what is up ninjas in the last video we
were chopping up fruit with our new ninja weapons that we got and we found a
bunch of secret notes and when we pieced them all together we discovered that
project zargo is collecting DNA evidence and the person who left this note says
that they are on their way here right now what’s really weird is that it’s
been a couple days and we’ve been like on guard and no one
has gone wow I can’t even say that no one has any gum at all no chewing gum no
bubble gum nothing yeah it’s been days and no one has come yeah maybe we should
go up front by the front door cuz maybe he would come through the front door so
we just go look up there and I kind of wait for army yeah I guess maybe since
he actually told us that he was coming maybe he will come to my doors all right
here’s the front door me you go ahead first so hopefully he shows up pretty
soon here mail the mail personally but here weird says only it’s in the purple
writing that we’ve been seeing a lot they are after me if I don’t make
contact with you I may need help here’s the tracking number for my phone all
these weird things that’s weird it’s like he was writing this and all of a
sudden he didn’t finish his sentence and he just scribbled something that’s
really weird wonder what happened to him yeah I don’t know like was he writing it
here or was he like writing one is driving maybe that’s why all these mess
are like well oh you know we have to camp footage right up there oh yeah you
can’t wrestle you shit alright yeah let me let me grab the security camera here
and let’s review the footage and see what happens go inside look on the
computer alright so we’ve got the laptop let’s pull up the footage here alright
yeah there’s three cameras that we have so I’m not seeing anything on the
cameras yet here oh look at it so gonna try
hey camera I see some movements there with this guy running running towards
our house so it switch cameras okay friend our friend on camera he’s coming
up to her door what’s he doing he’s carrying something pressing kneeling
down I don’t know he’s on the ground I can’t see what he’s doing so Jarvan
can’t see his face right here yes I’m kind of brightness
whoa but guys struggling really badly back together jam into the car then the hackers sold strong oh my gosh
and they’re going out what their who was that that looks like um do they look
like bill lie-detector guy no I mean I I couldn’t see his face like cause it was
really dark right in front of our house but like the outfit backpack the shoe
looks very similar the hair yeah why did the hacker take the lightest after guy
that and yeah I mean a lot of you guys have been comments in that you think the
lie detector guy has been trying to help us and that he’s like betraying project
zorbo now so maybe he’s made projects or were really mad and now they’re after
him yeah so that makes yeah so that makes sense that if he wrote that they
must mean Zardo after the lie detector guy so he’s in trouble right now then so
if he’s trying to help us and projects or goes after him we didn’t we need to
go help him yeah and let’s see here he left a
tracking number for his phone select IVA can track him on that we need to figure
out how to put this number in to our phones and we can track him maybe I’m
like Google Maps we can see where he’s being taken all right so we’re outside V
you’ve got your phone I’ve got to the coordinates here so go ahead and type
these in okay yeah the dot is definitely moving okay he’s not too far not too far
from here it looks like we could walk there probably no I think we should take
a Tesla because you know what if we get there we need it chase them or something
oh they might drive off in their car and we’re on foot yeah okay good idea yeah
we need the Tesla ten okay we’re getting really really close to her according to
the map wait what but right there that look like the same
car that was on the security cam let me park right here why is it and with the
doors open all right let’s go over them whoa this is I think this is the car
what does anyone in here let’s look let’s investigate oh my gosh
do you see any like signs of struggle or anything like this down back seats down
what did he did he put like him back here or something yeah maybe the lie
detector guy was like laying back here it’s crazy
okay this person must be no huge hurry because every single door is open
yeah damn even close this the windows down still yeah so where where are they
I don’t know the road ends right here there’s a pole it says but this is no
parking any time yet they parked here yeah so I bet you I bet you the lighter
guy got carried past this Pole right here past this fence and then probably
like I don’t know they maybe they’re down this path okay let me get me
tracking out alright yeah okay okay yes he’s very close by he is this way this
way cool let’s go let’s step over this fence okay pretty close okay wait this
way we gotta go through here okay alright let’s go this way
okay so they gotta be around here somewhere we saw the car maybe pace to
be stops up because I think that’s a lie to touch your time
is he in trouble if you look like it’s all tied up why you see him he’s
blindfolded he’s out here no one nowhere is there anybody around okay
don’t see anybody here maybe I’ll take over the camera you get your ninja
weapons ready all right I’m ready all right boys here let me take oh thank
you so much yeah would you okay dude where am I what I’ve got some camera
footage I saw somebody like capturing you and throwing you in their car yeah
what happened yeah I was coming to your house to warn you about the hackers and
next thing I know I start to a car I smell one of the projects or go people
they probably really manage everything well aren’t you part of the project Argo
no not anymore not anymore I mean I was yeah but not anymore you guys trust me
right I’m can you guys help me yeah yeah let’s untie you here Chad you take the
camera I actually have the perfect spy tool to cut him loose
oh that’s right you got that comb with a night in it right yeah right here
no definitely cutting free that’ll definitely work great oh it’s the hacker
who are you why did you take the lie detector guy there’s none of your
business Daffy egg or you’ll get these ninja
stars you probably don’t even know how to throw those things
Pete will call me Benjy for nothing you have to do better than that
actors oh that was a close one you ain’t improving a little bit kids do not try this at home all right
we got to make this a fair fight No thank you so much which I could be okay
I need to get you cut open yes I need to help him gosh how thick is this rope? even here I’d been sitting in the desert
here for like I don’t know it’s hard to keep track of time like 30 minutes now
okay let me know is Chad okay alright alright
you’re pretty good do you know your ninja skills but I got a few tricks up
my sleeve show me what what what the heck Chad needs my help I’ve gotta hurry yeah
I love who that guy is who’s fighting Chad but he looks great
strong I don’t know anybody that we all wear masks when I work to practically
all wear masks have you had enough yet hacker door what
are those three of these jump the lodge guys do you see him
anywhere we’re gonna go what they gonna how do
they always disappear like that yeah why detector go hook how do you guys always
disappear there I don’t know maybe it’s a magic trick or something oh my gosh
you just joke that I I that’s still weird to just disappear like that yeah I
don’t know what the heck is going on you need to figure out you gotta tell us
what’s going on yeah you got a lot of explainin to do mr. lie detector man
alright guys we are gonna take the lie detector guy back to our place right now
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