Are we almost at the beach yet? I wanna see doggies. I wanna go tanning ’til my skin peels and eat ice cream ’til my teeth hurt. {SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH} Who are you even talking to? You know that’s bad right? Ice Cream? Or Tanning? ‘Cause you’re not the boss of me. Oh lord, just explain to her what you mean in as few words as possible so this conversation can end. First things first, our atmosphere is thickening and the Earth is getting waaaarmer. This is call climate change. I’m loving this climate change thing then. You’re wacked then. You better watch me, alright? As I was saying, what is happening right now is a change in global and regional climate patterns In particular, a change apparent from the mid- to late- twentieth century onward attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. Considering the “wow…” on her face, it’s basically our planet holding more solar energy, making it warmer. Pretty much, but my definition was better. Yea, whatever. So tell me geniuses what has lead to all this? Remember that one day, you were doing your hair, you forgot to unplug the hairdryer. That’s one. Number two, remember when you turned on lights? You never closed them and it was daylight out, man. Alright, game on. Maybe all this happened because you would always leave the tv on while taking a nap on the couch Or how you never recycle all your scrap paper and throw it in the garbage. Chill out. You’re all to blame. You aren’t off the hook. You’re involved too. You drive the car everywhere I bet. Okay, okay, maybe we’re all to blame, but instead of arguing let’s come up with a solution. Let’s be the change.