It’s time for our Daily Holiday this morning. Daily Holiday National Pie Day Today is the perfect day to enjoy cake’s gooier cousin. the pie. The first known pies were eaten in ancient egypt. around 95 hundred B-C! Nowadays. theres dozens of different types of pies. take vo — pie!>From fruit pies like apple and strawberry rhubarb. to chocolate and pecan pies. there’s a pie for everybody. Some pie facts for you today: -Pies have been used as humor props since 19- 09 when a cream pie was thrown in a person’s face for the first time in film. -Pumpkin pie was introduced to pilgrims at the second thanksgiving. -Boston Cream Pie is technically a cake. not a pie. So whatever your favorite pie may be. make sure to have a slice today! And now it’s time for a check on our weather forecast.