We chose a Lebanese Cruise with a Lebanese captain, Starts off from the Port of Lebanon Beirut, A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country), takes you for a tour, and drops you off at the end in Lebanon. Meshwar (a trip) to the Greek Islands, starts now! We will show you behind the scenes! We will show you how things work! 300 persons, 150 Crew, how they live, eat and act, over 7 days. From Beirut to Beirut! And the meshwar (trip) starts! When a person thinks and see the Mediterranean Sea, and he sees where Lebanon is located… All this shore and all this water that we have… he sees for real the value of this country. From Ras Beirut to Jounieh, Jbeil and Tripoli… our travel begins now and the first stop is Turkey! The Lunch on the cruise is in Mermaid Restuarant. Very nice. It has good amount of oil, it’s not sticky. a quick twist.. It’s actually great! If this is how we started from day 1.. I must say and keep it between us, I’m relieved the food is good in this travel. Come on Jacque, from here the view is great and the sun… Oh Hussein!! The second day and the traveling begins now. The first stop is in Alanya Turkey, we started seeing all the turkish shore, and it starts from the best view here from the captain. Let’s see how we get to Alayna. This is the first stop, Alayna in Tukrey. Since today is the first time, they prepared a very nice welcoming. The view is amazing. Behind me is Alayna! Hello! Hi! A touristic region, traffic and taxis! Tourists. Sun. Restaurants. I still have 5 hours here. We are going to move at 5:30 PM, for our next stop. Obviously the famous Turkish Icecream, Corn, we got to the first stop and they sell Gozleme, which is the sage Like the one we have in Lebanon but it has ghee. A dough and inside it there’s potato. It’s too hot. The way they do it is nice. They roll is on a wooden stick, unlike us, we do it on our hands It’s chewy and not roasted a lot, the way we are used to it. But inside it there is potato mixed with peppers, it’s famous with Liquid Yogurt. Pirates of the Caribbean are all here! Hello! She took the cup and filled it with Yogurt, then with a spoon she put the Kashwe (roast of the yogurt) on top. I really love the yogurt. Thank you! It’s very nice! The view is amazing! The sound of the mosque in the background… it’s Eid here today because it’s the opening of cruises. Oreint Queen is the first Cruise that arrives and it’s Lebanese. From here to the castle is the highest point, you’d see an amazing view! We took images of it with the drone, take a look… The first stop in Alayna is in a traditional restaurant, turkish food, we are going to see what have they prepared. The smell of bread is coming here! The table looks so good and rich. The place is called “Yuricel” I can’t seem to memorize it right I’m sorry. Which means the kitchen of a Turkish house. We’ll start with the bread. In Lebanon we call it Moshtah. It smells good. It’s soft and nice! Let’s start. this is rice.. like the Fweregh (intestine filled with rice). And here we have, eggplant… which is the Dolma with rice inside. Waw! What’s nice about the taste is that it’s super rich.. it’s light and not that spicy. Everyone likes it, and the rice isn’t smushy at all. The food is great! It’s the first stop for food in the 7 days. And if this is how the food is, I’ll go back super happy! Yuricel. I advice you to come here. Come on guys, we have to eat! Come close. What is here? What’s this blue color? Just to makes things clear, he’s not making fun of me, this is a show he does for entertainment. So I will let him play around a bit. But he is not making fun pf me, because I’d take it away from him. We’re Lebanese yeah?! Begin. Icecream. Andre this is yours, I chose the colors for you to keep you chill. There you go. Not one nightclub or one restaurant but a full region! This street in specific from 11 PM till 3 AM, it would be lit! Spending the night out, dancing and drinking and getting drunk… But at 3:00:01 a bell rings and everything closes and people leave. It’s like Ayanapa. That thing that’s shining is water, nothing important. No no it’s not fat! Definitely water… yum! Not fat not at all, but it’s unbelievable. If you have one bite you wouldn’t stop. It’s really good! Excellent. Let’s agree on something. Don’t lean on that metal piece over there, because we all burnt ourselves. And don’t touch the plate because it’s super hot. The plate is very old, the name of the place is printed on it. It’s called Rafza, in the old region next to the nightclubs. And this plate is called Skandar, it consists of, spices, cucumber, bread underneath, the meat that we saw that has minimal fat. A Huge bread. Thank you. Yogurt The red sauce on top, and most importantly, he adds the butter. Let’s consider that whoever wants to get drunk doesn’t care about how many shots. Whoever wants to eat, just eats without caring. Meat with cold yogurt on top… Waw… waw! That’s exactly the food I want to eat. This is the street food in Alayna. You’re free to come and try excursion or paragliding, or you can come and tour around in a bus. Let me tell you soemthing, you come here… you enjoy your food! At the end you’re going to the boat and you’ll sleep. I’m happy and the tour will continue. Respecting this Lebanese boat, and for the tourism to flourish, they all stood here. Enjoy! We’re waiting for you in Lebanon. We have good hummus. The best Tabbouleh. Our manoushe, want to come? If someone comes and tries the manoushe and hummus they wouldn’t leave anymore. They’ll say we want to live in Lebanon. It’s ready to move… The pilate is on the way. I can’t run! If the boat left I’ll take a ship and paddle with this. After a very long and rich day, the food is good for real. A mind blowing region. The sun… I’m already tanned The people were very generous and the vibes were nice. We went back to the boat to have dinner, we’re starting with salmon Simple as it is, with a bit of lemon. This is it. 7 days, in the sea, goes on. Rise and Shine! The night was great, it’s our third day in Orient Queen. The tour of the Greek Islands start now. Rhodes at 11 AM, discoveries till 6 PM. But obviously starts with a breakfast. A fast breakfast and Rhodes starts. After yesterday’s pictures, I can’t not fly the drone again. We’re discovering an overview of Rhodes Rhodes here we come! We take a quick photo here and then we go up to take panoramic views. It’s 11 AM, so we’d have 6 hours remaining before we leave. Rhodes is an old calm island. We will visit the old market, and have good food. The nice wind, and the sound of Cicada. A simple discoveries. It’s time for food. Let’s think of it, what’s bringing us here other than the tourism? Other than this castle… the touristic places that are taken care of. If we learn a bit, and we know that people would come to our country to see something clean and taken care off. And to talk about it’s history that’s almost 6000 years back! The smell is great. The smell is good… I’m so excited to taste them! From the old market to a restaurant called Romeo. Once we got there they took us to the kitchen. They have nothing to hide, 3 ladies are cooking… and the smell is wonderful. I felt the taste of the homemade food. And the table was directly served. We have the pitta. That looks similar to the pizza. obviously the cheese and the appetizers are Greek. What caught my eye, and I really want to try is the Lamb. Sheep. The meat that the Greeks are famous with. The same way we have in Lebanon the roastery of chicken. Here, they have a machine that fits 10 sheep over each other. It’s well cooked and juicy! The salt is perfect. And of course I love the skin. Let’s eat it the way it is. We cut it like that. And we enjoy. And there is still food coming. This was our first stop. And now there’s a Lebanese Restaurant we are going to. What do I need now? I need my national vitamin! Which is a hummus plate and a manoushe. There’s a lebanese restaurant in rhodes. I’m so excited to go to. The story started as a joke, We’ll say Gods will. And now you’re here. It’s the most beautiful island in the world, but Lebanon is A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country). Yes! Lebanon is A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country). And Zahle is the most beautiful city in Lebanon’s heart. Yes I caught the accent, I like it. The breathe, salt, lemon, the feelings are all here. You guys don’t have any other restaurants. It’s just a feeling and a hobby Tony’s hobby. If I was at my mother-in-law’s house, or my family. wherever we are I just do a meal… This is you creation, Lebanese bread that’s made into a Manoushe from Athens. I created it. on firewood. The right way, with Labne. No! there’s garlic! Oh thanks. No! i didn’t add garlic. it was a challenge. it worked out. Greetings in Rhodes. Lebanese’s manoushe. How’d you find it? Amazing! I get thyme from Zahle. Thyme from Zahle. You open here in Winter and Summer? Yes. You live here? There are tourists of course. But are there citizens who always come here? They have became… our friends… They love us and they’re our customers. While you’re talking I’m eating and enjoying. Meat rolls… Cheese rolls! The Lebanese bread that’s amazing, the thyme the labne… all are great! This hummus, We are going to take a piece of meat and we will dip it in like that… Try the meat. The meat is just like the one in Zahle Berdawneh. Our meals always gather us as I say, and it’s our identity. I really am glad I met you. Lebanese people will always gather on a table like that… Whenever I see Lebanese people outside Lebanon my heart grows… God bless you! After a super great Lebanese bite. That’s kind of heavy. I need a bit of frozen yogurt, to have the sweet. Greek yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt… Very refreshing. It’s good! I bought one for everyone to try.. no one will taste it’a all mine. Like the Lebanese always say, he drinks in a boot. Beirut, Alayna, Rhodes. Each region has it’s special feature. Rhodes was very nice and calm, the Lebanese food was mind blowing. This region reminded me of, The Vikings and Game of Thrones. And tomorrow, we are heading to Mykonos! Mykonos that everyone knows, that people go to to go crazy, but I am going to eat there. I hope I’ll find a Lebanese Restaurant. Meshwar (trip), the third day… ends here! It’s lit! How the weather flips! From yesterday evening till 2:30 AM, it’s pouring rain. Today? Not even a cloud. The vibes are great. There was amazing discoveries. And today… even more. Orient Queen Wednesday morning, cruising the mediterranean for the 4th day… and the meshwar goes on! Mykonos here we come. The day is quite long, till tomorrow at 5 AM. It’s lit! And we start to wonder in Mykonos. I feel like I’m promiting the car. This car has 8 CD holders… It has unconditional turns… and while you drive you get sun burnt! Obviously everyone is running to the beach, it’s actually very nice and we will take pictures of it. I’m running for two things, to take images with the drone… i got my little baby with me, my inspiry. And to eat good food, I hope we discover a Lebanese place. A manoushe now… Thick, like a sponge… with thyme and a spread of labne a black olive and a bit of mint. We’ve got roasted. Falafel, Kabab and Lebanese bread they get from Athens. Lebanese tomatoes, and Lebanese vibes. The tourists are coming in and out. It opens the heart. He is going to try to get me to taste things without garlic. We’ll see all the plates… I will go sit and introduce you to Markus. We’ve got to Mykonos where people are on the beach tanning… We decided to look for Lebanese people and we found Markus! Markus has been here ever since 2015. In this restaurant yes 2015. Tell me more this is Lebanese bite for the tourists… We met our friends in Lebanon as well. But there are foreigners as well, tell me about the idea about the restaurant, and why here? I opened first a Souviner shop in the Downtown. I waited for the right time and location in order to open the restaurant. I opened the restaurant in 2015. The Lebanese meal is the best, it’s known… all the foreingers come and eat here… They’d be so happy and they’d give me good reviews. The Falafel we do, my wife does the mix… We Tawouk, Shawarma and Kabab… This restaurant has everything, Lebanese food… in Mykonos at Markus. Meshwarna (our trip) goes on. Mykonos.. it’s the city of night life and youths. The eldest one here is 30 years old. Bikinis everywhere! The vibes are nice, it’s known to have… 4 to 5 taxis only. So you should rent a scooter or ATV. Or a car and most of them are Wranglers We will show you the old town and the traffic of tourists. And the white houses that we took pictures of in the drone… and amazing views! I couldn’t not follow the smell, Bon Bon fair mainson does crepe. I stopped to take crepe, 67% chocolate with bananas, and let’s go. The Gyros in Greece is essential, the same way someone does to Roma and doesn’t meet the pope! Or came to Beirut and didn’t try the Shawarma. So we are going to eat Gyros, there is pork and chicken… It’s put in a thick Greek bread, with all the mixture and add ons, but I asked him without garlic. Thick bread. Potatoes. I asked them to put yogurt in the bread. Lets try. After the Lebanese Shawarma in the world there isn’t any better. The bread is thick, the meat doesn’t have sauce around it. The sauce is on top. It makes you full. Long live Lebanese Shawarma. I will take Africana, chocolate icecream bitter chocolate and bananas. He made the waffle live… The chocolate is loaded! One fuill banana. The scoop is as much as 3 scoops, it needs 4 people to finish it. Waffle that’s super fresh and well cooked, with a crunch from the outside. Chocolate doesn’t have sugar and it’s sweet. I love it! I didn’t think I’d eat something this good in the old market, they insisted… he didn’t take the cost of the first and they wanted to give me this crepe as well. For me to try it. This is with Nutella…. a huge icecream… Biscuits on top. It’s mind blowing. It’s mind blowing. Guys you rock! And the excitement goes on, we got to a restaurant this evening.. Restorante Casa De Giorgio. It’s famous because they make fresh pasta. When you go through the door there’s a guy that’s making the pasta… All this menu has pasta. One page for Spaghetti, another for Penne. And a page for Pappardelle, Rigatoni, Gnocchi. and others… Two pages for Pizza. I’m hungry and excited. A white wine bottle please… I will order a mixture of everything.. Mykonos started getting hyped. People are spending their night out, and drunk. I want to have dinner and enjoy it! Meshwar (trip) goes on, I will order and we’ll continue. The salad is good, it has mangos and balsamic vinegar. I really really liked it. I will continue to the Penne. Which the fork can identify how good they are. The exact way, creamy, truffle, with salmon. First time I try them together, for real it’s insane. Octupus. Marinated in Lemon like they should. Look here! In Italy I didn’t have pasta like that! Spaghetti here we have.. Lingunni… Waw! The food is great, the night is amazing. We will enjoy our food all together, and I will look for another restaurant because seems the food in Mykonos is amazing! Cheers! Because one dinner isn’t enough, and since the pasta is amazing… in this region, we stopped by another place. It’s called Barkia, it’s been open for 40 years. We asked the waiter to give us 5 plates of pasta and all without garlic. Spaghetti with crab. Tagliatelle. with Meat. Unfortunetly, everything they have is full of garlic.. so the waiter got stuff that don’t include garlic. Spaghetti.. needs salt a bit. Tagliatelle is sweet a bit. Pappadelle… The 4th day ends, tomorrow is the 5th day in Santorini… The vibes were amazing… The day was amazing! We are going back to the Boat and at 5AM we will be in Santorini. I will sleep because I am very tired for real. So that we can keep it lit for 4 days! Cruise over the Mediterrenean from Beirut to the world Meshwar (trip) no garlic no onions… goes on! It’s thursday, the 4th day, there are change in plans… The port in Santorini won’t let any boat park because the wind is very fast and the waves are high. I will go to the Kitchen and cook something with the Chef. I will meet the Captain. And see the details of his job. I will go eat with the Staff and show you what happens from 2 PM till 8 PM on the cruise. Orient Queen Mediterranean Cruise Meshwar (trip) goes on! On the cruise you always have something to do. In this current situation, it’s 11:30 AM… people gather and play Bingo, this is the second round. Today we are having rich.. Chicken. Pasta. We have Penne With Salmon, fish and fries. Pasta and fries.. Chicken and rice. The guys are happy sitting all together. I won’t eat much because the Chef is waiting for me upstairs. And we will cook something special as a surprise. We will meet in a while. What are we going to do? We are going down. To Level 2, I will take a bag and fill it with stuff. Challenge Anthony cooks in the kitchen! I hope they’ll taste good! Starts now! To the depo! Chef, I have been eating your food for the last 5 days… now it’s time for me to serve you. Please, go sit on my table, and I will come your way. Let’s see what he would think about my food. Chef this is yours. We are going to do it the Street food style way. I did two things, the cheddar cheese that I always like to see melting… and frying. Wonderful1 The idea is to have it with my, homemade honey mustard sauce. Cheddar. Honey mustard that’s amazing i just did! Excellent! The next step, Is the burger in a street food style. So we are going to take the burger and press it. So that all the ingredients go out. This is a slider. Double patty, cheddar, cheese, pineapple, honey mustard, and ketchup on top. With Bacon, a tomato, and we hold it this way… Tell me your honest opinion. It’s very very tasty. Actually surprised me! You like it? I’m already full, but I want to eat more because it’s very tasty. I love it! Our meal gathers us. Sharing a meal… the situation is great! You’ve been honoring us for the past 5 days I’m so happy you like the burger. Really surprised I fell in love with you! Amazing! I said that yesterday! It’s insane insane Insane!! It smells good, the air inside it, and it’s settled and mixed well. Crunch is nice. The taste lasts in the mouth… For long. Very nice. A day that could be marked in history. After 17 hours in the sea, the day was amazing! For real… I’m not feeling guilty that we didn’t stop by Santorini. The 5th day ends in the tour around the Greek Islands. Orient Queen stands in Rhodes for 10 minutes we’re forced to so that we can check out. Before we head to Marmaris, and the meshwar (trip) goes on. Battery level is low…. Sh*t.. sh*t. sh*t. Come on… I have to go down. 34. Let’s put it down here. Come on go down!! I can’t anymore. The 6th day, we got to Marmaris. The drone took pictures now that are amazing! Sun, mountains, greenery… Boats, the region is very nice. I am goijg out now for the first time, to have breakfast outside. From the boat we got to Marmaris. Once the boat parked, we got to the port which is huge… 1000s of boats and ships. There’s a shopping center… in the middle of the Marina. Robert Cafe, I stopped for a breakfast. Ice cold americano! Cheese and tomato sandwich, and i just ordered an omelet. A good bite. A fast breakfast, and we have till 10:30 PM to discover all of the city. I saw the Canal with the drone.. It’s a connection between this region and that. It’s full of small islands… and boats everywhere! Second breakfast, Croissant and coffee…. the view is very nice to the Marina. Frozen Chocolate Mocha, with a bit of coffee. First stop, Marmaris’s Honey house. In Lebanon we are the Kings of Honey. And in meshwar (trip) we’ve went to several villages to see honey. But we never saw a museum of honey! it says here that it’s from the largest honey amounts the pine comes out of here. I like this dispenser. Everyone tries on his own. This is the honey it’s light colored. Pine honey. They served us yogurt with honey. The color is nice! It tastes amazing. I really liked the pollen and their feeling under the teeth. They don’t chew or break or are sour… When one knows their benefit, he won’t stop. After the honey we got to the olive press… A small and cute village the floor is made up of piles. It’s super calm. So whoever feels like in Marmaris, other than swimming and night clubbing…. he can come and have a tour in this region. Let’s see what we have, and look for someone to answer us. Hello? You are in the factory, which is the only one. In Marmaris area. All Marmaris villages, the people used to bring the olives to the Factory. It’s smell is strong! He’s telling me that… he is telling me that this is the only factory in all Marmaris. All the people bring their olives from here. They press them here. He’s famous with plants, like thyme and Ashein Which they make the perfume out of, the one I just put on my hand. And they believe just like us in Lebanon, that if you have stomach ache or any type of sickness, you can take Ashein and you’ll heal. It went on from his Grandpa to his dad and continuing… who lives here would live for 100 years. When someone wants to try olive oil, the color doesn’t mean anything. So if it was transparent or not it’s okay. It’s smell… it’s very strong. There are no impurities, and when you taste it Lots of oxygen has to go in, You must feel the burn in the throat. The way it sits on the lips and slips on the tongue. A great quality! In our country it’s called Sage in there country it’s Gözleme. So we are going to try now, how they do the dough. The dough sticks a bit with the flour. Our sage thta’s called Gözleme isn’t that rounded it’s flatter. They put inside potato or cheese.. Flour around it so it doesn’t stick. Let me confess something my heart gets warm everytime I see something that reminds me of Lebanon. A bit of hummus or labne Sage, or anything that’s similar to it… It looks like it, so I felt like I’m in the village of Lebanon. Almost the same dough and same preperation process. The difference is they put potato inside. I will go back to Beirut and try it our way but with potatoes. Since I really liked it. A place that has to be touristic, but there’s no one… It’s called Baier. It has a mosque, small houses, a lady… that’s preparing Gözleme. Yogurt that’s mind blowing! The scent of dough, and the breath in it. When people are on the boat in Marmaris and night life… beach and bikinis, we are discovering behind the scenes in a village like no other! I felt like I’m in a Lebanese village. And this Potato Manoushe I’m going to Lebanon to do it. Waw! My friends heard I’m in Marmaris, they sent a message and told me that there’s a great Doner at Rotta. It’s actually amazing! The bread is super thin, the meat is very soft and smooth the vegetables in it are right. Sandwich very special. It’s not mixed all together and messy… and each bite has it’s own difference. Now it’s time for a special lunch. The Market of Marmaris Yagiz is our guide for today. We got to a place called Kapurcuk. Kapurcuk yes. Which is the old turkish house in Marmaris. Where we have traditional desserts, and there are two floors. The Turkish Musuem in Marmaris where you can buy everything. Which the region does, and you’d get to know the old culture and traditions. This is very good! Excellent! I’m loving it! Very juicy… Very cold and light… Very cruncy… Excellent! I went to Istanbul 5 times, I’ve never enjoyed the sweets this much… In Marmaris there are sweets that are mind blowing. Let’s go! With a view like that, and the wind.. I will forget to eat. The water under us, the sun is shinning bright The wind is coming from over the sea. Calmness in a very old region, the satle behind me. Food, from the region! We have mushrooms with cheese, we have… potato.. puree potato that’s fried and so good. We have yogurt with vegetables, and of course Warak Einab. Octupus. And this… it has sausages and cheese. This place doesn’t have a menu. So depending on what they have, and the vegetables available in that season.. You’d find stuff to eat. This is super good! Most of the food contain garlic, I’m sorry I won’t try them. What I just ate is good! Even this… And Zucchini… Very nice. Marmaris’s trip has ended it’s Friday at night. Tomorrow, Saturday, at the boat there’s a dinner with the captain, there’s a barbecue night, there are places in the boat that we haven’t seen. So that we get to Beirut Sunday morning. We are discovering how the boat leaves at night in the dark, it’s super calm There is no light. 4 poeple sitting on the deck while more than 20 down stairs. They’re leading this boat from Marmaris between the mountains, for us to get to Beirut. There was just one thing I didn’t do, which is having breakfast in room, the 7th day started with a surprise that’s amazing! At night, I put on the room’s door “I want breakfast”, thinking that a Lebanese breakfast would be a bit of Labne. It’s 7:30 now, the Chef… the head waiter passed by, 3 of the men came and bought this breakfast. While plants more than a smile on the face. From Lebanon we moved, in a Lebanese Cruise, the captain is Lebanese The Safety office is Lebanese, the vibes are Lebanese we discovered the Greek Islands, and now we’re heading back to Lebanon. A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country), meshwar (trip) from Lebanon to the world, goes on!