a while to say all people with the red token come on up you’re
coming onto the ship right now let me just see what else is going on here
Paula says the staff are amazing they’re so attentive Anais yeah I got 3x I like
the new bracelet bands over the SS garden flower ship side off the shoot
yes a bracelet bands I’m sure they’re coming you know they’re gonna make this
more and more efficient and slick as it gets
I know once you’re called on to to get on your you’re basically walking out
towards the gangplank and boy that’s where the excitement really builds up
because you just filled with this eagerness you all are getting on the
ship and you get to see it you get to see the darn thing because you’re
outside of the terminal building you’re now walking on the gangplank and usually
you’re kind of walking along and along higher and higher because the cruise
ship is getting you on board on deck 7 or deck 8 and when you by design they
want to wow you right away so the first wow factor is you see the size of this
vessel you’re about to get on and you’re already seven stories off the ground and
you can look down through the windows and see all the crew down there although
people who are loading the ship up with all the food and supplies and then the
luggage of course and then you’re looking up and you see the top of the
ship which is no seven eight stories high and then you’re looking to the
front of the ship into the back and it says mass of these thousand footlong
1,100 footlong 1,200 footlong Maude’s behemoths
fantastic and then you coming in the doors and they’ve got the double doors
open up there and there’s this the crew a couple of members of the crew waiting
for they’re all decked out in their their best attire and the first thing
you do is you put your hand under the sanitizer and you got to rub your hands
because there’s that virus out there and they’re showing you right now the minute
you get on this ship they don’t want you to get that darn norovirus from anything
and this is just the first sign that these dispensers are all over the place
and I don’t mind it a bit so I get little Switzer rub my hands and it’s dry
so fast and that smell of that hand sanitizer brings it all back to you
whenever I smell that I think of a cruise ship I see Matt agrees a big
beautiful sight since more and more people use scooters do you feel of
dedicated elevator speed up the process I find a huge everyday weight every day
on board oh that is a good comment uh scooters what do I say about scooters
um you know you don’t want to deny someone the ability to take a cruise you
want you know you want everyone to come and enjoy you know God forbid I ever
need one and I I don’t want to give up cruising on until I have to I you know
it’s one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation I find it
the bigger the ships now the more they’re advertisers you know mega ships
with 5,000 passengers and you see them you see the photos on the on the travel
brochures or on the internet now we see that you know the promotion publicity
photos that the cruise ships are offering us these ships are huge the
decks are massive and you just kind of think oh my god it’s is because the
shopping mall this is fantastic and so the the initial thinking is well know
mom and husband a wife we’re going and grandma’s coming or grandpa’s coming or
Grandma and Grandpa’s coming and maybe a couple of grand kids and you know
grandma grandpa helped them pay the bill here that you know to help out with the
family of four plus the two of them and they’re using you know two suites or one
big suite or whatever and so you know for Grandma and Grandpa would be a lot
better if they brought their scooter and why not and the way these scooters are
built nowadays and design you know with cupholders and baskets and I am they’re
ideal for getting around unlike a you know bulky old wheelchair
god forbid you you’re in a hand-powered wheelchair on a cruise ship you would
not be fun because one of you is pushing you know who and you don’t want to be
doing that a lot of seniors theta they want the independence they don’t want
their kids you know having to they don’t wanna be having to be seen pushed around
anywhere let alone a cruise ship in public period I can understand that
there’s that fierce independent streak some of us have anyway these scooters
they’re getting smarter with them they’re thin thin
but the drivers aren’t necessarily the best driver well what do you do on on
the elevator situation because sometimes you know you want to go up or down four
or five flights if it’s just a flight or two and it’s
going you’re going down a flight think of steps if you can do it if you’re not
using the stroller but if you’re on us you’re on one those motorized scooters
you have no choice and what do you do and gosh if you if
you designate one elevator for you know powered scooters only and people start
using it because it’s the first elevator that’s showed up then you get mad at
those who are using the other way that shouldn’t be using the elevator and then
you get mad at the people who are using with scooters or using the elevator you
wish they wouldn’t use because they should be using the one that you that
tension tension and stress what do you do I sometimes I kind of wish the
elevators on cruise ships were larger you know in square footage and in that
way they wouldnt have to have as many but the design of these units
I’m sure the engineers who figured out the design of these elevators they know
that you know no more than ten passengers because at sea with a moving
vessel you know the whole thing we have a 360 degree moving pallet here that
elevator has to function perfectly and it can’t function with more than 15 or
20 people in it too much weight now we have damage to the cabling or to their
side tracks and so the elevators might have to be the size they’re at for now I
don’t know it’s one of those you know that’s a that’s a politically difficult
subject to talk about other comments let me see like the hand station those
people laxing off towards the end of the cruise I use them every time still
caught yeah that’s right don’t you notice with these hand sanitizers when
you go to the I find I go to the buffet and there’s always a person at the front
of the buffet to welcome you and greet you in and they’re always there to make
sure you’re using that sanitizer machine and from time to time you find them
irritating but you know they have to be irritating they have to really drill it
into us use it use it use it because after a while people feel invincible
they don’t think they’re gonna get ill it’s been four or five day or four of
seven days on the cruise only got two days to go I’m not gonna get sick I’m
not sick so far the reason you haven’t gotten sick so far is because all the
passengers were paying attention and following the rules
using the sanitizers or washing your hands in the bathroom or you know just
common sense you know but um we forget and we get lazy and you know and then
there are some of us who I’ve got a mean streak in us or we don’t give a darn
streak in us and we just you know we don’t follow the we don’t follow the
rules all the time unless they make us and then we resent being told what to do
what are you gonna do now back to this atmosphere on the ship that first 10 20
30 minutes you’re on board you get into that Dumbledore your hats and ties have
been greeted by the staff they might hand you up
usually they hand you some kind of line brochure of some kind maybe it’s today’s
newsletter the events that are going on and what’s happening at 7 o’clock eight
o’clock medical you’re not kind of thing and and or they’re handing you a couple
of flyers you know check out the spa and all of our spa treatment specials and
our you know or you can get the manicure and facials you know I mean they’re
there to sell or they’re handing you a flyer on the trying to get you over to
the retail floor and buy some nice perfume or duty-free products that are
still not you know their profit free you know they’re not profit free so you
gotta watch for that hanging out another another little comment so much truth
Terry you should you said it airs out to get you food but and but before you
agreed Terry you’re right welcome to the chat fantastic I see six viewers if
you’re just joining the chatter he if you just joined give me a thumbs up and
let me know that you’re getting the signal okay so that when I check later
I’ll see how many thumbs up I have hopefully that’s working for you back to
the atmosphere of day one boy I’ll tell you I just love it when I get on the
ship for the first time usually you come out in the middle of the ship right with
that lobbyist those beautiful shots we’ve seen on those brochures those four
or five stories six story high atriums that they have and the glass elevators
going up and down and the grand piano being played on the lower deck and the
flowers are out and it’s just gorgeous you know the handrails
look like they’re made of brass you know the whole treatment the big WOW
factor and that’s what the cruise ships want they want the newbies the
first-timers and I’m returning guests to come in there and go oh wow is this ever
fantastic and you forget almost immediately you’re on a ship you forget
the fact that this is a cruise ship that moves and you’re in this gorgeous resort
and you hear this the music coming over you know filtering over the over the
whole area and you come to the handrail and you’re leaning down and you’re
looking down two or three or four levels and you’re looking up a couple of levels
and it’s just stunning and now you know what do you do what do you do well if
you’re carrying you know a handbag or you’re pulling a small carry-on type
unit well you may want to get rid of it ASAP so you know that the first order of
business might be let’s find the cabin let’s find our cabin check out our room
that your bags likely won’t be there yet but you know at least you could head
that direction and so you you now have to figure where am I on the ship I don’t
know am I in the middle of the ship for him in the front or I’m in the back and
what level I’m on versus what level I’m supposed to be on for my room and how
far from here and where are the nearest elevators a sauna here’s here’s the big
logistics where is everything and so you’re you may have been handed a map of
the ship when you also gone on board or you may be heading to the nearest
elevator Bank and the first thing everyone does is they’re standing in
front of the sign reading looking at the layout of the ship footprint and trying
to figure out what deck is deck and what deck is what are they numbered or they
named Lido deck promenade deck as type of thing sports deck all that kind of
stuff so it’s it’s the it’s the proverbial I don’t know what you know
what’s happening I’m gonna find out you know where I am and where I’m going and
what I’m seeing and all this Paula says Princess Royal went so smooth everywhere
you went I was impressed how all those people blended together without any
delays maybe like delay once in a while ice cream
fall are always parlour always align yep that’s right it crashed 3x suggestion
eat before going on board because everybody heads to the buffet that’s
another thing they do unless you’re in concierge class or suite class you get a
private lunch in the dining room that there you go that’s true to another’s
thought if you get on board and you’re kind of you know you’re bit peckish and
you want something to eat an idea is the head for the pool deck
because they’ll usually pull out the barbecue units on the first day and
depending on the cruise line they now have Pizza Pizza stations
hamburger hotdog you know bratwursts and frankfurter station perhaps on the other
side on the pool deck as well you get a quick snack you know burger and some
fries just the kind of guy over till dinner time on that on that first on
that first night how many cruises I’ve been on ah let me
think now it’s approaching ten something like that and then I’ve been on the
ocean liner in 1962 and 1959 I did an ocean liner crossing on the North
Atlantic from Canada to Germany and from Germany back to Canada in 62
I remember the 1962 cruise not the ninety because in 59 I was four and a 62
or six and a half don’t get married for seven and I thought I did a video about
that 1962 cruise I remember the food I remember how my parents would talk when
when relatives and stuff would come over and visit for decades
20 years later like in 1982 you know my mom and dad would have friends come over
for dinner and you know where have you lived over the years and blah blah blah
what have you done over the years and one of the relatives would say to my
parents well didn’t you live in Germany weren’t you in the army they’d asked my
dad how did you guys get back and the topic would be when we got back on the
ocean liner and my parents would pull out the photo album and they would pull
out the picture of the home wreck the ocean liner we were on from home lines
which was a holding it was he had her feet long
fifteen hundred people on the ship the entire band that my dad was a military
man so the whole band and all the families were on this ship heading back
to Canada and they were talking about how great this ship was and how great
the ride was and the food of course in those days you had a signed CD so you
ate dinner at six o’clock or you ate dinner at 7:30 or whatever the time was
you had to come to the dining room to the maitre d and you would then be taken
to your usual table every night the same table as a kid I had to wear a tie I had
to wear a shirt and a tie I’m six what the heck’s going on my sister who’s four
had to wear a beautiful little dress and those party shoes you know and my mom
was decked out new direct different dress every evening for dinner in heels
and makeup I could remember the Chanel number five order powering overpowering
and my dad in a suit and tie I mean my goodness I hadn’t seen my parents look
this good every night on the cruise but we were in the dining room and I didn’t
I didn’t know until years later not I mean decades later I figured it out you
all got dressed up for dinner of course and you had a you had her same waiter
every night and we had a wonderful meal three four courses with dessert you name
it and you know we kids were spoiled rotten by these waiters and the Busboys
was fantastic and my parents just loved it and we made sure we were stuffed nice
and full these had Turkey give the kid Turkey Caribbean turkey cuz after dinner
we got a little walk around the ship dad would say go for a walk on Jim I’m happy
as can be I didn’t know what’s going on and then we ended up back in our cabin
around 7:30 8 o’clock at night and it bedtime so you know my sister and I
think nothing I would we we’d get unit or PJs and you know mom and dad was tuck
us in and you know within 15-20 minutes I’m gone God my sister’s gone where were
my parents had it they were still all dolled up in their finery well every
night they went to the the dancehall and they had the live
orchestra going and they had the drinks and the cigarettes and the dancing and
the schmoozing and the yeah yucking it up because all the parents from the army
all the army parents had all their kids tucked in and now they were all hanging
out in the dance hall and they’re all musicians so they’re all critiquing the
band on the stage but these musicians on stage they played every night for hours
five hours every night these guys were pros
they were brilliant that my dad couldn’t wait to go to the dance hall watch and
listen and dance to these guys fantastic my parents had what was it six seven day
crossing they had a seven-day holiday like you wouldn’t believe
we kids we had a great time but my parents had a greater greater time
so when River relatives would come over yeah when that topic came up about that
cross cross a transatlantic crossing they went on they left talking about
they had pictures like I said pictures of the ship pictures of the sitting in
the dining room was unbelievable that was that was something to see whatever
comments I’ve got which line do I prefer you know I I like each has its own you
know unique feature I really like a halt in America because of the five-star
service and amenities I’ve been on a couple of Norwegian ships I’ve been on
the Jade and on the epic and I think was brand within a year old by the time I
got on it and huge for 4,000 4,200 passengers where the the the Jade was
about 2,400 passengers and I liked both of them I love certain features of the
Jade and I loved certain features of the epic and I didn’t care for some features
of the epic and and some on the Jade what are you gonna do Princess Cruises
been on I’ve been on a couple of Princess Cruises and also on Royal
Caribbean so I’ve been on a few few the different lines got a few to go and I’ll
be working on that each has its own you know pluses and minuses depending on the
size of the ship the age of the ship where you are on the ship that
let’s see here we just want our Royal Caribbean cruise Terry says the first
thing we do is always head for the buff ake couldn’t leave buffing is closed we
got there 3:30 in its claws oh man you know it’s each line is different you
know what are you gonna do I know that they’ll do a shutdown for a while
because on the first date you got that muster tour you know where you got to do
your lifejacket thing and there’s no way the cruise line is going to be make it
easy for you to have an excuse to miss the mustard the mustard rule not the
mustard tour the muster drill so for those of you who don’t know you check in
once you’re in your room you have to be in your room they’d like you to get your
life jackets from your room they want you to find them put them on and wear
them or bring them with you at least hold them bring them with you to your
muster station and that’s listed right on the back the inside of your back of
your door or in the back of your door inside your cabin and you know I’ll tell
you exactly where to go how to get there and that’s where if there’s ever an
emergency you have to go to your muster station for instructions well for the
first Navy cruise at 4 o’clock window usually for five o’clock window just as
the ships getting ready to go we have a muster tour and the the entire ship all
passengers have to be accounted for and I think boarding is usually completed by
3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon and by about 4:30 5 o’clock like within
the first hour after the final passenger is on board they then have the muster
tour and on the on the end held looks like handheld phones really that
these these crewmembers have when you come to the muster station you have to
have your room key with you of course and they’ll have you scan your room key
on their device and that proves to the ship the captain and and and everyone on
board all which passengers are have checked in for the mustered tour and our
muster drill sorry and I don’t think the muster drill
is over until all passengers have checked in I mean it’s that serious and
if they know you know if there’s 15 passengers that haven’t checked in for
the muster drill and they now have the actual instructions as to what to do if
you hear this they’ll have the alarms go off telling you what these are what they
mean they’ll find those 15 passengers and they’ll track them down and you’re
in trouble don’t miss the muster drill it’s for
your own safety you should know what’s going on even if you’re a veteran of a
cruise because things change you know you may have been on the same ship five
years ago but since you’re on that ship five years ago things have changed they
had it into drydock for for maintenance upgrades
they’ve made changes to the ship they have changes to the rules now or to
evacuation procedures you just have to be on top of this stuff so it’s an
important thing to do but I yeah once that muster drill is over
the B line is on everyone’s heading back to their rooms to get rid of those life
vests and now time to change either to head for the pool or for the spa or for
the dining room or for you know wherever you’re going on the ship that you you
know whatever it is you want to be doing on the ship because you 2,500 to 5,000
people are scattering everywhere to do everything and that’s what this first
day excitement is all about this first day excitement is just is is so
measurable there’s so much going on you yes survive getting there you survive
getting on you survive finding your room you survive the muster drill your
luggage arrived and now you can unpack your luggage and and figure out where
everything goes if what everything in the bathroom husband’s figure out oh my
god I only have you know four hangars for my stuff my wife has 30 hangers the
wife is going oh my god I’ve only got 30 hangers for my stuff there are rats and
it’s exciting and now you know what are we doing tonight and you go out you’re
into the hallway and you want to go for a bite to eat maybe you’re gonna be e to
the buffet tonight right you go to eat at the dining room or you’ve you’ve
already been to the dining room to make your dinner times and seating
arrangements and all this stuff or you’re traveling with another couple and
you’re arranging with them I’ll meet you at 7:30 at the so-and-so and you’re
getting together with them and looking around at everybody and your you
know some of the passengers are all in their best outfits others are just
schlepping around like me and a polo shirt then shorts or khakis and you know
we’re in relaxed mode we don’t care where others are the couples are there
dressed to the nines and because everybody’s watching so that first day
is just a fantastic a fantastic time Oh Dylan you’re here hey Dylan how’s it
going buddy welcome give me a thumbs up if you can get a good signal on my on my
on my live stream epic was a total epic failure Oh Terry I’m sorry to hear that
oh sorry it was a total epic failure for you that’s too bad Matt says I don’t think a Norwegian
handle people very well they don’t handle crowds on the pool deck or guest
services area from my experience I’ll talk to you about that in a second
Terry says royal doesn’t require that you take your lifejacket that’s again
he’s lying you know they have their own ways don’t think royal princess at the
end of February I have a question the drink package for three or $40.00 I’m a
very light weight drinker but I don’t want to worry about the Dubai items that
I’m going to drink that much dillan drink packages I’ll talk about
that to see what’s what’s attractive say I booked online at Keuka on Black Friday
every year with celebrity get free drink package oh yeah free Wi-Fi and this
year’s thousand-dollar onboard crit way to go man I tell you there’s some great
sites out there for booking cruises Matt one of our printers we asked what
happens if you don’t go to the muster drill and they said they just send a
letter to your room telling you what to do they they can do that it it you know
it depends on the line and on the captain and on the on the crew what the
rules are Paula says don’t use own lifejacket on
Princess okay Terry says you can get kicked off for not going to the mustard
yeah that you know you know there’s there can be consequences for this
Prince doesn’t require to bring your life jacket to the muster either drink
packages I’m personally not a big fan of a drink
package but then again that’s me cuz I you know I used to enjoy the social
drink once in a while now I don’t drink much of it all I’m I just drink pop all
the time my wife however loves a beer and loves a cocktail from time to time
but she couldn’t justify a drink package either she’s couldn’t justify it you
know here on a seven-day cruise for example and it’s a Caribbean cruise or a
or a Mexican Riviera cruise you got to think about a couple of things if you’ve
got three or four stops during the day on your itinerary you might be off the
ship for between say as little as two or three hours for as long as five or six
or seven hours daytime hours you know when you’re awake because you don’t
drink when you’re sleeping generally and if you’ve paid for a drink package that
runs you you know 300 bucks 3 400 bucks 600 whatever the number is you got to
ask yourself am I gonna drink that much to justify it and do you really want to
put yourself under pressure that I I have to drink this much alcohol to
justify the stupid price I paid for my drink package I can’t understand why
you’d want to do that the other thing to think about too is it you know if day 3
you were off the ship for a few hours and you know you’re in Jamaica and
you’re on a date or and you ended up at a little bar and you have like two or
three drinks you know a couple beers and one night you get back to the ship and
you just don’t feel a hundred percent you but you’ve got a drink eight drinks
today to pay for that card you just don’t feel good going in why are you
killing yourself what’s the point of that here’s the other thing day three is
a rough day it’s raining and it’s a rough day at sea and the ship is heaving
a bit you don’t feel so good you don’t know that when you buy the
package day one that you’re not gonna feel good on day four or day five and
you might not have a drink at all on those two days and you know what you can
never catch up and you can never justify the cost of that drink package I find it
really a tough one to swallow but I will say there are cruise lines out there
that will say hey look if you’re buying a drink package
the one one person alone can’t do it you have to buy both of you have to buy one
and if one of you is a non drinker well that makes no sense whatsoever in my
case that would make no sense for my wife and I I tell her just order
whatever you want and just add it to the charge on the room and don’t don’t care
about it because they wanted to you might spend 15 20 30 40 dollars each day
on alcohol if you’re drinking that much having wine by the glass order but on
day three and four you might only find that you had a one beer and and maybe
one glass of wine with dinner because we were on short and we enjoyed ourselves
there and then day five or six you know I just didn’t feel like drinking as much
and you had it all up at the end of the cruise you spent 80 bucks on alcohol for
the whole thing or 150 on alcohol for the whole cruise on the ship it’s
cheaper than the drink package just so much and the second person you know like
me I bring caffeine free diet coke this is my drink of choice right here I’m not
even paid to do this okay coca-cola this one’s free on me I drink caffeine free
diet coke because if I drink the regular coke a regular Diet Coke it’s got
caffeine in it and I love having my latte first thing in the morning but I
don’t need you know ten more lattes there’s four more three more for the
rest of the four rest of the day I’ll be bouncing off the walls like a
six-year-old on a lollipop don’t want to be doing that so I bring my own Cola
with me I like to get to the the ship the day before the cruise departs and
head to the Walmart or the Kmart or the Costco or the Albertsons grocery store
or whatever the you know wherever it is and I’ll buy two or three dozen colas
you know for super cheap thirty cents it can you know thirty five cents it can
and I’ll load those cases in my luggage and and I’ll enjoy those Cole is on on
board and when I you know when I’m on the ship I’ve read are one of those big
drink containers that are that can hold like two cans to a half cans at a time
I’ll put half of it with ice pour in two cans of Cola screw the lid on and walk
around the deck and enjoy I don’t even take this to the sauna with me so I’m in
this steam room or in the jacuzzi area that my Cola with me
I love it and I don’t have to buy 36 colas over seven days at 225 to 250
apiece with tip so I save a few bucks is a lot of money not really but it’s a bit
you know how the other comments crush 3x says we normally get a soda packed for
the week at $50 then we each bring one bottle of wine bring a glass down for
dinner and pay for individual cocktail when we don’t get a free drink package
right on Royal they required you to buy a package for both people but once they
got on the ship they were allowed to buy just one that’s interesting
Matt says lots of cruise lines don’t allow you to bring soda anymore that’s
an interesting thing although they don’t want to go through every bag believe me
they just haven’t ever had a problem six cruises seventh or eighth order it is
never had problem bringing bringing pop on board
Terry says yep Matt Royal doesn’t any more of a princess still does on those
drink packages and most cruise ships allow a 12 cans per person and one wine
per person in a carry-on and again I I don’t I don’t bring anything on the
carry-on I put my stuff my wife brings two bottles of wine with her I think the
last crew she brought three because they were on sale and so on she had we had a
three suit carry two big suitcases and a couple of carry-on types we checked them
all in with the with the with the guys that the you know at the bottom of the
thermal when we got there and we didn’t see those until we got to the room and
they arrived the suitcases arrived we opened them up there the bottles of wine
there’s the pop no issue whatsoever you know if they confiscate a bottle of
wine from us or they they you know they take it away to give it back to us at
the end of the cruise or they they take a dozen of my cans of Cola away from me
okay it’s chance I take I mean what was it costing me thirty-five cents again
four or five bucks a dozen no big deal but if I have to buy you know pop after
my pop I’ll tell ya I was at Port of my arts now on on haul America and princess
in Florida why aren’t they you you were the ship’s go to the pier we’re right
across the street from a shopping mall and in the shopping mall there’s a
Walmart there they want with the grocery division and I’ve been
into the grocery store there and bought a dozen diet cokes can’t buy caffeine
free diet coke in Mexico by the way at least not when I went and I brought I
would carry the cases with me across the street back to the ship at the end of
our room you know walking around because we just hung out at the mall across the
street when we were down we I’m carry them back they didn’t care
yeah no problem bring bring a couple of dozen colas with you did didn’t bother
cuz 1v4 my wife want to be for me no big deal so you know each line has its own
you know ways let’s see what else have other comments Terry has area crashes
allowed 12 cans mad screw up lines cuz this is Sarah corkage fee crew stopwatch
own crew screw top wine bottles good point
my wife specifically looks or screw top wines to take on board so she just has
to do that exactly and the other thing that we do when we check into our room
we first get there very quickly you’ll meet your room Stuart the the individual
it looks after your room while you’re there for the whole week if there’s
anything in that bar fridge that’s in my room I have them take it out I’ll just
say would you mind cleaning this whole fridge out I have stuff I want to put in
there myself and there’s no problem whatsoever they take everything out of
there and I don’t have the run the risk of if I have one of their colas it’s 275
my wife has a you know one of the beers it’s 450 now get them all taken out of
that fridge the fridge is empty and then what do I do I put in my 36 cans a pop
and then all during the cruise you know when I’m pouring the colas into my
container I meant throwing the empties in the garbage can you know there’s
garbage can in the bathroom there’s a garbage can in the room near the fridge
there the room Stuart’s no questions asked during the day they come in there
those garbage cans are always empty those cans are gone they’re the
containers for the for the pop container they’re gone never a problem never an
issue no one ever never ever said anything so
that works very well see let’s see what we got for another comment here in crash
3x San Juan always go to Walgreens at the top of hill and buy more pop and
replenish there you go spoken like someone who knows what she’s
doing you can keep a corkscrew in your suitcase yes but you know that kind of
one there are YouTube videos out there on how you can uncork a wine bottle
without a corkscrew take the chance of trying to bang the bottle up against
with the running shoes I don’t bother with that one of those twists stops will
be find my wife she’s pretty is he going out she is
she’ll say to me this wine will be just fine for what I
want on the cruise she’s not one of those of you know wino aficionados that
insists on the finest vintage ever created before I before I haven’t
nothing like that so yeah so that’s how that goes now just to finish up here
because I’m up running up on an hour unbelievable how time flies having a
great time folks I appreciate you sticking around and watch and love the
comments and questions give me thumbs ups if you get the the other end of the
crew is the back end of the cruise that’s where the atmosphere of the
cruise changes the other direction time to get ready to go home and I can tell
you you can feel it I’ll never forget my first cruise it was a six to eight crews
haul in America and on day six it started normally enough we got up in the
morning and did our usual routine it was a day at sea heading back to Los Angeles
and had our breakfast and I went to the spa and everything’s great but then I
started noticing something around 3:00 in the afternoon it began suitcases
standing outside of rooms ready to go and they would be standing outside in
the hallway for the entire night because all during the evening the ship
crew the ship’s crew they were coming along and gathering up all the suitcases
for the end of the cruise the next morning and as the afternoon wore on
more and more and more of these suitcases showed up and the mood of the
ship got calmer and quieter and quieter and quieter because
it’s over it’s our last night and tomorrow morning or all gone we all have
to get off and it’s over and all it was sad
I felt it I absolutely felt it you just just you just feel sad about it and the
staff they just got dhanoa and now they’re gonna say goodbye to you because
it’s you’re getting ready to go and and then the other emotions would start to
kick in it was this you could hear it in line in the buffet or if you’re sitting
at a table in a restaurant and any other people talking around you and the talk
now was oh tomorrow we got to catch our flight how are we gonna get to the
airport oh did you check to see if our flights
gonna be on time and all the stress of going home no so you got this coming in
invading into this happy atmosphere you had all these real world concerns coming
back to you and you just you just felt sad and a
little deflated you know so I would take that one last walk on the promenade deck
on the evening of my last cruise and I loved walking along the promenade deck
seeing the water go by and watching the waves crash the front of the ship and
all the white foam trickling along the side of the ship and I’d go to the back
and watch the all the water being turned up by the propellers and AH the wake and
all that I you know and then I knew that this is the last night I’m going to do
this because tomorrow morning we’re at the pier and it’s all you know it’s time
to get off the ship that was it was a sad sad moment
that’s what are your opinions of specialty dining 5050 depending on the
line haul in America you don’t need to worry about specialty dining maybe be
but the grand dining room the main dining room the food they’re so good I
didn’t have a room Oh specialty dining really Norwegian different they had the
main dining room but they also had what 15 different restaurants you could go to
you know four or five of them were no charge some of them were a $10 fee
$15 fee 20 and up and so it depended on your mood and that cunning I just found
in the last few years specialty dining just would even
specially dining quality was coming down my last Princess cruise I believe I was
on and went to the steak house with my wife so we’d have a nice steak dinner I
ordered for my appetizer I ordered prawns Oh prawns in the cocktail sauce
be nice they brought me the little dish upfronts had three prawns on it three
prawns used to be five it used to be six and now there were three prawns I
thought how cheap is this I paid forty bucks or 40 we paid $45 each extra for
this not so great then the steak came and I think I had a ribeye my way if I
to fill a menu yeah steak and a baked potato and some
broccoli would be I thought this is you know what we did the calculation and
we’re Canadian so we converted these American dollars to Canadian dollars I
said to my wife you know back home in there back in Calgary I would go to
Knicks steakhouse we can get for $70 Canadian primo primo dinner and you know
exactly what you’re getting and you left full really full here on the specialty
cruise I was disappointed I was actually disappointed so you know it depends on
the line some of the lines have a you know a really nice variety of
restaurants and they’re reasonably priced some not so much so back and
forth kind of miss the days where it was just the dining room and everybody went
to the dining but new ships new times I get it I totally get if you got five
thousand passengers you can’t have everybody and can’t have everybody in
the main dining room no no so of course you have to have
places to go other places to eat best steak au severs on Carnival book
and Bart a impartation D and you get a free bottle of wine you can get court
and drinks throughout your cruise good deal thinks think about that Paula says
it’s very sad sight on the last day Paulus is very quiet even next day you
can hear a pin drop or you right recommend spend night before and after
the cruise to decompress from traveling yep you got it terrible that they try to
make you spend so much money when you you can get good food for free Terry
you’re right I can say some of these cruise ships the food in the dining room
is fantastic you get a New York steak you have a New York steak every night on
the Royal Caribbeans dining room an 8-ounce a town just announced New York
strip loin it’s available every night I don’t know why I go to the steakhouse
them and understand Terry says we did a steak house on princesses fall I was so
disappointed because I can get a better dinner at Texas Roadhouse where we paid
30 bucks Burt you see he just made my point exactly right here right on it
Terry you nailed nailed it the first bottle to last the whole
cruise not us not my wife she can’t make it on one bottle although
I will say she brought three bottles on her last cruise she took one bottle home
with her she only drank two I teased her you bought three you thought you only
drank two but can teas are too much because she’s always right you know so
what can I say but yeah when you get off that ship the last day that last morning
but what I find is we were in LA we had parked our vehicle in the parking lot
for the week and I knew that when we get off the ship all we had to do is walk
across the walk across the street over to the parking lot and our van was there
so I said to my wife we won’t leave the luggage out in the hallway at all we’ll
just pack leave the luggage in our room and we’ll just take the luggage with us
and walk right off the ship with our own stuff because we’re going to walk right
to our right to our vehicle had we been flying out that afternoon or or we were
gonna take a shuttle bus to a spot or we’re gonna take a cab
to a hotel and maybe we just let the luggage leave the luggage in the hallway
pick up the luggage the next morning at the you know after we checked out and it
picked up our luggage downstairs in the terminal and then walked up from it
there it all depends on what you need now if you’re in a her if you’re
catching like an 11 o’clock in the morning flight out of LAX or out of
Miami International you want to leave with your luggage in
hand and you wanna get off the ship right off the top first thing in the
morning you want to be off that ship at 7:30 8 o’clock in the morning and so
you’re gonna get up at 6 even ahead for the Mafia but early bite to eat if you
you’re hungry have your coffee and then you know make arrangements on check out
because you fill out the form I believe as to when you want your checkout time
to be and you’re going to be directed to deck whatever but such a such a time and
then you’re gonna get off that ship first thing and off you go so there’s a
lot of that matt says I think specialty outing is not for the food but for the
experience in the atmosphere you’re right especially you know the like the
Japanese restaurants where the guys are flipping your food around and stuff
that’s great the Italian restaurants for the mood the ambiance you know I I’m
into that if it’s if it’s you know if it’s really nice might be worth it you
can get good food anywhere on the ship matt says I agree crash crash the ex
says there ask how far in advance the book of life from Canada find a good
deal I was flying as it hit miss I have to fly to Montreal Toronto always make
connections yeah it’s a tough one out of Canada because you know we have limited
number of Airlines in this country and a limited number of US carriers come in
and so it’s usually the connection game you know if you’re flying from Toronto
to LA direct flights or a few and far between and they’re not cheap because
the airline knows we only have 158 seats and you know we’re gonna Sookie unless
we can’t sell out that flight whereas you know as an American if you can fly
Southwest or spirit or Frontier Airlines or JetBlue I love JetBlue or even you
know United American you had a good flight because the boy sometimes you get
a direct flight from you know wherever you going from Chicago to Miami or but
or even through connections you know Southwest with their incredible
connections you get a much better deal in Canada I know I’m checking flights
months before months months and months I’m watching all the time watching
watching my wife starts to get nervous if within five six weeks we haven’t
booked airfare she starts she’s on me like when are you booking
what are we booking don’t get caught they want to pay too much so I’m always
watching for that um cracker in one days to learn excuse
but who’s counting no one no one’s counting the 3 in 1 days no one but
tomorrow 300 days but I’m not counting it Paula says since we’re flying home
paid an extra $25 person to have all four bags taken the night before from
the room off the ship flew that Southwest way to go a smart move
Paula says so convenient no bags to deal with in distant part yes No Deal nothing
to worry about that that is a good idea definitely if you’re flying the next day
like I said if you ER if you’re not flying the next day you’re taking any
extra day in the city then you know there’s no rush here you can just you
know check out it get off the ship at 10 or 11 o’clock let the thousands go ahead
of you there’s still be line up so to get off though you can’t avoid it and
keep in mind of course the day you’re getting off 2 to 5 thousand we’re coming
on on their exciting first day and so you’re the sad ones and then you look
down and sometimes you’ll notice on the part of the terminal you see the
cruisers that are coming they’re getting ready to get on the ship they’re like
you are last week they’re all happy they’re giddy they’re excited that they
can’t wait it’s it’s depressing as hell this debate goes what are you gonna do
and crush save I’ve learned to check for prices incognito mode so your price your
computer doesn’t track your searches you won’t find price track fluctuations that
way I tell you that’s something I’ve learned in the last little while the
incognito mode on how to use your computer to not be tracked because the
search engines know oh you were looking for a flight deal on Expedia yesterday
from Toronto to Miami well you know we’re just gonna keep showing you the
same airfare same deal we showed you yesterday because you know why should
you get a better deal where if you go incognito you’re a first as far as the
computer is concerned and the search engines you’re a brand new search and
you’re looking for a cheap deal and they never show you the best price available
I love that idea that’s a really good thing to watch
really really need anyway that’s that’s how that goes
so there’s your there’s your you know you’re boarding and unborn and how to
get off the ship and how the moods change and how the atmosphere changes on
on a cruise it’s a it’s unbelievable we we’ve had ic7 viewers on my count
fantastic is my first live if you’re brand new and and haven’t sent a message
send us a little message let me know that you’re there tell me where you are
what city and state or country are you in and if you’re getting the signal
alright send me a thumbs up on the video let us know on on there that you’re
getting up a good signal that’s coming through okay this is my first live and I
wanna make sure he’s working out oh yeah crash 3xs works for online shopping
where every price is issued yeah that’s the other thing too when you can go you
can go on on anima Slee you know to these search engines they don’t know you
you’ve been there before you’re gonna get the honest lowest price
available and sometimes you’ll be shocked you know you log in on your
regular PC and you see what the offer is and then you log in anonymously what the
offer is and holy moly what a difference folks cheers another zip for me I’ve
been talking for a while love that caffeine free diet coke yeah it’s a
great way to check for airfare Green wait for a check for online shopping
great way to check sometimes for cruise deals by the way when I booked a cruise
you know I use vacations to go calm to search for cruise pricing and I like
that website a lot they don’t pay me but they should but I also go on to the
cruise ship the cruise lines website just to confirm that the pricing I’m
getting on vacations to go is as good as on the ship
sometimes I’ll find on the cruise line is something something like I’ll go to
like you know princess calm or or Royal Caribbean calm and I know that I know
the ship I know the date of the ship you know where I’m you know leaving from so
I’ll go to the go to the cruise line website I’ll log in there and I’ll go
you know fill in all the blanks as to what I want and then they’ll show me the
cruise and I was look on vacations to go calm and then I’ll
find out what their pricing is and they’ll find it they’ll ask you know
where are you from you from Canada all caught you in the mirror and Canadian
dollars rather than American dollars and then we’ll quote you if you ever cruise
before all you have oh your former you’ve been on our royal care before oh
great give us your member number you figure that out you can remember
sometimes you just put in your last name and they go oh yeah yeah we hear you are
your number of such-and-such welcome back you know and then they’ll show you
sometimes a deal that’s better than vacations to go calm surprise the price
because they’re offering you a repeat customer deal they’re offering you a
subsidized rate or a decent rate because you’re a Canadian because those Canadian
dollars how we fluctuate up and down and sometimes you find that they’ll offer
you are a credit in your room that might be better
so before I booked even then I go back to vacations to go calm I might phone
the 800 number and talk to an eight talk to an agent on vacations to go calm
about the cruise I’m looking at and I’ll say a lesson does that come with any
kind of cruise credits is there any kind of you know better deal being from
Canada’s or you know this kind of thing and you put them to put them through
their paces and put them on their computer to see if they can find a any
kind of offers for you or a repeat customer deal or whatever and you’ll be
surprised sometimes that you think that the cruise is gonna run you 775 dollars
a person all in and all of a sudden you’re getting prices of you know 684
and you didn’t see that price anywhere and you know sometimes you get the up
the surprise on the upside so something to think about
another way to kind of double check and confirm let’s see I’m just double
checking here on messages Terry says we use vacations to go to been using them
for about six years now yeah eight for me I think right crash three access
compare the cases to go cruise line then check crew con that’s CR ucon and you
will be shocked I use used to use vacation all the time than I did the
Hughes did the switch only nearest dollar so that’s what their according
Terry says you get those deals with vacations to go calm also yeah like I
say these you know the world is gone online
so we’re know you’re limited to that local cruise you
know the cruise site or the local a travel agent in the shopping mall
anymore but there are times where you can use a travel agent locally to help
as well if you get to know you know one of the local travel agencies in the mall
you’re going to talk to two of one of those agents so you’ll be shocked at
some times what they can put together for you because keep in mind if you need
to fly from point A to point B to get to the cruise you want to get there the day
before you need a hotel then you want to be on the cruise for a week and then on
the haut in a hotel for another night or two or three and then you’re gonna fly
back you you might find the killer deal on the cruise but you might not find the
killer deal on the airfare you might not find the best deal on the hotel and
accrue a travel agent you can sit down with them and say look this is the
itinerate is what I’m looking for if you can give me a killer price on this kind
of deal you can I’ll do it myself and they know that they know you can do it
yourself and so sometimes you might find that the cruise price through the travel
agent is twenty-five dollars more than online or through another site but if
you book the whole package through them they’ve saved you a hundred fifty bucks
because maybe they found you a rental car
you know before or after maybe you’re doing a thing like you’re taking a
cruise out of Fort Lauderdale but you’re gonna spend four days in Orlando first
and you’re gonna do Universal Studios Disney World and then work your way down
to the throughs and they’ve got you a killer price on a package there coupled
with the cruise coupled with transportation to the ship so you know
it all adds up and it all comes out in the wash how can you put the package
together that works best for you okay a couple more comments here prices can
change daily you’re right Terry they absolutely can
I’ve seen that I’ve experienced that I’ve watched certain cruises where I
picked a couple I’ve said to my wife we’re going either on this one this one
or this one depending on the pricing and you know
eight weeks ago and seven weeks to go and then three days later boom boom move
two of them change one went up one went down one hundred fifty bucks and you’re
just go my goodness is the killer deal and you talk about it you go
let’s grab that killer deal and you you jump and you’re in you know that can
happen to a couple who got the killer price on the cruise plus they gave gift
cards for underdogs each of us restore you bet if you have a Canadian
automobile or triple-a Hotel discounts are great often better than my military
government discounts there’s so many ways that you can save on these various
deals hotels have their own unique pricing car rental agencies have their
own unique pricing airlines have their own unique and cruise and cruise
vacations we we’re figuring that out as we get on and the more savvy we get and
the more you the more homework you do the more on pays time is money though
how much time do you want to put into doing it yourself versus having a pro do
it for you onboard credit $1,250 well you gotta love this this is gonna be
great well there you go so there’s there’s a couple of deals also a couple
of ways to save money folks here we are on an hour and 16 minutes I’ve been
yapping away it says I have eight viewers if you’ve just joined me and you
haven’t sent us a little message on the thing send me a little message little
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counter down here that tells me I have eight viewers but it seems that about
three or four of us are talking on the on the text thanks for joining me by the
way it’s fantastic as I go forward here with live broadcasts I’m gonna try to do
more pre announcements as to when the next one will be to give all of you
folks a chance to find me because it’s sort of happenstance for some of you
that you sort of stumbled across me Oh Bruce is live let’s watch what he’s
doing hopefully I can do this on a regular basis I think my next live is
going to be this Wednesday I’m thinking of doing it around the same time or on
two p.m. Eastern Time kind of thinking an hour hour and a half
is my my length before my voice gives out
and topics will vary you know depending on the day and the events you know
whatever’s going on at the time or whatever Cruz deals we’re coming across
and sometimes just whenever you want to talk about it there’s a subject you have
a question you have that you want to give me fire away and and I’ll answer
for you I hope that that this becomes a daily ritual if it works out well and
then I’ll be able to just keep you folks updated on all what’s going on in the
crews business and all the deals that are coming along I’m starting out to
take close attention a close attention to repositioning cruise season that’s
coming up in April and May of this year that’s where ships get redeployed into
Europe or from some of the Caribbean up to Alaska the cruise ships will be
redeployed out of Australia back to perhaps the – to Asia or from Asia – to
Mexico I mean then they get shifted all over the place but a lot of cruise ships
will head to the Mediterranean and to northern Europe for cruises there and
sometimes you can get some really good repositioning prices on springtime
repositioning cruises across the Atlantic you know some of these cruises
are 13 to 16 days long inside room rates from five six hundred bucks balcony
rates for six seven eight hundred dollars for 1415 day cruises that you
know take you to Rome take you to Venice take it at Barcelona take you to London
up to two Homburg – you know you name it I mean it’s fantastic some of these some
of these deals are unbeatable it’s a great way to combine a cruise with a
European vacation because you you you find your way to where their ship is
leaving from in Florida what have you take a one-way flight on Southwest or
whatever get the Fort Lauderdale get on that ship go across the Atlantic you end
up in Rome and now you take a two week time frame vacation in Italy maybe some
Switzerland gets thrown a little bit of Austria by a rail pass which I talked
about a couple videos ago grab a rail pass and let them take you across Europe
oh man the the possibilities are endless you might
end up where you know you end up coming home from London or Frankfurt or from
Amsterdam and you’re just buying a one-way ticket home from one of those
major hubs back to Canada the USA and you booked it in that shoulder season
you getting the great rates for hotels while you’re in Europe for sites that
you see you don’t have the crowds like you in a June or July and yet you’re
getting that warm spring weather so there’s some great stuff coming so I’ll
be talking about that quite a bit too just taking a look here for the last of
my some of my newest comments we got here crash that was through Costco no
Kruk on I got a cruise deal plus loyalty credits
oh man you can get some great stuff onboard credits my viewers are talking
to each other it’s fantastic great interacting with each other it’s
fantastic making a making connections figure out what the best deals are folks
I think I’m going to pack it up today this is it I’ve been going an hour and
21 minutes I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly so far it doesn’t look like I’ve had any
technical breakdown so everything looks like it’s going well this will become a
regular video later this afternoon and so anyone who didn’t see this video live
or this this telecast live you can watch it at your leisure and you can
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thanks for viewing this is it from for today this is Bruce
saying goodbye from travelling with Bruce thanks everybody who watched again
Paula and ie Jerome thanks for watching crash 3x all of you guys who are here
today are appreciated Terry appreciate your watching I’ll see you on Wednesday
on my next live and I’ll be posting a video tomorrow as well
and we’ll catch you next time this is Bruce saying goodbye with traveling with
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