[STORM FORCE EPIC music] Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another military ration. Today I’ll be tasting my first Danish ration. This ration comes from Denmark and it was sent to me by my lovely viewer, Rob. Rob, thank you so much for sending this to me. I’m super excited to taste this! This box is huge! I’m assuming this is a 24-hour ration pack because it is so large. But we will find out. If you enjoy these ration tastings, be sure to check out the playlist down below which includes lots of US MREs and international tastings as well. Alright! Let’s go ahead and get started! So, this is Menu NR 04 Chili con Carne. I’m surprised by this flavor, Chili con Carne. It’s something I associate more with the state of Texas rather than Denmark. So, it definitely has my curiosity peaked. So, let’s see what’s inside. Here is the package — oh, it has a “Y” on it! Danes, do tell me what this is for. What does that mean? It must have some sort of purpose. What, I don’t know. Here is the main entrée: Chili con Carne. This is tuna in lime and pepper and tuna in water; and here is chocolate muesli; squeezable fruit packet; a little energy bar; dried cranberries; cashew nuts; two packets of jam; some farmhouse pâté; a chocolate bar — looks like it might have gotten melted; Ooooh, spicy sauce! Another pâté: this time it´s Brussels pâté; a sundries pack; raisins; peach flavored drink; coco flavored drink; lemon flavored drink; peanut butter; whole grain biscuits; whole wheat bread; whole wheat bread; and a toffee protein bar. My gosh! That is huge! And in the bottom of the box, another “Y.” Hmmm… So, the first thing I’m gonna do is heat this up. I´m going to put the Chili con Carne into a pot of boiling water. And boil it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Be right back. 🙂 Just by its gestalt, it reminds me a bit of the UK ration because there are several different kinds brands, and tons of different items. This particular kind of packaging reminds me a lot of the Swedish ration that I had: lots of kind of flat envelopes, that you can eat directly out of the package. I think first I’m going to open the whole wheat bread. This is made by the Bridgford Company. And there are two packages of this. If I’m not mistaken, Bridgford is the same company that makes the bread and some of the kind of instant sandwiches in the US MREs as well. Smells like…wheat bread. There’s the bread. I find if I cut it in half that helps make it less dense. And more palatable. So, there’s the bread. Looks pretty similar to sandwich bread, but just feels a lot denser. I’m gonna try a little bit of this tuna. And it comes in this packet, nice and flat. It says tuna in water. I’m gonna grab the spoon out of the sundries pack. I’ve never had a ration pack with two spoons before. (Gasp!) A tooth brush! This is great! I love the idea of encouraging good dental hygiene. Looks like a mint; several wet naps; three packs of coffee; another mint; two packets of black tea; a few packets of salt; three packets of pepper; three toothpicks — excellent! — and two packs of sugar. Looks like three mints. Great sundries pack! Very, very thorough! I am surprised that this does not include matches. Most of them do. Interesting… Now I’m going to use my spoon (chuckles) and take out some of this tuna fish onto my bread. Plain tuna fish in water. And let’s grab the other one which is the Tuna, Lime and Pepper. I’ve never heard of Lime and Pepper. Here in the US, we have a lot of lemon pepper. But not lime. So, I’m curious to see how that tastes. So, this one is packed in oil, while the first one was packed in water. So, let’s try the plain one first. Itadakimasu! Hmm! And that’s not surprising. It tastes just like regular ol’ tuna fish. Nice and salty. And I like the fact that it is drained of the water. So, you don’t have to deal with all that tuna water, and draining it and stuff. And that is doesn’t have a metallic taste as well. because it’s packed in those nice little plastic envelopes. Great! And the bread actually tastes pretty good. Its a little dry. And of course, denser than regular sandwich bread. But still pretty close. And let’s try the lime and pepper. What a great snack! Great injection of a little protein. Mmm! Mmm!! I like that! It tastes like it has more of a dressing to it. It is actually slightly sweet. And has a citrus flavor to it. A little bit of pepper. And is a nice kind of spin on your typical tuna fish. Because I love spicy things, I’m going to add a little bit of this hot sauce. Smells vinegared. Alright, let’s give that a go. Mmm! It’s kind of reminiscent a Louisiana style hot sauce. Nice and vinegared. Has a nice chili heat to it. But not overly spicy. And it’s a little bit thicker. Kinda like a Sriracha. But it’s not at all garlic. Nice! Mmhm! Next, I’m going to mix up this muesli. We need to let this sit for a little while. It says very specifically that I’m supposed to add 100 millimeters of water. And that there is a fill line inside. But from past experience, I do know that these fill lines can be very inconsistent. Depending on how big you open this package, the fill line, yeah. Measuring the volume can be challenging, so I’m going to use a measuring cup. There’s the muesli. It looks a lot like instant oatmeal. But the flakes look to be a little bit darker. Oh! The fill line is right here. So, you kind of have to estimate it. I love that it’s free standing. Very nicely designed. I’m gonna us my non-tuna-contaminated spoon to stir that up. Zip that up, and let that rest for five minutes. To a half liter of water — five hundred milliliters — I’m going to add one packet of this — this is the peach flavor energy drink. And this is actually made in Germany. Entire packet. Ooh! Smells very peachy. And not surprising, has a lovely peach color. And it dissolves pretty readily. Next, I’m going to do the lemon flavored one. And again to 500 milliliters of water. So, I’m back with my entrée. Take this out. I’ll pour it into this bowl, so you can see the contents. It looks likes to be rice; some kind of grain in there; some ground meat; some chili beans; some red pepper; And some onion. Let’s give it a taste by itself. Here we go. Itadakimasu! Mm! Eh, it’s pretty good. It tastes a lot like a can of chili. But I like the fact that it’s not overly salty. And that it have some additional grains in there. I think chili purists would be horrified by this because there are those additions to it. But I like it. I find it makes it more hearty. And probably keeps you full. Now, let’s try it on a piece of bread. Mmm!! Mmhm! A little touch of cumin in there. Some tomato. And it’s good! I like it! Like always, hot sauce will make it better. Mmhm! The little addition of vinegar and chili heat in there really make it better. Yeah! That’s pretty good. Alright! Here’s my peach drink in it’s entirety. I usually make just a single serving, but this time I thought I’d make the entire batch so I could figure out the exact concentration of it. Alright! Cheers! Ermm… And yes, that is a little too sweet for me. Tastes like artificial peach. Tastes like peach candy. But it has kind of a slipperiness, and a tiny bit of saltiness to it. The flavor I’m not so keen on — I’m not a big fan of peach flavor, but that’s subjective. But yeah, not too bad. Let’s try the pâtés. Having pâtés, I think, is quite typical for European packs. It was in my Russian pack. And I think in was in my UK pack as well. I believe… This is the Farmhouse and this is the Brussels. The Farmhouse has slightly darker color. Mmhm.. It’s very, very smooth in texture and creamy and rich. It has a slightly kind of gamey, livery flavor, along with a familiar bologna/processed meat flavor. I like it. It’s good. Let’s compare that with the Brussels… pâté. This one is softer in texture. It’s more spreadable. Mmm. Mmhm! Mm! Definitely creamier and richer. It has little bit of… kind of like spice flavor to it. Maybe allspice? Delicious! The Brussels is nice and creamy and rich, but I think I like the meatiness of the Farmhouse one better. Now let’s wash that down with our lemonade. Smells just like Country Time lemonade. Alright! Here we go! Cheers! Again, like the peach one it’s a little more concentrated than I personally like, but I like my drinks watered down anyway. But it tastes just like a typical energy drink. Again it has a little bit of saltiness to it. Quite sweet. Both of these are actually quite quenching. And I think.. really important when you’re using a lot of physical exertion. Alright! Next item. And this is a “Fruit ‘n Fun.” And this looks like one of these kind of fruit purées. I give these to my sons all the time. And this one looks like it’s strawberry-banana. Hm. Alright, let’s squirt this out a little bit. Here you can see the purée. It actually looks a lot like applesauce. Hm! It’s not bad. Very, very tasty. Tastes naturally sweetened. Yeah, like a little variation on applesauce. With a little touch of banana — I actually don’t taste much banana at all — which I like — And, in terms of strawberry — I can’t quite place the strawberry so much. It just tastes like a little nice fruit purée. Delicious! Let’s try these! These are little biscuits. Grovkiks. Now these look very hardy. Look at that! These are an interesting take on hard tack. They look much more whole grained. Yeah! It looks almost more like an oat cake or something. Smells like Wasa — if you’ve ever had those Wasa crackers. Or Vasa Crackers. Hmm! Mm! Their texture is actually quite different than those Wasa or Vasa Crackers: they’re much more crumblier — it’s almost like shredded wheat with a really strong, oaty… wheat flavor to them. But, they’re not bad. And just a touch of sweetness in there. Just a little bit of sweetness. So, I think it goes really well with savory or sweet toppings. So, I’ve already tasted my pâté — let’s taste it with a little bit of peanut butter. And it look like a smooth consistency peanut butter. Mmm! Hm Hm Hm! And that’s a great snack! A perfect pairing! Salty, sweet peanut butter on a very wheaty, toothy…. whole grain biscuit. Very simple yet satisfying and very convenient a well. Smart. Let’s try it with a little bit of jam. This is the Andros Jam or marmalade. I love how convenient that was. Ooh! So this, to me, looks little more like jelly — here in the US — clear. Mm! Again, perfect and sweet. Reminds me totally of breakfast. And I can hear my water boiling. So, I’ll be right back. Alright! So, let’s fix our black tea. This is Ceylon black tea. And it looks to be just a bag of — an ordinary tea bag. Ooh! I’ve never seen one like this before. Do you just pull it up? Whoa! Why is this tea bag like this? Wow! Smart. Then I’m going to make the.. coffee next. This looks like freeze dried… crystals. Indeed. Next, I have my little cocoa drink. And add that to my mug. This actually looks a little bit darker than the hot chocolate we have in the US. And let’s… give this protein bar a taste. Whoa! That is not what I expected it to be. It’s coated in some kind of coating. Pretty dense — looks a lot like a Power Bar. Alright, let’s give it a go. Hm.. Mm. Unh-un. It’s very odd. It’s doesn’t really tastes like food. It’s like you’re chewing taffy that has…. kind of a butterscotchy flavor, and slightly chalky. So I think this is purely protein powder that’s kind of held together with some emulsifiers, and a little bit of sweetener. And not very good. But I’m sure in a pinch, or out in the field, this is a life saver. Alright, let’s wash that down with our cocoa. Mmm! That’s good! That is less milky than the hot chocolates we find here in the US. It tastes more of chocolate flavor. But still very, very familiar and warm and soothing. Delicious! Let’s open up our bag of nuts. Nuts are very common to find in ration packs; rightly so: full of protein, lots of energy. And: delicious. I love cashews. If you’ve never had a cashew before, go out and get some. They’re rich and buttery and creamy. They have a nice crunch to them. But they’re not overpoweringly nutty like say a peanut is. They’re just, just, delicious. Love them. So, I’m gonna wash that down with some of my black tea here. Mmhm! And that’s delicious. It tastes just like a cup of Lipton’s tea. Perfectly steeped so it’s not overly bitter. Delicious! Next, we have two packets of dried fruits. We have raisins and dried cranberries: twenty-five grams each. They are quite different than the raisins you would find here in the US. They’re a little bit smaller and they look more golden. The dried cranberries on the other hand look just like Craisins. Those are delicious: Sour, yet sweet; have a nice chew to them; but they don’t stick to your teeth. Scrumptious! Let’s try the raisins. Mm! The raisins are good as well: sweeter and stickier; nice and chewy and full of natural sweetness. YUM! What a great ration. I’m loving this ration so far. Awesome! Alright, let’s try our chocolate bar next. Looks like it might have melted a bit. Yes, it has melted and bloomed. But it’ll still taste like chocolate. Mmhm! And it’s dark chocolate which I love: slightly bitter, but still sweet. And tons of chocolate flavor. The textures off because it’s been bloomed, so it’s a little bit crumbly, and less snappy, but still tastes good. Mhm! And let’s wash that down with a little bit of coffee. Mm! Coffee and chocolate go so well together. Those little bitter notes…just.. This coffee is not the greatest. It is instant coffee. It tastes like truck stop coffee. And instant coffee, but.. Again it’s hot and if you need a little bit of energy.. This is the way to go. And this is a Raw Bite organic fruit and nut bite. The font almost looks like a Lärabar — and it looks a lot like a Lärabar as well. Hm! Hm! Hm! Hm! Hm! Hm! Hmm! And after I had that chocolate bar this does not taste all that great. It has a nice texture: it’s nice and chewy and has a crunch of the nuts as well. But really dissatisfying after a chocolate bar. But, I think it would be infinitely better… when you’re just starving and you need something to fill up your belly — you’ve got a raw little bite of yumminess. Just not after a chocolate bar. Let’s cleanup with a bacterial wipe. I probably should’ve used that in the beginning. I always forget. Doesn’t smell very strong. Doesn’t smell like lemon and it doesn’t smell of alcohol either. So my hands are nice and clean. And let’s finish off with a mint. Umm..white spearmint, peppermint, wheat menthol. I think I’ll go for the peppermint. Made by the V6 company. Because I just can’t… Ohhh! It’s actually not mints, they’re gums. Perfect! Are these xylitol gums? Mm! Oh! They are! So, these are like chiclets, but they’re xylitol gums, so it actually has a type of sugar that is good for your teeth: it doesn’t allow bacteria to stick to your teeth. So great! You can skip brushing. Or not, because they include a brush! And I will not demonstrate how to use this because I assume most of you know how to brush your teeth. And this was an excellent ration. Thank you so much, Rob, for sending this to me. It was delightful! And yeah, Danish friends, do let me know if there is any other information… or little informational bits that I need to know about this ration because I do want to know. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media to learn more about what I do outside of YouTube. And yeah! Show this video a little bit of love! Leave comments and all that good stuff. And I shall see you in my next video. Toodleloo! Take care! Bye! So, I forgot to taste the muesli. So, here is the muesli; it has set well over five minutes. That’s what it looks like. Some apple in there; but those little dark bits that I thought were raisins are actually mini chocolate chips! Cute! Hm! It’s sweeter than I expected it to be. Not quite as sweet as those instant oatmeal packs that you can find here in the US. But pretty sweet. Those little bits of chocolate chips are nice and crunchy. And of course chocolatey. And those bits of fruit in there I think are apple. And they have constituted nicely. So, they’re slightly chewy and a little bit crunchy. And have a very nice apple flavor to them. The muesli itself has also absorbed the water nicely. Has a little bit of a bite to it. But isn’t overly coarse. And yeah, it’s pretty good. Very, very hearty and I think a great way to start your day. Last bite I think had some sunflower seeds as well. So, nice little nutty crunch as well. So, that was the muesli that I almost forgot. Alright! Thanks you guys! BYE!