They have to develop a menu from the
starter – an entree which is several components and then a dessert. So there’s
three major dishes that they have to do here. With that then they have to have
the cost analysis on this and then develop a menu with that and the menu
pricing. You got an hour to cook. You’re gonna present across the hall and you’ll
notice 2165. One of the key things I’m looking for is a recipe that’s only
innovative but also maintains some basic integrity around health and good
nutrition. I’m working on the parfait – it’s avocado and lime. We’re practicing
our cutting skills and in our communication skills so we could work
better in the kitchen which we did today. In our dessert is a pistachio fraisier.
And a fraisier is part of a strawberry cake. I think the flavors
are so on point you know like the way that they described their food and then
eating it and they went because over expectations. We’re just adding sugar it
with water and then onto our grapes and then we’re gonna add it into a
a bath of rice crispies. That way it makes crunchy grapes as they’re topping. One of
the things that blew me away was how everything was from scratch. For example
like the ravioli – they made the dough, they they set it
aside and let the dough rest. Very technical skills for such young people.
Making good food that’s healthy it’s more than that it’s working as a team is
a really great bonding – as I’m able to make a lot of friendships. I’ve seen just
a real commitment to each other and to communicating and to overcoming
challenges and really coming together to provide some really inspiring creative
dishes. As long as I can remember I was always watching my mom, my dad and my
grandma’s cook – and I was trying to help and everything. So once I was able to
walk and able to reach the stove I was cooking.