(upbeat music) – Good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. And that’s right, we are gonna cut a couple clutches of eggs. I know we were out on
a journey out to Utah, and you guys missed some big cutting, so let’s just jump into it. We got three clutches today. The first one is actually a head albino to an albino ball
python, so theoretically, I should get some albino
ball pythons in here. I will say that there’s a chance that this isn’t a head because the father to this clutch was actually an albino as well as another animal, so we think the albino fathered it. We won’t know until we get into it. The first egg was actually a normal, but these babies will
be 100% albino at least because they were fathered by an albino. Let’s go ahead and get into the second egg and hopefully, we can
prove this little girl out as a head albino and get some
beautiful little baby albinos. Let’s see what we have here, number two. Oh, still not a good sign. We got two normal ball pythons so far, so again, half are albino but no albinos. Come on, please, let there
be some albinos in here. I wanna see. Ah, yes. It proved out. Yes, it is a head albino. We got our first little
baby albino right here. Absolutely adorable. That is such a relief. You know, when you raise a
female up for three years, and you’re like, I
think it was that father but there was another male in, you never know, so now at least we know what the father was, which is an albino. Absolutely incredible. Now we just have to get some more albinos in this clutch and see what happens. On theory, half should albino and sure enough, another
albino ball python. Listen, albino ball pythons are amazing. They’ve become pretty affordable now, but the first ones were being
sold for 15,000 plus dollars. Matter of fact, the first one I bought was a female albino from
a guy named Jamie Quick for 15 grand for a female albino. Took me three years to get
her up to size to breed, but we did produce albinos from her and a lot of our founder stock actually come from that original
female albino I did. This is another normal
head albino animal here. So we’re doing pretty good. Right now, we got two
albinos and three heads. And guess what? Our odds are working out pretty good in this clutch for sure, we actually have another albino. So we have three albinos,
three heads so far. Let’s see what we have going on on here. Hopefully we can beat
the odds on this clutch. Uh-oh, another head albino. We got two eggs left. So theoretically, we’re
either going to have an extra albino or a bunch of extra heads, we’re not really sure, so I’m going to go ahead
and hope for an albino here, yep, looks like we’ve
got another albino here. All right, so far we are really good, we’ve got four albinos and
four heads, one last egg. Are we going to beat the
odds with the albino, or are we going to get a head? I’m not 100 percent sure, but
I’m pretty excited about this, let’s see what we’ve got, come on, oh! Looks like a normal
head albino, but listen, that’s still really good odds, the fact that we got four
albinos and five head albinos, I’ll take that everyday
and we’re able to prove out that female which is
absolutely incredible. That’s the first clutch
down, two more to go. And this next clutch was super exciting, and as you can see, we already
have a few ball pythons that are either pipped out or
even 100 percent hatched out, as a matter of fact, the
first one right here, is a little woma lesser pinstripe, but not just a normal
woma lesser pinstripe, because the female was actually
a super paint ball python. Now the paint ball pythons are really a slight co-dominant animal,
at least they’re called co-dominant, but the visual, paint, aren’t that very different,
just slightly different, but the supers are really
cool, so the fact is that everything in this
clutch is a paint ball python that obviously is half or
whatever for super paint, right. So there hasn’t been a
tremendous amount of people that have worked with the
super paints for a while, so the fact that we have a woma
lesser pinstripe paint here is pretty awesome and then
this other animal that is out right here is actually a woma paint, and you can definitely see
that the paint influence is pretty interesting,
because this definitely doesn’t look like a
normal woma ball python, so that’s pretty cool. Again, I don’t know if
anyone’s ever produced a woma paint yet, so
it’s pretty incredible, we’re excited about that for sure. So, we’re going to go ahead and just dive into the rest of this clutch because it’s going to
be absolutely amazing. I am super excited about
the next generation, so when I raise all of these
up and breed them back, wow, some super paints of all this stuff is going to be insane. But we’re going to jump into
this first egg right here, let’s see what we got, oh yeah, so this looks like a woma
lesser paint ball python, and again, every animal is
going to look a little different than woma lesser or whatever
the actual mutations are because, of course, that paint influence is going to change it, so I’m just excited because
I’m not 100 percent sure. This one is cut up a
lot by that egg tooth, oh and this is kind of interesting. Okay, this looks like just a pinstripe, but the paint influence has
really changed the looked of it. I like that a lot. I tell you, that paint gene is
pretty absolutely incredible. All right, we’re going to
move on to egg number three, see what else we have here. Okay, so this is interesting
because this is actually a paint ball python, so
you can see it doesn’t look quite like a normal ball python, it’s got just a little
different look to it, and that’s what’s going to be influencing all the rest of these animals, right, is that slight difference,
so I’m glad we produced a paint so you guys
could kind of get an idea what that looks like. This cute little monkey’s
head is out right here, so I’ve got to do a really
good job of just kind of somehow cutting around to
where I don’t hurt the animal, so I’m going to just make a little slit and slowly work towards this thing’s head. I can hopefully kind of
connect the two together, I’m going to just slightly
tear this right here so I can get in, now I can cut the egg and see what’s inside of here. It’s head looked really cool, so I don’t know exactly what it is. This is so cool, and I tell you what guys, I am so excited about the
influence that that paint has. This is actually a woma pinstripe that is, of course, a paint
because everything is a paint. This egg right here already hatched out one of these two little monkeys. This egg also hatched out,
this one is pipped out but I don’t know what’s inside it, so we’re going to go ahead and cut this and see what is in here. Okay, we have another woma pinstripe paint and that is really cool. I love the way these guys are looking. Let’s see here, now we’ve got another egg. Just a few more eggs to go. Okay, another pinstripe paint. Gosh, these guys are so cool. So, we did hit the all
gene animal right here, with the woma lesser
pinstripe paint ball python, but we’ve only hit one
of the all genes so far, so let’s see if we get any more. Okay, this one is interesting. Okay, this looks like, again, another woma lesser paint ball python. I can’t wait until these all hatch out because they’re going to look so different and so cool, so I’m loving it. Two more eggs to go. Hopefully we’ll hit another all gene, but I’m not going to get greedy because I’m already really happy. Oh, and look at this one,
this little monkey’s head is just coming out right here. Soon as I cut it, it
just popped itself out like, “Welcome to the
world, little buddy!” Okay, back to this egg. Okay, this another just
normal paint ball python here, doesn’t have any of the other genes in it. And then last egg, guys, in this clutch and then we’ve got one more
clutch to cut right after this. This has been a good day so far. And then this is, again, just another woma paint
ball python, so all in all, some incredible babies in this clutch. I tell you what, I’ll
raise probably the majority of this clutch up and
when these guys breed and get a bunch of super
paint of all these genes, like lessers and all kinds of stuff, it’s going to be absolutely stunning. Last clutch is actually just a het ghost but it’s bred to a fire yellow belly, so I’m only really expecting like fires, yellow bellies, and fire yellow bellies that are possible het
ghost, but you never know until you get into it
so let’s just jump in and maybe I’ll get lucky
and prove some crazy stuff, you know, you never know
what’s going to happen. As far as crazy, the
first one, not so much. Looks like just a normal ball python, but it is a possible het for ghost but that doesn’t really
matter that much these days. Let’s jump into egg number two, and these guys are little boob eggs too. So this next one here is definitely just a fire ball python. Now, the fire ball python,
again, is codominant for black-eyed leucistic. So there’s the blue-eyed leucistic then the black-eyed leucistic. That’s a het for black-eyed
leucistic, essentially. So let’s go ahead and see if
we start to get anything else. I was kind of hoping, I don’t
know why I had this feeling like maybe we’d produce something
real crazy in this clutch but right now it’s just another
normal ball python poss het. So, so far the first two
clutches had some amazing things and hey, listen, I’ve
always said this guys, I love hatching snakes
no matter what they are, so it’s really cool. Again, another fire ball python. So we haven’t even hit
the double codon yet, which is a little bit
weird, but that’s okay. We’ve got two more eggs then we wrap up the egg cutting for the day. Let’s see, another normal ball python. Wow, these odds are pretty
bad on this last clutch. But hey, one last egg, I want
to end the day on a good note and hopefully we’ll get
that double codominant here. And, nope, looks like
just a fire ball python. So it’s really weird, it
just was a fire yellow belly, but we didn’t hit one yellow
belly out of six eggs, which is really unusual, but it happens and like I said, sometimes
the odds gods are with you, and for the most part, they were today. The last clutch kind of got a
little bit of the better part on our side, but that is it
for egg cutting for the day. I wanted to share something
with you guys really quick. This, of course, is my
emerald tree boa cage, which I absolutely love the waterfall and all the kind of, just total, you know, kind of way this animal always sits up on this branch and looks so good. But the last few days, it’s actually been kind of stuck in shed, and,
you know, this might help some of you guys if
you ever have an animal stuck in shed. Well, with emerald tree boas,
it’s a little bit different because you can’t really soak them. Often times I’ll tell
people if you have an animal that’s stuck in shed, put it
into an inch or two of water and just soak it but the fact
is, with emerald tree boas, typically if you soak them,
even in an inch of water, they’ll often times drown. Now, weirdly enough,
some people have success soaking green tree pythons,
but emerald tree boas, it’s just kind of a no-no. So what you do is, you
can put them in a tub just like this and actually
just put damp paper towels all around the animal. So we have these damp paper
towels all over the place and we just kind of put her all in here and you can see, she’ll just
soak up all that moisture. And hopefully within maybe
a three or four hour soaking like this, without her
actually being in water, she’ll actually shed out and be fine. It doesn’t happen often because again, the humidity is really high. We’ve got damp substrate,
we’ve got this big waterfall, so it’s kind of unusual that
they wouldn’t shed like this. As a matter of fact,
this is the first time she’s ever been stuck in shed. But this is a great technique
that works really well if you’re ever concerned about
actually leaving your animal soaking in water, again most
animals can do it no problems, as a matter of fact, some animals can soak for days in water, but
with emerald trees boas, this is the technique
we use and she should be out of shed here later today. – [Brian] Eric, what is going on, – What’s happening, man? – [Brian] Seems like
it’s been forever, man, – Dude, I know
– [Brian] with your traveling and everything, so what’s good? – I missed you – [Brian] Got a little haircut – Got a little haircut, it
gets hot up there, okay, it’s like a mop head. It’s hot in here so I got to be agile and aerodynamic, you know what I mean. – For those of you guys that don’t know, Noah is actually in Hawaii right now visiting my family, because I have family that lives in Hawaii, so it’s– – Thanks for reminding me–
– [Brian] Is it boring? – I come in everyday, usually
I’m like a little puppy waiting for my owner to get here (Brian laughs) You know what I mean? But it sucks because it’s 12 o’clock and I’m looking for him and I’m like, “Aw, he’s out of town,” but – [Brian] Yeah, it’s awesome
– It’ll be better when he gets back in town, I miss him. – Oh, yeah, well I tell him,
I miss the kind of hilarity that comes with Eric and Noah too, so. And that’s right, you guys did a bunch of Eric and Noah tours. – Oh my gosh, you were out of town, and I think people were
going to book tours with you and they’re like, “Ah,
we’ll do them instead “since he’s out of here,”
so it was a lot of fun, it was a blast, we got to meet a lot of cool people.
– [Brian] Well, that’s awesome – [Brian] that’s cool.
– We love it, we love it – Well, Noah will be back in his videos, we’ll be back too, I know he
need a little mental break, so you get a little
break from getting bit up and stuff like that, so it’s all good. So that is that, and I’ll
let you get back to work. – Awesome. – It’s that time of year
where we’ve got snakes hatching like crazy, so that’s my job. Once Brian goes through all
the eggs and shows you guys, I got to get them all their new homes, so that’s what I’m working on. Each baby gets a shoebox of its own, I have to A, figure out
where they’re going to go, because we’re getting really
tight on space right now so part of it is creative,
but I’ve got a few spots here that are available so I’m
going to set those up first and then after that, who
knows, I’ll figure it out. So, I’d better get started
because I’ve probably got 15 to 20 clutches today
that need to get set up. (upbeat music) – And with all that said,
I am going to end the vlog and wish you guys an amazing day. I love your beautiful faces. Do me a favor and be kind to someone, just go out and be kind to someone today. I love you guys, and I
will see you tomorrow. (upbeat music)