– Hi, everybody! Nobody’s here yet. There are zero people watching. – This is so weird, okay, so, I guess we’ll just start talking. Um, so this is our first time ever doing like, a YouTube Live.
– Yeah. – And, so we just wanted to give it a try, it’s very new and interesting, for sure. So hey y’all, I’m Bailey,
obviously, Brooklyn, obviously you guys know that.
– I’m Brooklyn, yeah. And we just released our first song, it’s called “Dance Like Me”
– Mhmm. – And we are [Together] releasing
the official music video – This upcoming Wednesday. – And we’re super, super excited! – Like, we’re stoked! – So we’re gonna tell you
guys some stories about – [Both] The filming process – And all of that fun, glamorous stuff. So, to start off, believe
it or not we actually got permission from our school
to film the music video at our school, so that was like way cool. – That was like, it doesn’t
look like our school. – No, it doesn’t it doesn’t
look like our school at all.
– It looks so different. – It looks way cooler. – You watch the video, and
I’m like “What? Our school? “Can it even look that cool?”
– Like, our school? Really?
– Yeah, it looks so different. It’s not what it looks like every day. – Not at all, yeah definitely, but for the start-off, we
had this bleacher scene where we had to film on
the bleachers and we were in these costumes and part of the costume was these tennis shoes,
these big white chunky– actually go get a tennis
shoe, we still have them. These big white chunky
like cheer tennis shoes. We had learned all this
choreography and stuff the day before, so we were
super pumped to dance it, and ’cause we felt like it was super cool. – These are the tennis shoes.
– These are the shoes, but the problem was that it had rained. – Do you see the bottom? They’re
not very good at gripping. – It had rained the night before, so the bleachers were soaked
and they’re metal so it’s super slippery already.
– And it’s cold outside! – And it’s freezing. With
these shoes it was like trying to dance on ice.
– Oh my gosh. – Like us and the dancers
and all these kids that were background people, they kept
slipping and falling down. – It was so hard, like we
were trying to do a dance move and it was like every time we did it, somebody fell.
– Somebody would fall so we’d have to start over. – It was hard to get a good take, yeah. – It’s crazy, like literally. – Oh! And so then we had to film a shot of a certain group of kids,
and in the middle of filming that shot it starts pouring rain. – So we all book it inside ’cause it’s now pouring on all of us.
– But they’re sopping wet. – But everyone’s wet. – We only have one little
dressing area, so everybody’s in there trying to blow-dry their
hair and clothes and stuff. – It was literally insane,
like trying to dance on ice and then it starts raining,
so that’s just our morning. So basically that happened
and then I’m trying to think of what else. Oh yeah!
– Then we had, so we used a fog machine in
the music video and it like, we didn’t realize the
school hadn’t turned off – [Both] The fire alarms – Because they just started
going off in the middle of the video and then the
firemen said that we had to evacuate the school so
they could check it out and all that stuff, but
it’s pouring outside so we can’t evacuate because
we’re all in costumes. – We’re gonna get wet.
– Yeah, get soaked. – So we found this empty
abandoned bus and we all crammed in there.
– Crammed into the bus. – Not the whole crew,
they were able to find some different shelter, but
all the people getting filmed were able to cram
themselves on this empty bus and it was just, it was
like literally crazy. – We had to sit there for at least a good 30 minutes.
– 20 minutes. – Waiting for them to get the fire alarm.
– Chillin’ in that empty bus. – It was really cool.
– Then we had to tape plastic over all the air vents
– Aw, man. – So the fog wouldn’t set
the fire alarms off again. – That was a thing.
– So funny. – And then I’m trying to think
if we have any other stories. – We had one shot where we
filmed in a science lab and we were dancing on these tables
and there’s vials of bubbling stuff behind us.
– I bumped one off! – She just knocks one of the vials off, it shattered.
– It broke, it shattered! And I felt so bad!
– It was full of vinegar so it smelled so bad!
– It smelled like vinegar. Oh, it was so funny.
– Yeah. I’m trying to think if
there are any other stories. If not, we can answer questions for y’all. If y’all wanna comment questions we’ll be able to answer
them live, hey hey now. – I’m trying to think,
story, story, stories. – Alright, let’s see the new guy. Who is who? Bailey and
– [Both] Brooklyn. And usually you could tell
’cause I have shorter hair. Shorter name shorter hair,
longer name longer hair. – Yep.
– Alright, let’s see, Where’s Parker? Probably at home. – No, he’s at a baseball dinner right now, but I think he’d coming
over after hopefully. – When is the video getting released? The music video’s getting released – [Both] This Wednesday. – This upcoming Wednesday and we’ve worked so hard!
– So go watch it! – We worked so hard on it.
– We filmed for like 16 hours?
– 16 or 17 hours. – On this one video and
it’s, oh, I’m so excited. – It’s litterly awesome.
– I think it looks really good I’m so excited.
– It looks good. I hope you guys like it. Okay, let’s see. Bailey and
Aysa are so cute! Thanks! – Yeah, up in Idaho,
my dad lived in Idaho. – Did y’all make more than one song? Good question, we actually made
three songs and the only one that’s out right now is the first one, it’s called Dance Like Me. The second one is coming
out and I’m not gonna say what it’s called, but I love it. And then the third one’s also coming out. – But we’re about to film
the music videos for that. – For the second one, so
it will come out very soon and you guys will adore it. Okay, let’s see, how old are we? We are
– [Both] 17 – And we will be turning
18 on December 31st. – It’s New Years Eve.
– We were born on the millennium, so 1999,
December 31st is our birthday. So every time the year
changes, that is our age. – So it changed to 2017,
– [Both] We’re 17. – But it’s cooler than other 1999 kids can claim because–
– Because it’s the day of. – It was the day that the
date changes that our age also changes, if that makes sense. – Any more questions? Favorite color, my favorite color is blue.
– And mine is forest green. I love forest green.
– Okay. So specific. – What is your favorite song right now? Okay it’s an album, Ed
Sheeran, let’s talk about it. – My favorite song is Nancy
Mulligan, it’s such a good song. – No, Happier,
– Perfect, – [Both] Supermarket Flowers, – Every song on that
is literally flawless. – So good.
– I can’t– Literally flawless, I can’t even. What book are we reading right now? Actually, she just finished
the Lunar Chronicles series. – Cinder and–
– Yes, that was really good. And I just finished another
one that was really good. Oh, it was called Lady
Midnight by Sandra Claire. I want to read the rest
of that but the next one hasn’t come out yet, which
is literally the worst, so I have to wait, but
I think I’m going to try and reread the Chronicle series again. – It’s the Lunar series, it’s so good. – Who is your celebrity crush? Do you have one?
– My boyfriend. – What?
– He’s not famous, I just love him.
– Celebrity crush! I actually don’t think, I never like… – I don’t think I have
a huge celebrity crush. – Can it be like a girl-crush? My girl-crush would be Emma Watson. – Not girl-crush, but just
like idol is Emma Watson. I love–
– She is awesome! – If any of you has seen
Beauty and the Beast? – Go watch it!
– I love that movie! – Okay, who is older?
– Me, by two minutes. – Brooklyn’s older by two minutes. She like to pull that on me all the time and say she’s two minutes wiser, but it’s untrue.
– What? – Last is best of all the
game guys, last is best. Ooh, what’s your favorite food? Potatoes. – I love Alfredo, like chicken
Alfredo, like the pasta. – She could literally
eat it for every meal and I could eat potatoes for every meal. – It’s so good, how could
anybody not love pasta? – You guys sing really
good, aww, thanks love! Why did you– wait I’m trying
to read them, they go so fast! – What are our middle names? – What are your nationalities? I don’t even know the
answer to that question. – What are our middle names?
– Our middle names? Marne, so Bailey Marne McKnight,
it’s French or something so it’s like Mar-nay, and then she is– – Victoria.
– Brooklyn Victoria. English.
– Very English-sounding. So Brooklyn Victoria McKnight
and Bailey Marne McKnight. Bailey, you’re the best, I
love you whoever said that! I love you so much. Have we ever read and
watched Harry Potter? Honey, of course!
– Um, yeah! – What kind of human beings
would we be if we hadn’t? – [Both] We’re going to
Harry Potter World soon. We’re sooo excited!
– I haven’t been yet. – [Both] I’m gonna get a wand! (sighs) – That was weird.
– We’re such twins. Alright, umm… – Woah, really fast. Bailey I love you so much.
Guys, you guys are the best. I love you all so much, literally so much. Do you have any adopted siblings? Good question, yes, our
last two, so our youngest two siblings are both adopted
and they’re really cute and we love them.
– Yes we do have twin empathy. – We do have twin empathy.
– We’ll say some things at the same time.
– Watch. I will think of a shape,
she’ll close her eyes … Okay, try an guess what it is.
– A square. – Are you serious?
– Yeah. – Wait, okay, try again, plug your ears. – Dang it!
– In case you can hear. – Okay, we’re gonna do, let’s
do like, okay wait Brooklyn. We’re gonna do an animal.
– Okay. – Okay… Okay, okay.
– Oh crap. Ummm… A zebra?
– No! A chicken, I said a chicken!
– What? – That’s so funny, look they’re
saying I love you Brooklyn. There you go.
– Hey! Yeah, go team! – Okay, okay, okay. Hold, wait, oooh! Hold the tab to read, I love you Annie! Thanks for telling me that. Okay, okay. Okay, now I can read them. Umm… chickens, see? I
told you it was chickens. Lol, lol, you guys oh my goodness. Do we share clothes?
– [Both] Yes! – We do, except for we
have different styles. So really, we’ll buy something
and it will be obviously Brooklyn’s style and not mine, but lately we’ve been
mixing styles a little bit. We kind of just share everything. Do we know any other languages? Okay, so here’s the thing.
– Holas. (speaking Spanish) That’s all I know.
– (speaking Spanish) – We only know a little bit
of Spanish because we took Spanish for three years.
– My dad’s fluent. – My dad’s fluent in Spanish,
but I do know a little bit of ASL, like I know the
letters and a couple signs. I really want to learn more of ASL, I think it’s a really cool language. But besides those two, and English, – [Both] No.
(both laugh) – And I wouldn’t say that
we’re even close to fluent, but I can pick up things
here and there, ya know. – Like, I can understand some things. – Alright, what kind of ice
cream do I like? Good question! – My favorite Disney princess is Belle. – Wow, that was random.
– It says right there your favorite Disney princess. – Okay, my favorite Disney
princess is Rapunzel and I really want to be
the live-action Rapunzel. Then my dream would come true. – Everyone just tweet Disney.
– Just tweet Disney. – [Both] Can Brooklyn and Bailey be the live-action Rapunzel please? – Please and thank you, please. I know you guys are gonna say “But you don’t have blonde hair!” but that’s what a wig
is for, and at the end she cuts off her hair and
she looks exactly like me! Short, green eyes, and
brown hair, tah-dah! ♫ It could not be more perfect of a match it needs to happen, so
Rapunzel’s my favorite and Flynn Rider is my
favorite my favorite prince because aww, he’s so cute.
– He is very cute. – Then to go back to the
ice cream conversation because who doesn’t want
to talk about ice cream? My favorite ice cream is chocolate with brownie.
– Me too. – Her too.
– [Both] There’s no question. – But I’ve been off ice
cream for a little while, but I’m going back in like two weeks. – Yeah!
– And I’m so excited! – What are we currently binge-watching? I’m binge-watching–
– The Office. – Wow, that was fast, she’s
binge-watching The Office. – It’s not necessarily
binge-watching because it’s taken me like forever to watch it
’cause I just watch one episode every four or five nights.
– And then… – But I’m on the last season. – Me and my mom like
watching old king and queen English-type shows, so we’re
watching Victoria right now. We finished Downton Abbey,
we tried to watch The Crown, and my mom watched The Crown
and now we’re onto Victoria. So that’s what we’re watching right now. – And we’re in Hufflepuff.
– Umm… Actually, I retook the
test and I’m Gryffindor. – I’m Hufflepuff. – She’s Hufflepuff and I’m Gryffindor and my mom is peeking through
the door right now, hey Mom. – My mom’s Hufflepuff, too.
– My mom’s Hufflepuff, too. Do you wanna come say hi?
(door opening) she wants to come and say hi, come say hi. Mindy!
– Hi, guys! Brooklyn, eat my hair.
– Lol. We were telling them what house
of Harry Potter we were in. – [Mom] Hufflepuff, all the way! – I’m a Gryffindor.
– Hufflepuff! I didn’t think I would be Hufflepuff. – I retook it, yeah.
– I did not think I would be Hufflepuff, and I had a really hard time accepting it
because Hufflepuff’s like the neutral party.
– Who’s Hufflepuff? But I feel like everyone
we know is in Hufflepuffs, so it’s like…
– Yeah. Weird, I can’t decide if I’m proud of it or if I’m like “Nooo!”
– Alright! (door creaks shut) Your mom looks like you, yeah she does. – We’re like clones.
– Yes, she does. Alright. I can’t read any more. They’re going so fast,
I should do this again. Alright, what’s your favorite movie? – I don’t know.
– I don’t have one, so… I literally don’t have a favorite movie. Like, I looove movies,
except for I love rom-coms so, The Proposal, She’s the Man, Ten Things I Hate About You,
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. – What’s the one “Dates”?
– [Both] 50 First Dates. – All of the above are amazing. – So good. – I’m not in college, we
are still in high school. We are juniors in high school
and junior year’s really hard. – Like Pre-Cal.
– Pre-Cal is really hard. – Which I really need to study, – But we will get through it. – I have a Pre-Cal test
tomorrow, everybody wish me luck. – Yeeah, alright! Tall or short? Definitely short, we are very
short; we are 5’2″, barely. – I don’t think we’re gonna grow any more. – I don’t think we’re gonna grow any more. – Nope, I think we’re kinda
just stuck where we’re at. – We’re kinda just kinda stuck, I’m hoping for a little bit of
height, but you never know. Okay, we’ll say five more minutes and then we’ll have to
go y’all, so comment any last-minute questions
you want us to answer. – (singing) – Who is your favorite sibling? – [Both] We don’t have a favorite – Sibling.
– Well… – Aww, she’s so nice! – Are you not gonna say me back? – Her.
– That’s what I thought. – Dog, I’m a dog person.
– Dog person. – We have two dogs, Ash
and Brady, and they’re the most adorable creatures on earth. – What even are cats? Dogs. – Cats are cute when
they’re little babies, but I feel like they
aren’t as loyal as dogs. – Cats are cute but you
can’t play with them. They’re not furry and–
I guess they are furry. But they’re not as cute,
it’s just the truth. Captain America or Batman?
– Captain America. – Is that even a comparison?
Captain America, duh! – Yeah, hello!
– Of course! Captain America. Do we play an instrument? Used to play the piano,
could probably still play it if I tried.
– We sing, technically your voice is an instrument.
– We sing. An instrument, sort of,
if you want to say that. – My choir teacher used to tell me that. – Why did I cut my hair? I’m not really sure,
one day I just woke up and I was like “Hmm, I
kinda wanna do this.” Then I looked up some
pictures and I was like “No, I really want to do this” and so I cut my hair and I was worried that I’d look like a
three-year-old, but then it ended up really suiting me and I never went back. I don’t know, it’s kinda
like one of those things. I was like “I wanna cut my hair short once before I go to college and
that way I know if I like it,” – I feel like I would just
look bad with short hair. – And so I did, and then I loved it. So if you guys are like on the edge, I would suggest doing it because
hair can always grow back. So, like you might as well try it. – I don’t know, I feel like… – That’s how I feel. – I would cry a lot if I had
to cut my hair all the way off. – Yeah, I cut my hair and
one of the other things I want to do before I get
married ever in the future, I want to dye my hair a crazy color. – She wants to dye it like,
right now she has pictures of pink and purple.
– I wanna do not like my whole head, but
I wanna do the lavender stuff or whatever.
– Just like the fade. – Like one of those things I
think would be really cool. – With like dark roots?
=Just like, ya know, because you’re young and you can do it and that kind of thing. Alright, we’ve got three more
minutes for questions y’all. – Somebody asked what
my favorite dessert was? – [Both] Ice cream. – By far the best.
– I don’t know why, but it’s my weakness.
– By far. – Any time I’m like sad
or stressed or anything, just a bowl of ice cream is just the most, like the happiest thing ever. – Someone says they want us to sing. Can you think of something
that we can sing? I can’t think of anything
we could sing right now. – Like, not off the top of my head. – I don’t even know. How is my boyfriend? He is
good, thank you for asking. I will tell him that you asked. He is fantastic. – My boyfriend is good, too. – What is your favorite
trip you’ve ever been on? Good question!
(mom yelling) What’d you say, Mom? She says to sing our song. Dance Like Me.
– Oh. I don’t know what part to sing. ♫ Dance, dance like me
– Sing the chorus. – ♫ Let the rhythm steal away your body ♫ This is how you party, oh oh oh ♫ We ain’t playin’ – [Both] ♫ Drop that base, plie it – ♫ Come and get your party on, ooh yeah – That’s just like a little piece. (sings) – And then you go into that. – (singing) – Yeah, anyway, anyhoo. – That’s just a little piece of our song. – That’s just a little bit. ♫ Alright Where are my overalls from?
Forever 21, but they were from like ages ago, I got
them like two years ago. – I was gonna look at the
tag, but there isn’t one. – And they still like
miraculously fit, they’re actually kinda big, so that was nice,
I found them this morning and I was like “Hmm, I
think I’ll wear these.” (singing) How tall is your boyfriend? – He’s 5’10”? 5’11” on a good day. – Mine is 5’11”, 5’10” or 5’11”. – I think he’s 5’9″.
– No, he’s not 5’9″. – I’m pretty sure he’s short. – He’s not 5’9″ he’s 5’10”. At least 5’10”, I don’t really know. – I don’t know. (laughs) (both laughing) I’m not really judging his
height when he comes over. – All I know is that he’s
like a foot taller than me. So, that’s all that matters. I’m trying to see what should be answered. One last question… – Favorite subject in school. – Favorite subject in school. I don’t have an answer for that. – Me neither. – I don’t have an answer for that. What should we answer? When are we going to Harry Potter? The end of April.
– Yes. – We will update you guys,
you will see lots of pictures on our social media
accounts, so don’t worry. It’s gonna be amazing!
– Park and I are going to buy matching wands. – No, really, we are like
– [Both] So excited! – Alright, so time is up. I love you guys all so much. Thank you for tuning in to our live stream.
– Bye! – And we hope you guys
have a wonderful day. – We love you!
– A wonderful Thursday. – Tomorrow is Friday, for us
at least, I don’t know if it’s for everybody, but tomorrow’s
Friday for us, which means – [Both] The weekend! – And smiles and happiness
and just have fun, we love you.
– Sleeping in! – Goodbye! Muah! Muah! Muah! End.