the ranked Sprint’s come back a new
format for clan battles matchmaker improvements and the main treat the
rogue wave event it will plunge you deep into the desperate and chaotic
atmosphere of the post apocalypse and allow you to participate in a new battle
mode as well as earn valuable rewards and achievements all this and many other
features await you in update 0.8 point 5 captain’s you simply must take part in
the rogue wave event a new themed port and three classes of destroyers built by
the survivors of a horrible Cataclysm await you great concealment crushing torpedo
armament and main batteries controlled by an artificial intelligence these are
the features of octopus class destroyers messer sea devil and a true predator
still Phaedo Moray Eel class ships carry powerful artillery guns that also
function in an automatic mode and have high-performance engines and excellent
maneuverability all to compensate for their weak torpedo armament this class
comprises carnal Lancet and fuel Wars veteran Rumble the final class is
barracuda armed with decent torpedoes and player controlled main battery guns
it includes atomic rage mezzo jet and the tenacious and rugged destroyer si
side I’d like to add that the ships from all three classes were based on existing
tier 10 destroyers and one representative of an upcoming branch
French club air select one of the available destroyers
and head into savage battles there 12 players are split into four teams their
main goal is to survive the battle all ships begin the matches without
consumables but you can obtain them by capturing special areas players need to
be extremely vigilant because the safe zone gradually shrinks as the Wildfire
engulfs the map any unlucky ships caught in it will burn and continuously lose
hit points so be careful captains do your best to survive and win a savage
battle and you’ll be rewarded with a special achievement apart from the
special game-mode we’ve prepared directives for the rogue wave event
players will receive various in-game items for completing combat missions
including a new resource fuel tokens those who complete all the directives
will be rewarded with premium tier 5 US destroyer Hill you can find detailed
information on the rogue wave event in a dedicated article on our website fuel tokens can be exchanged in the
armory for the expendable post-apocalypse camouflage days of
warships premium account a solid amount of credits and attention tier nine US
destroyer Benin this ship carries 16 torpedo tubes a record for her type with
a decent reload time and firing range of 10.5 kilometers
concealment the ability to mount defensive AAA fire instead of engine
boost and the trademark American smoke generator with her smokes dissipating
after more than two minutes this newcomer is impressive but also quite
expensive for 800 fuel tokens you can get the destroyer together with a
special commander doctor across or and a permanent camouflage in the
post-apocalyptic style do you want to keep the rogue wave
atmosphere in your court permanent the master of the water world camouflages
for tier 10 destroyers are available under the exterior tab and in the armory
these camouflages can also be dropped from rogue wave containers the armory
will feature another novelty tier 10 Japanese heavy cruiser Yoshino the main
Trump’s of this ship are her powerful 310 millimeter guns and 16 torpedo
salvos additionally players can choose between torpedo ranges of twenty or
twelve kilometers you can obtain Yoshino for 248,000 cold let’s move on to other news in update
0.8 point five players are invited to participate in two seasons of ranked
sprint each season includes ten ranks only tier seven ships are allowed in
this mode battles will be held in a six versus six format with the ability to
fight in two-person divisions prepare your favourite sevens and fight for
worthy rewards together with your friends plans will also enjoy a new
event plan brawls as opposed to a usual planned season all battles in a clan
brawl will take place throughout a single day only victories are counted
participants will be rewarded with valuable in game items and steal don’t
forget that your clan can choose a comfortable prime time to take part in
the new event we are continuing to improve the matchmaker in update 0.8
point 5 we’ve introduced a soft limit on the number of aircraft carriers in tier
8 and 9 battles this solution will allow us to reduce the number of battles with
to tier 8 carriers in a single team which will have a positive effect on
tier 6 ships in update 0.51 I can except inflicted
damage to anti-torpedo bulges secondary battery modules torpedo launchers and
destroyed ship parts have been updated from now on when a shell penetrates ship
modules or completely destroyed parts it will deal 10% of its maximum damage
value additionally when a player penetrates only an anti torpedo bulge
without inflicting any damage a new ribbon will be credited to them this new
feature will reduce the number of cases when players receive penetration ribbons
when no damage was dealt visit our website to read all about
update 0.8 point 5 and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel that’s it for
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