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good, we’re not eating it. So make sure that you sign in tomorrow to check out our Daniel Fast soup recipes. But today’s video is all about desserts and these desserts are
delicious, they’re quick, they’re easy, so let’s dive right in and check out these Daniel Fast desserts. The first thing we’re going to do
is actually make a topping and we’re going to make that topping
by using two Medjool dates and half a cup of walnuts. and half a cup of walnuts. And you’re going to need a
food processor for this but if you don’t have one, that’s fine, just use a blender. So all I’m going to do is add all of that to my food processor, so
that’s my half a cup of walnuts and my two Medjool dates. My dates have the pit in them, so if you have dates with the pits make sure you take them out. Then I’m just going add
them to my food processor, then I’m just going to chop them up together and that’s going to be a
topping for our desserts. So here is the finished
product of my dates So here is the finished
product of my dates with walnuts mixed together. Again, I just put that in the blender or your food processor, I’m
using a food processor here and then I just put on puree and it chopped up really quickly. My food processor is not expensive, it’s really simple actually. I got it from Target, but you
can also get it from Amazon. It’s a KitchenAid, for any of
you who would be interested and I’ll put a link in the description in case you’re interested
in getting a food processor and you don’t but have a
blender, it works the same. So, yeah, this is what it looks like and we’re just going put that
right on top of our desserts. All right, so our first
dessert recipe is very simple, it’s just going to be ice
cream, well not really, but nice cream. So we’re going to use one frozen banana, and one cup of frozen pineapple, and generally sometimes I use mango but we used the mangoes
already for smoothies, so what I have left is pineapple. You could swap out the
pineapples for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries,
whatever fruit you like, but I’m just going to do banana, pineapple and then I’m going to use my
topping that I made earlier with walnuts and dates,
and put that on top. You can also swap out the walnuts for some other nuts that you like. You also don’t have to use the dates but again, just making sure I have a lot of nice flavor combinations. And you guys also know I love coconut so if you want you can also sprinkle some coconut flakes right on top. So all I’m going to do is
take my frozen banana and frozen pineapple and add that right to my food processor. And then I’m just going to process that and I’ll show you what it looks like. So my banana and pineapple
were super frozen and it wasn’t chopping up,
or pureeing I should say, the way I liked. So all I did was just add two tablespoons of almond milk to this,
and guys, look at this. It is so delicious. It is so delicious. It is so delicious. I’m telling you, once you taste this, it’s like you’re in heaven. So all I’m going to do is
just add this to a bowl and add some of my toppings on top and I’ll just show you
what that looks like. All right guys, so here is our
banana, pineapple nice cream with some chopped dates
and walnuts on top. And I’m telling you guys,
this tastes amazing! If you try this recipe,
definitely let us know in the comments down
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friends and subscribe if you haven’t already. So we’re going to jump right
in to our next dessert. For dessert number two, we’re sticking with our food processor. And to my food processor
I added one tablespoon of almond butter, a half
a cup of almond milk, you could always swap out the almond milk for something like coconut
water, or you could use fresh squeezed orange
juice or carrot juice, it’s really up to you, and
then I have one frozen banana. So all I’m going to do
is make sure I puree that in my food processor. in my food processor. Then I’m going to add my toppings after I’ve poured this into a bowl. So all I’m going to do is puree
this, add it to a bowl, and then I’ll show you adding my toppings. So this is what it looks
like after I have blended my banana with my almond
butter and almond milk. So now I’m just going to add
a half of a chopped up fresh banana right on top. And I mean, you can make
this look pretty if you want but I’m just adding it right on top. And then our little mixture
that we made earlier of walnuts and dates, I’m
going to take some of that and I’m gonna scoop that
right on top as well. And then I’m just gonna
add some organic shredded unsweetened coconut
right to the top of this. And that is your delicious smoothie bowl, And that is your delicious smoothie bowl, and that’s dessert number two. Again, another dessert
that is just amazing. So, if you’re liking
this, give it a thumbs up. This next dessert is so
quick, easy, and delicious. So all I did was just take an apple So all I did was just take an apple and I just diced it up, and
then I just sprinkled it with some ground cinnamon, and then I’m going to drizzle two
tablespoons of almond butter right over top, put it in a
microwave for two minutes, so make sure you cover it
with a microwave-safe top. So then leave it in the microwave
on high for two minutes. Once it’s done, take it out
and then all you have to do is scoop some of our, you
know, dates, walnut mixture that we made in our food
processor earlier right on top. And that’s your next dessert. So quick, delicious, and it’s so simple. So here is my apple, cinnamon
and almond butter mixture. Once I took it out of the
microwave after two minutes, I just mixed it all up with a spoon and then I just topped it with
my dates and walnut mixture and then I just topped it with
my dates and walnut mixture that we made in the
beginning of the video. And it’s ready to go. You can have it just as it is. If you would rather not have
that dates, walnuts topping, you could always
substitute some hemp seeds or you could substitute some chia seed. And so with any of these toppings that you’ve seen in the video, you can always make substitutions for. Hope you enjoyed this one. So that’s it for our Daniel Fast desserts that are quick, easy and delicious. Let us know in the comments down below which one of these recipes are you most excited about trying. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up, share with your friends and subscribe for more awesome content just like this. And before I leave you,
I just want to remind you, you’re only one prayer away. I want to thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.