(Music: We the #Legends) So our daily routine is strange, weird, unusual (Laughing) Biggy: And we thought it would be funny if we arranged Biggy: our you know, daily routine in alphabetical order Here’s a list of our daily routine Biggy: Ow! Biggy and Sockie: That side, Sabre Sockie: It’s that side So I guess that we are going to be switching all those things you saw on the list Sockie: In alphabetical order Biggy: Yes exactly what I just said Sockie: No, I changed the whole thing Nazzy: So on most days, we have to wake up early Nazzy: But since tomorrow on our routine it says we don’t have to do that, Nazzy: We get to sleep in! (Celebrating) (Laughing) (Music) (Rooster sound) Biggy: Are you awake, Naz? Biggy: Naz? Nazzy: What now? Biggy: Are you awake? Naz: Well now I am Biggy: Sockie? Biggy: You awake? Biggy: Sab? Sockie: So I got the list of what we have to do today in alphabetical order Sockie: And these guys are not allowed to see it because it’s funny that- no, you can’t see Sockie: And the first thing that you have to do is Sockie: Beach Biggy: Breakfast? Sockie: No, beach Sabre: Nooo Sabre: Can’t we eat first? Sockie: No, you can’t eat first, it’s beach Nazzy: Normally my mom makes us make our bed every single day like we can’t get out of this room until we make our bed Sockie: Otherwise we get bananas Nazzy: But today, we don’t have to! Biggy: Guys, don’t go to the toilet, it’s not part of our routine in alphabetical order It’s fine! Biggy: No It’s fine Biggy: Nope Biggy: It’s a challenge, otherwise you are eliminated Sockie: I’m going to wet my pants! Biggy: You can wee in your wet suit Biggy: So make the most of it