Hi! I’m Karen Grete. I’m going to show you
how to make the Danish Christmas dessert called Risalamande. Yesterday, I boiled the
rice in milk. I boiled it for about 20 minutes, and it had to cool down. Now, I’m
going to add almonds to the rice. And actually, if you have almonds with a
peel on, you can just pour boiling water on the almonds and they slide, the peel
slides off real easy. So I did that to all the almonds already. And now I’m
going to chop all the almonds. But don’t forget, I have to have one whole
almond because it is a tradition in Denmark when you serve the Risalamande,
there’s one whole almond in it, and of course, everybody is hoping to get
that one whole almond. If you get it, you most likely will keep
it in the side of the mouth and hide it from everybody else, and they keep eating
the Risalamande until they maybe will get it. However, the person who has
the whole almond has to show it, and he or she then gets the almond
present. And it used to be a tradition to get a marzipan pig as an almond
present. But you can also use chocolate, or if the prize is going to be for a
child, maybe you have some kind of a toy. I’m adding all the chopped almonds
to the rice. And after this, I’d better whip the cream because we need
a lot of whipped cream in it. I’m going to add four tablespoons
of sugar to the cream. I’ll whip it until it’s really
nice and foamy. And I shouldn’t forget
to put in the vanilla bean. Okay, I’m slicing the vanilla bean open.
I’m scraping out all those delicious vanilla beans and I’m going to put it
in the rice pudding. The fragrance is so amazing. I wish you could smell the
vanilla bean on YouTube. It’s really nice. And you can also save the rest of the
vanilla bean, put it in some sugar, and you have vanilla sugar to use for
another thing later on during Christmas. You have to make sure that the whipped
cream is really kind of stiff, but you don’t want it to turn into butter. Okay, this looks just perfect.
So pour it in here with the rice. and you’ll mix it up thoroughly
to get it really nice and fluffy. Okay. You stir it in. And of course,
it takes a couple of minutes to get it mixed really well. This tradition is to serve, the Risalamande, with cherry sauce and I really like it.
You can use any kind of fruit, but I would definitely recommend the
cherry sauce. So here I have cherries. I’m going to boil them. And I’m going to thicken it, thicken
the juices with water and corn starch. Stir it a little bit and it shouldn’t take
too long to get really nice and thick. Okay, and I’m going to serve
the Risalamande on a Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate. And
in this case, since I’m the only one here I’m going to give myself the almond
and I’ll hide it in there. All right. And the cherries are almost ready. Okay, it’s thick. It’s nice. So I pour some cherries on top of my
dessert and here we are. Enjoy the DanishRrisalamande
for Christmas. Happy holidays! Mmm, it’s really good.