Cookies, cakes, and pies oh my! Today we’re
headed to Danielle’s Desserts where the southern style treats are said to taste like home “sweet”
home. Danielle’s Desserts is intended to transport
people back in time. We carry American southern style desserts and it’s really intended to
be the kind of dessert people used to have in their grandmother’s homes, back in the
day. When I walked in I was like “Oh my God, smell that butter!” People don’t bake the way they used to but
the south was known and is still know for having sort of rich, decadent, homemade, made from scratch type of desserts and that’s what we carry here at Danielle’s Desserts. I love chocolate too so the chocolate cake
is really good, and the caramel cake — everything’s good! Baking was something that I always enjoyed
doing and I thought I did it somewhat decently at least people told me I did. And so I decided
if I was going to have my own business I would do it making desserts. And I’ll speak on behalf of everyone when
I say Danielle, we’re so glad you did! Each dessert is so delicious it makes choosing
a favorite really tough. Well the most popular dessert is this Southern Caramel Cake right here. I don’t quite know why it’s so popular; my guess would be is
that it’s hard to find caramel cake anywhere. You can find chocolate cake, you can find
coconut cake but it’s hard to find a caramel cake. I’ve known Danielle for almost 30 years and
I’ve been eating these here desserts for that amount of time. And as a family member we
always told her you should open up your own place the stuff is so good. So what did you get today?
I got a Blondie Bar. Do you get the Blondie Bar every time or do
you like to switch it up? I get the Blondie Bar when they don’t have
the Chewy Cherry Bar- that’s even better. I have a lot of favorites. My personal favorite is the Fluffy Coconut
Cake! I like the Strawberries and Cream, definitely
the German Chocolate! They’re fantastic, Danielle’s wonderful, she’s
always here working really hard, I respect that. There’s a myth going around that a lot of
the desserts are desserts that I got from my Grandmother. But these recipes really are
my own, a lot of them I’ve been developing just through trial and error for about 20 years A lot of them I’m still tweaking today!