– I feel like the milk mustaches you see in the magazines are fake.
– Yeah. (funky upbeat music) – I’m a vegetarian, but I love dairy. – I used to love dairy until dairy didn’t love me anymore,
straight to Lactaid. (funky upbeat music) It doesn’t give you my classic, full-fat, white milk look. – This definitely feels
thicker and creamier. And yellower?
– It is very… – Let’s give it a taste, shall we? – Plan. – This– – It’s like a nutty aftertaste. – Yeah. – You know what, this
actually tastes like when you lick the outside of a peanut. – When do you lick the
outside of a peanut? – I could see maybe making
like a milkshake with this, but I’m not gonna drink this. (funky upbeat music) – This is more in line with like what I think of when I think of milk. – Smells almondy. – Oh. – Is this expired? – Unsweetened almond milk is
worse than almonds, I think. – I mean I feel like it’s trying to be skim milk but it’s not. – This is into the milk for me. – Now this one almost looks translucent. – Yeah, like if you look– – This one’s like whiter than white. – If you look at the top,
you could almost like see through the uppermost layer. – This is good. – Oh, it’s tasty though. – This one feels the most,
the closest to normal. – It tastes very strongly of rice.
– Almost, I love this. – There you go! (funky upbeat music) – You know what this looks like? It looks like glue. – Oh, oh that is strong. – This is like the lightest flavor for me, the most passable, the most like milk. To me.
– Yeah, I agree. – It definitely has a little
less sweet and enticing like bold flavor.
– Yeah. It’s got that fattiness,
I like the fattiness. – I am undecided.
– It tastes like– – Undecided, sorry, that’s not how much I didn’t like the milk. It’s not going anywhere,
it’s just Elmer’s. – Elmer’s Coconut Milk,
it will stick with you. – This one has a real big–
– Warmer. – So I like the beginning,
but I don’t love the end. – It was very thick. – I feel like all of the moisture in my mouth has just been sucked out. – This is what we’ve been waiting for. – Already, this is is gray. – It’s gray and it tastes like gray. – Ugh, I’m not a fan of this though. This is like the loser of milks. – Cashews are honestly
like the upper-class nut and then the milk–
– Oh, well now you’re saying that it’s separate, it makes me feel better that I don’t mind it. I like my milk fancy. – Rice stole the show today,
it was all about rice. Rice was the Beyonce.
– Yeah. And everybody else was in the show, I gotta say.
– Wait a minute here. – I couldn’t just drink it,
drink any of these straight. I think I could maybe
try incorporating them with other things?
– Yeah. – I don’t know if I’d like
jump to these as an alternative or if I’d use any of them.
– Yeah. I’m gonna hold out for as long
as I can deal with lactose. (cow mooing) (funky upbeat music)